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  1. Why isn't my account disabled I want my records removed/name/email/ect.. your staff, BP, correct? please remove my account. (can someone pm me who's in charge of this site via pm... who's the admin? -to show how scared I am of your vision I dont think he ever implied you were scared... -give me links and ill help promote your stuff Promote where, on this thread why? most views are created by you and the 10-12 people who log on here (2-3 being people just having fun at poking fun at you for being a cunt, I wonder how many thousands of views your threads wouldnt get if you woudn't try and put people/projects down, or call people out, oh look how ironic Im helpin you right now how many views will you get today), should I go back and collect names theres about 10 regulars who log and post on here (half who prob own an arcade cab so CoinOps is the ideal emu/Tv users dont use your stuff for consoles buddy - justa tid-bit)........"whoop-d-whoop! -as ive real world tested them on 100s of people ha, doubt it emo/depressed manboys like yourselfs arnt socialable creatures (prob why poeple werent quick to help you out or join your team....ha your team), ofcoarse Im just implying your depressed but one can only assume by your constant negative post with everyone else that isnt working on or apart of CoinOPs, on a serious note depressions an illness I can supply you with a site that can help you out if your willing. -the only people on all the forums that dont say thanks are the xtras team wrong again as always "slaps a stciker on his chest" Hi, Hello my name is XBOX... -you heard it above first..... no, no, no ha they heard it first over at xbox-scene.com awhile ago its not "news" buddy, make sure you check out ressurectionxtras.net for more upcoming projects... ps: now can I get my account removed? I want it removed not disabled, thankies Edit: .................... issue resovled , thank you Agozer/=site admin...
  2. If you havn't noticed ha I could care less about about gettin BANNED matter fact Iv been tryin for quite some time now, do me a favor and ask a mod/admin to check this post, Iv been quite bored with this site for quite some time xbox1 wise and want to retire..good luck with CoinChops..on that note...
  3. Btw, still hoping someone out there can try to fix Brap boys Ask IQ, alot of the new games add'd to CoinOps is done by him, hes the shit (I mean shit in a good way )...(hes prob the reason why I keep updating this emu other wise I most likely wouldnt need to...
  4. Sadly from Nes's last post over @ xbox-scene I think he said he was done, dont know if he meant that for good or only temporarily...But damn itd be nice if he busted out some time outta nowhere like he usually does with some emu release, I asked him if he ever thought of doing an updated Mame release but he said no itd take a year to do and he wasnt up for it....pretty sure CoinChops would have been replaced by many users if he did....Brit should of just stuck with a new Dashboard that would rival xbmc/unleashx instead of just ripping off xbmc and skinning/altering that... ps: What id like to see is a coder (preferably Nes) make a gaming dashboard.., easlily set up to display any rom/xbox/homebrew game collections you have (no rom name changed required this way we could use the Rx roms) with a nice Gui kinda like flipping pages in a book pushing the R/L: Triggers each page being emu/system specific able to display all media boxart/videos/commercials vids ect. the whole cha-bang this would serve to compliment XBMC...and compliment the madmab editions..side by side not to replace either or...still wish Madmab would make his emulators be able to display 2 videos one after the other..then youd be able to pick what video plays first..that way while skimming games in the game select the video game's commercial would pop up first then the video ingame preview would play or vice verca.......
  5. Ha theres only really 1 active thread on this site/forum when it comes to xbox1 stuff...so for your question If I was you Id sign up here and ask your question there...http://www.xbmc4xbox.org/forum/ http://www.xbmc4xbox.org
  6. I actually found use for your next build buddy....since XBMC cant display xbox videos I think Ill use CoinOps Inferno to display my xbox games collections...thanks...just need to find somebody who can minorly skin it for me and put a nice xbox games logo at the top left...thankies..... waiting on the release...
  7. yeah cause before it was impossible to play ps1 & N64 games....
  8. ------------------------------------------->>>>
  9. ha looks like someone struck a nerve! ..."whatever you do.....do not cut your wrists Bp its not worth it" turn off the Nirvana jam get out of the shower put your clothes back on and do not I repeat do not take the blue pills. i hear the red ones are tastier....
  10. ha Brit do you really think that affects me or any of the so called "trolls"....matter fact lock the hell out of it, you should take out any options....cya buddy ps: Im not updating regardless locked /unlocked i was content last build.
  11. kinda funny...but is it me or does the above 2 post look like it came from the same person...hmmnnn..how sad.. ps..I ave a feeling..
  12. I always found that funny you act as if Rx is a coder...R5 is and was your build jackass so when you say Reignite has bugs that was caused by you BP your the emu's author...haheh heh!!! all Rx did was make Xtras for it...meaning all he did was take your emu (CoinOps R5) and made videos for it...dumbshit! ps..laughning at your quote "your stuff" ps2:matter fact all they really did was provide roms that was unique to CoinOps compared to FBL and vice verca, did the same with Final Burn Legends then also provided games that both emus shared/played...so again they didnt alter your emu one bit! any problems that arised was your doing! no need to blame others...bugs happen its ok! we still love you!
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