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  1. With the Dreamcast you should use the VGA Box for an HDTV. It will look much better. With the N64 an S-Video cable may help, but I dunno the N64 always looks kinda blurry just because of the hardware. I will probably never sell my N64 though. I remember playing N64 for the first time and seeing all this 3D stuff. It was crazy.
  2. It's supposed to automatically adjust but it usually doesn't on most boards unless you are putting in either 1 2 or 4. I'm guessing what that really means is it is set up to always go into dual channel mode unless there is only 1 stick where it will go into single mode for diagnostic purposes. I would disagree about the space being more beneficial than the speed. In his case anyway. He seems to already have 2GB. Believe it or not you can still get by pretty easily with 2GB. That extra GB Making it 3GB he isn't going to notice much unless he typically has tons of stuff going on at once/plays one of the few games that needs it. He IS going to notice his ram running at half speed though. He is going to have more space sure but his RAM will take twice as long and since he already has 2GB it's like the only difference he will see is the slower speed. Post your computer model/motherboard model and I'll help you out with the beep codes, but what I would do is return what you just bought/scrap what RAM you have and just get one of these: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820231122 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820231166 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820227289 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820227267 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820231209 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820231246 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820231283 If you need any advice about any of those just let me know. I've used them all and overclocked with them all so I know what they will and will not run at. That last set is probably the best but it's also the most expensive. A few of these will do 1066 @ 4-4-4-12 easy if that is what your system needs and most of them will do 800 @ 4-4-4-12 or lower if that is what you need. If you need MHZ they all go pretty high but that last one is what you want.
  3. It's because you can't run 3. With DDR2 you can either run 1 (In DDR Mode) 2 (In DDR2 Mode) and 4 (DDR2 Mode). I guess what you COULD do is go into your BIOS and disable dual channel mode (So you have 3 sticks running in single channel mode) but your going to end up losing more than you gain that way.
  4. Okay first of all, Belkin is garbage. I would avoid Netgear when possible too but Belkin is by far the crappiest, tons of problems everywhere. So get rid of that shit. D-Links ARE good, I have read a lot of people whining about D-Link on the internet but I have never had a problem with any D-Link product. Linksys is good too but I think D-Link has surpassed them in recent years. I would recommend either the DIR-655, DGL-4300, DIR-825, or if you want to get REALLY crazy the DIR-855. The 655 is probably your best bet/most bang for your buck. As far as the gaming features go it's basically just QOS with a list of popular games pre-programmed in. Don't buy a router just because it has this because you can do it yourself in the QOS menu. In fact if you DO get a router that has this I recommend turning it off and setting it up manually anyway. About your internet, 15mbps should be more than enough for gaming. I used to game fine on my 10mbit line and now I have a 20mbit that I upgraded to primarily to speed up usenet downloads. I see a huge difference in usenet downloads but its usually only slightly better in games. You have to think of it this way, just because YOU can go 15mbps doesn't mean the server your connecting to can for many various reasons. If it can then you will see a huge benefit, but if not it will be the same. About that comparison 20mbit is 20mbit, 2mbit is 2mbit. There is no difference, that is the exact speed. It isn't really fair to compare a 20mbit line to a 2mbit line though. What your asking is like asking what the difference is between Car A going 20mph and Car B going 20mph. They are both going 20mph. Assuming neither ISPs servers are overloaded and you get a good signal from both, There should be no difference between 15mbit from either. Like others have said and I explained above though, you don't always get your maximum speed for various reasons that can be out of your or your ISPs control. Oh and BTW, Even plain ol' wireless G should be good enough unless you have an unusual amount of interference in your area.
  5. It looks like a joke to me but apparently it might not be. http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/61286 I can't find much on this Prayer Works Interactive company though.
  6. ha^ well it turns out all these guys I work with play online all the time and they want me to play with them so I'll just wait and save up for a new one. Is there anything I should be looking for when I buy one? I want to mod it and I dunno if some are harder/impossible to mod or something. I read some guides but they are all pretty old.
  7. Wonder Showzen. This show is so messed up, no wonder it wasn't on the air for very long. Very funny if you don't take it seriously though. Just avoid the Horse Apples episode, it was pretty shit.
