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  1. Well Azureus uses 15-30MB of RAM, (last time I checked like last year) and that's with a bunch of extras enabled+around 20 torrents going. 15 years ago is an exaggeration but its been a long ass time since 15-30MB meant shit. Computers come standard now with 3-6GB of RAM. I used to run it on a computer with 1GB of RAM just fine.
  2. I downloaded this a couple weeks ago. Props to whoever contributed. Its fucking awesome! Props to whoever put it on Usenet too I wouldn't want to download 15GB any other way hehe. Very impressive stuff. Very flashy. I like it a lot. Is there any way to change the keymapping for stuff like BACK+WHITE for pause/cheat/etc.? BACK+WHITE is shutdown Xbox on my BIOS so I basically cannot use that function. Some of the other stuff I would never use so it would be neat if I could change them around.
  3. The Good The Bad The Weird. Not nearly as funny as everyone made it out to be. The ending action sequence was pretty awesome though. I watched it with subs so I have no idea what the dubbing is like if that's your thing. Its worth watching once on a rainy day.
  4. uTorrent is alright, right now I'm using Deluge which is finicky about some things but I like it better than uTorrent because it has a lot of the advanced stuff from Azureus/Vuze in it. (Open source too) Speaking of which every time I try a new torrent client I always end up back on Azureus/Vuze (I turn off that Vuze crap though) People who whine about its resource usage must have 15 year old PCs. Ive been thinking about going back. Too lazy though because I don't use BT nearly as much as I used to.
  5. I thought the world was coming to an end when I read the news that morning. Its finally actually coming out for real this time. Will buy even if it sucks. I was also a huge fan of the original. Apparently Gearbox (or maybe it was 2K) has the IP rights now too so there can be more Duke Nukem games after this
  6. Holy shit, that is an awesome arcade machine to have. I would play that all the time. I can't believe you got it for free! I've always wanted to own an arcade machine but I can never seem to get hold of anything for anything but ridiculous amounts of money.
  7. I usually sleep for 2 or 3 hours a night until I'm absolutely exhausted (Takes a few days), then I stop sleeping altogether for 5 or 6 days. Then I usually crash and sleep for a long ass time and repeat the whole process. Sometimes I'll sleep slightly more than that and sometimes less. I'd say that's about average though. This is probably why I am losing my mind but I can't help it.
  8. I played the Demo and it wasn't really all that great. It was a pretty restrictive demo though.
  9. Yeah it does, if you don't have a router you could just disconnect and reconnect your modem for the same effect, in fact even if you do have a router this is what you should be doing.
  10. Ha yeah I remember deleting cookies and doing that. I still think the worst place to download files on the internet is fileplanet. They are an all legal site so I guess you can't really compare them but they used to drive me crazy back in the day. I have refused to download anything there for years, It might be better now I dunno but it pissed me off so bad I don't even want to try and find out. I remember waiting in line for 2 hours+ to get a file. The stupid download system was glitchy as hell too so sometimes you would have to start over. I refuse to pay for these sites legal or not. You can't just fuck over everyone who doesn't pay.
  11. It's all just bullshit advertising and the more you play them the more money you make them.
  12. Some friends and I are going to pick up the PC version, it's pretty fun. The guns you start with are absolutely horrible but you unlock better stuff pretty fast. Going on rambo suicide missions is the best.
  13. yeah, most sharing sites have moved to better alternatives but a lot of the older stuff is still only floating around on rapidshit
  14. Anyone played it? Thoughts? I've been playing it on PC. It's pretty fun I'll probably buy it.
  15. Try JDownloader out, then at least its automatic.
  16. Nvidia 8800GT is still a decent card if you where just going to get another one, for that price you should also look at the ATi 4850. Look up some benchmarks and see which card plays the games you want to play better.
  17. If the cooler melted but the card still works, you can look into getting an aftermarket cooler. They usually perform better than the stock ones anyhow. What type of card is it? I could probably find you one. Although you should take into consideration that the card may have been damaged while running with not enough cooling (due to it melting) so you might just want to get a new one.
  18. I didn't like Mass Effect at ALL. Everything about it was just boring. Then again this is my opinion on most bioware games. People eat up the storylines for some reason though, so you might like that. I didn't think any of them where very well written at all.
  19. I didn't even know you could do that! It's not my Wii I was doing it for a friend but I'll let him know. Now that I think about it his disc drive is probably wearing out because there was a copy of super smash brothers that worked in another friend's but not in his. (Original DVD) The DVDs I was using are good quality.
  20. I figured it out using some guide. I have been able to get most backups/imports to work. I don't know if the disc drive is wearing out or what though because when starting games i usually have to try like 4 or 5 times because it gets disc read errors.
  21. I can't get it to work, I think it was because i needed a gamecube controller which i have now but let me know it's a 4.2U wii, I used bannerbomb, installed homebrew channel, dvdx, and bootmii as IOS. When i load WAD manager and select IOS 249 i think the wii freezes, or at least the controllers all disconnect. What should i do?
  22. Installed this emulator, works great! There are a couple really old off the wall games that just have a black screen though. I used the DAT that came with it to verify roms and they are all green. It might be some setting I have to change though I didn't try messing with anything. I'm playing at 480i. The only thing I can't figure out is how to adjust the screen properly. Is there a way to just adjust everything at once instead of individually? What is the best way to go back to defaults? It's pretty much impossible to adjust everything right because you can't see everything when you hit adjust so you would have to keep going back and forth to check your progress. I messed up the alignment on the main menu pretty bad trying to change things I couldn't really see.
  23. Slayer is so awesome. I wish I was like this guy
  24. So is the Xbox version finished or is it a buggy beta?
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