  8. The PC version has Diablo style attacking. You click the enemy and your character will automatically keep attacking until it is dead. However if you want to use any special abilities you have to activate them yourself with a bar filled with buttons on the bottom. You can pause like others have said if you want to do a bunch of stuff at once (sometimes you will have more than one character too adding to the amount of things you can do at once)
  9. Every time I buy something on black friday I find it for the same price/cheaper a week later (unless it was something that was a small amount of money anyway) so I'm skipping it. I don't really have any money right now anyway.
  10. Assassin's Creed 2 does look like a massive improvement over the first one from what I have seen. The only thing that worries me is Ubisoft has been releasing a lot of shit recently. Hopefully not with this though. Some guy at work was telling me assassin's creed 2 comes out the same day as l4d2. Is this true? I thought AC2 got pushed back to 2010. He might have been talking about the 360 version though which I know nothing about.
  11. It just obviously tried to be a game that appealed to "Bros" to sell more or something. I really feel like I'm playing shitty fucking halo 3 or something while I'm playing it. It just isn't very fun and I feel like it is actually making me dumber. You can tell it is trying to appeal to a really dumb audience.
  12. game ARE getting shittier, not only are they getting shittier but they are getting shorter and easier. This is an emulation site, So I know I am right when I say we all play games from 20+ years ago, and most of us played them when they first came out. Can you name ONE game that has come out recently that you will still be playing in 20+ years? Even ONE!? What about 10 years? Five years? I can't even name one for 5 years. Except I guess counter strike, i've been playing counter strike for a long time first CS and now CSS, the funny thing is I haven't ever gotten real serious about it though, I just play it when I'm bored. It's convenient to play because it runs on most anything and I can just get it off steam. You don't have to concentrate or anything if you play Zombiemod which is nice, and when I want to do some slaughtering I play deathmatch crackhouse. I started playing it because a bunch of my friends played it but I haven't played with them in years.
  13. Yeah so they are modded, and banned, and cheap. So I want one, I don't really care about xbox live but I heard that when a console gets banned you can't use it as a media extender (don't care about that either) and that you can't put it in HD mode? It locks you into standard definition apparently. Is this even true? It sounds kind of bullshit to me. I might just get one anyway though because I don't have an HDTV.
  14. haha that was pretty funny, I was surprised they didn't include the best line ever from house of the dead: NO!! DON'T COME! DON'T COME!!
  15. It probably won't drop in price. The first one still hasn't dropped too much in price. This game is selling massive copies, so far day 1 sales in the UK/US Alone are 4.7 million, with an estimated 8 million worldwide. Most of the people buying this are just going to think it's awesome no matter what too because of it's target audience. Then others who really have no idea and just want to try it because it's popular are going to keep picking it up. I'm pretty sure that what I read also said that it now has the record for biggest selling game ever in the first 24 hours.
  16. Every publication everywhere is going to give this game insane reviews just because it is so big. It's good but its not really THAT good. It works like the Halo games. The first 3 reviews that came in on Metacritic where perfect scores. That's bullshit, no game gets a perfect score. Maybe CLOSE to a perfect score, but absolutely perfect?! Yeah there are a lot of things missing from this game that where in MW1. That's why people are getting all pissy about it. Although they seem to be buying it anyway.
  17. I might try this. What if I am running a 64 bit OS though? For these steps... 4.) Head to your Guilty Gear XX #Reload directory in program files, that's: C:\Program Files\GUILTY GEAR XX # RELOAD and change the folder's name to 'GUILTY GEAR XX #RELOAD'. So now, the new folder will be located at: C:\Program Files\GUILTY GEAR XX #RELOAD. ...I would basically have to do this instead... 4.) Head to your Guilty Gear XX #Reload directory in program files, that's: C:\Program Files (x86)\GUILTY GEAR XX # RELOAD and change the folder's name to 'GUILTY GEAR XX #RELOAD'. So now, the new folder will be located at: C:\Program Files (x86)\GUILTY GEAR XX #RELOAD. ...Would that screw anything up? Or could I just put it in the 64 bit program files directory? Or is there a 64 bit version?
  18. Oh and the NZXT looks like it has more plastic on it. I don't really like looking at plastic so this kinda makes me like the Lian Li more, but it might be fine. I would have to examine them both in person. See if you can find a bunch of close up pics of all the plastic parts/where it connects and make sure it isn't something that will easily break. If it looks sturdy go for it. Either that or ignore everything but raw performance. I built a PC like this and DAMN was it ugly and loud but it ran cool/fast as fuck.
  19. Well it depends on the case. With certain cases yeah, but some of them (like mine) come with extra thick metal and have almost no plastic. If I remember right it weighs 40 pounds completely empty. I at first thought anything over 50 bucks was ridiculous for a case. But when I actually started using more expensive cases I began to see the advantages. There are many little things about most of them that make it very convenient and they tend to last longer/not get as fucked up looking just from normal use. (My friend bought a Sunbeam Transformer and a slight knock to the side caused the entire front to break off unable to be reattached, before that happened the bay cover door broke off) Screwless PCI brackets are ALWAYS fucked up though, I could never get them to hold most things right. I just took mine out and used screws I didn't even use the tool less bays in my case even though they seem to work well. Actually screwing it in is always the best way. Also if you want to build something really really high end (4 Graphics cards, 8 HDDs, Double Loop water cooling/peltier, etc.) you pretty much NEED one of these more expensive cases. As far as those two cases though, the Tempest PROBABLY has better airflow. The design of the cases seems pretty similar but the Tempest has more fans. (keep in mind more fans usually=louder) Of course they could be really crappy fans. I doubt they are absolutely terrible though and you could always replace them anyway. The placement of the fans on the Tempest seems better to me too, but that could be because they are obviously going for the brute force method here, the Lian Li might be more efficient. The Lian Li might have better features because it is a Lian Li, but then again it might not because they want you to buy one of the even more expensive cases they sell. The NZXT might have better features because it is one of the higher end NZXT cases so they are going all out. If I where you I would read as many reviews on both as possible. After some skimming reviews seem to be slightly in favor of the Lian Li, but it is important to check out why. It may be because of something you do not care about. (I don't really ever use those front mounted ports for example) or just fanboyism. Check out the pictures and see if it has everything you want. Also try to imagine your particular hardware (and any upgrades that are even a remote possibility) in that case. You gotta make sure everything is going to go together well. My friend bought a small case so he could tuck it away in the corner, this was fine at the time because his video card was single slot and no longer than the mobo, but when he wanted to upgrade his GPU one day he was screwed out of anything high end because it was too big. Both of these cases seem like good cases though so either way your not going to end up with shit. I know the tempest was pretty popular in the OCing community for awhile, and they usually don't do any fucking around if that does anything for you. Lian Li's are usually popular there too but I am not familiar with this particular model so I can't recall anything specific. (It seems like I should be though, it is a nice case) As far as black interiors go it is extremely easy to do this yourself. Especially if nothing is put together yet. I've debated doing it with my case but I'm not sure if it's a good idea. Wouldn't a black interior attract/hold more heat? Would the paint effect the metals ability to transfer/dissipate heat? Or would it be such a minuscule difference that it wouldn't matter? I'm not really sure.
  20. Yeah I tried to to include too many spoilers but there are a couple. Something I forgot to mention was the Lean. You probably already know that they took it out. At first I thought okay fine I'll deal with it but the enemies can lean and you can't! Luckily if you shoot them in the hand/arm they will be all OH SHIT THAT HURTS and run into the open where you can kill them.
  21. lol I was just trying to say he isn't the type of old guy that's shaking all over the place and shit and would cut your throat by accident with a straight razor.
  22. Lian Li cases are nice, but not worth the extreme price premium IMO. You can get cases just as good for much less. I hear the tempest is very nice but I have never used one or even seen one in person.
  23. I just finished the game for the first time, only took about 5 hours to complete and I did plenty of fucking around. Overall I was pretty disappointed. Here is why in the most poorly written paragraph ever. I guess it's more like an unorganized list of random thoughts. The storyline is absolutely absurd and not even remotely believable. (gets pretty corny at times too) The gameplay consists mainly of hide, shoot a bunch of dumbass AI, hide somewhere else, shoot some more dumbass AI, halfway through the game I was just bored and wanted it to be over with. They will just keep running into your line of fire and shit goddamn are they dumb. See with MW1 you could just be all badass and keep advancing and kicking ass as long as you where fast enough, they pretty much force you to hide all the time in this game. The constant Hoorah military humor or whatever it's supposed to be that I can't stand is was driving me nuts. The soundtrack to this game should just be AMERICA!!! FUCK YEAH!! Because that's exactly what this game is, it tries to pump you up for America and motivate you to fight on but it's just so damn corny. They mix it up with some pretty cool driving levels and such but it still gets repetitive. The driving levels are really really easy because you all the sudden have insane auto aim, you just have to shoot in the general direction of the enemy. Your teammates are pretty much worthless and don't do a good job of anything. The weapons are barely different from each other, you can pretty much grab any random rifle or whatever and be fine/not even really notice. I would usually pay more attention to what kind of scope was on the gun than the actual gun. Although I was digging the FAL because for some reason it operates like an M1. Weird because last time I checked the FAL was fully automatic. There are no firing modes in this game though so you can't change it. If you want burst fire/single shot instead of auto you have to go find a different gun. Kind of stupid. The thing that annoyed me most however is that there is so much shit blowing up in your face at all times that a lot of times you can't even see WTF is going on so you just spray randomly and hope you live. So yeah this game is definitely action packed. That terrorist level was definitely fucked up, I have never seen anything like that in a video game before. You slowly walk through an airport and slaughter hundreds of civilians and police. There are people dying and trying to crawl to safety, people dragging other people to safety, people crying and freaking out, they all get shot. There are piles of civilian bodies everywhere. I don't know how well this is going to go over. I guess shit like that happens in real life but damn. (and since they left an american body behind EVERYONE WILL THINK IT WAS AMERICA!...stupidest thing ever, that would never work, this part of the story was the most halfassed of all of it, this level was CLEARLY for shock value only) As far as bugs go the only problem I ran into was it kept spawning enemies either right next to/behind me (practically touching) or on top of me. It seemed to only happen on certain levels though. Which is another thing, level design, not really all that great. Not terrible, but not great. A lot of the missions felt like crappy versions of missions from MW1. (They do a couple sniper levels but it's not nearly as good) The game is also FULL of cheap gimmicks. What trained military personnel seriously walks around with dual uzis/auto glocks/etc? The advanced military tech you get to use throws off the balance quite a bit too. They do a lot of half assed things to advance you through the game. Like one part you are supposed to use this crazy missile launcher thing to take out a bunch of enemies, so you do and OH LOOK IT CONVENIENTLY BROKE TIME TO GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! They do that more than once too. They do a lot of things for shock value as well, the terrorist level, there are a couple levels where you are walking through perfect American dream suburbia (ZOMG LOOK WHAT THEY DID TO AMERICA!!!), there are some levels in a warzone version of the capitol for the same effect, little things as well like almost falling and dying and someone comes and saves you and its supposed to be all badass. Now that I think about it they make you think you died like 10 times in that game and every time they try to have some dramatic save your ass scene. It gets really stupid after the first 2 times like you already know you aren't dead. The Riot shield and people who carry it are pretty annoying because it is completely indestructible. It felt like the game kept repeating itself. Throughout the entire game I would get to the next level and think, Oh, it's like a different version of that other previous level but mostly the same. Of course at the end they set it up for another sequel. I could bitch some more, but to sum it all up I would say it's a good rental that you would play once, have some fun with it, and then forget about it. They try to make the game more memorable with shock value, big explosions, and a lot of stuff that seems like it would only appeal to bros, but it takes more than that. I haven't played the multiplayer but from what I hear it is a disaster so why bother.
  24. Yep, it is out now for PC, here is the deal though- The Razor1911 release requires you to be logged into steam or some shit, BUT Razor1911 has just released a patch that removes this. So if you get the Razor1911 release make sure to grab the patch too. SKIDROW has also released a Proper, If you download this one it is all cracked and ready to go, no steam/patch required. In the NFO they claim to have cracked the Multiplayer EXE but I'm not sure what this means, Probably for LAN play, if you can play it on IWNET or whatever though that would be pretty nuts.
  25. I'd disagree about Macs looking the best. I think they look kind of stupid. There are a lot of interesting cases out there. I'm in love with my thermaltake armor (NOT the armor +, that one has too much plastic shit on it) but I realize it's not for everyone and I would understand a lot of people hating it. There are many other cool options too. Some that I think look even cooler but the armor just has so much room inside that is one of the main reasons I picked it.
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