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  1. Hi NES, I think it runs full speed 60 FPS (no frameskip) on my upgraded 1.4ghz, Trusty Xbox. Are there any games in particular that you recall have low FPS? I'd like to test it out to see how it runs. Hope you're well. In your case most if not all games probably run fullspeed. The ones to test would be Doom, Star Fox, the Super Mario RPG demo, and the title screen for Yoshi's Island. Those are good stress tests for an SNES emulator. Doom doesn't even run fullspeed in ZsnexBox. I think it is the only game that does not.
  2. I think that is an illusion. I would assume it is running fullspeed with heavy frameskip (which means it's not really fullspeed). You can't really "see" unless you enable an FPS counter. I don't think there is one (I could be wrong). Two years ago I tested a version with the FPS counter and 95% of all games averaged 45 FPS. Only Super Mario World hit 60 FPS (in the tests I ran). If I enabled filters, the FPS got worse. I don't believe the performance is any better than Xsnes9x (which didn't run virtually any game fullspeed at 60 FPS). Of course, I haven't tested any of the newer versions, bu
  3. Well...actually it was because my life had been consumed with ZsnexBox, FB, FBL, Nestopia, Xport additions, and OpenBOR. I decided to shift my time to other things (like life =)). Glad to see people are still using the Xbox and all the great emulators. Cheers everyone! Thanks again to all the users who enjoy my work.
  4. you should unzip the file and rename it. I renamed the folder to "disksys.rom". It had 2 files in it. I added all of this into the bios folder. When I load it still says not able to find. Does this have something to do with the path ini? The emu is located in F:emulators. Thanks. There should be no folder named disksys.rom. The file disksys.rom goes in the bios directory.
  5. No. I think they just left that there being sloppy. You were never supposed to see that menu so they probablly didn't care. I am using DoomX 2.2 Beta
  6. You might want to rethink that. Here's a comparision. The Doom port from the Xbox game: The audio seems to be mono. The Xbox version is stereo. The resolution looks like 320x240. The Xbox version looks like 720x480 The screen doesn't fill the entire TV (at least on mine). The Xbox port fills it perfectly. I can't tell any difference in the game between the two. The only difference is the Xbox port has better graphics, better sound, and is running at 60 FPS. It's a step back to use the one from the Xbox game for me.
  7. These are the games I know of that have a stand alone xbe: NARC from the NARC Xbox game Prince of Persia 1 (From Prince of Persia Sands of Time) Prince of Persia 2 (From Prince of Persia Sands of Time) Panzer Dragoon (From Panzer Dragoon Orta) After Burner 2 and several others (From Shenmue 2) Mortal Kombat (From Mortal Kombat Deception) Mortal Kombat 2 (From Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks) You can get MK3 by taking jarvis.xbe from Midway Arcade Treasures 2. When you start it, there will be a menu where you pick what game. There is no way to separate it as a standalone game.
  8. I tried it and it works. I made it and tested it on an XP machine. Sounds like you don't have the correct directory structure or you downloaded the wrong art pack (There are links for two. Only one will work). You have to get the pack where each folder is named after a game and has 0001.png, 0002.png, 0003.png, and 0004.png. 1) Open D:\skins\Default - 480\Default - 480.ini 2) Edit the screen values with the ones posted. 3) Start the emulator 4) Main Menu->Options->Select GUI Skin->Default - 480 Now all future games will use the correct screen settings 5) Main Menu->Utiliti
  9. That's correct. That's why you have to do these steps after you run the bat file:
  10. That was a lot of reading. A lot of reading for a lot of features
  11. Main Menu->Options->GUI Options->Text Options->Last Page Set the display type to Parents. That will only display one of each game.
  12. Gates of Thunder and Lords of Thunder are two of the greatest shooters ever made. I would also reccomend ZsnexBox for the majority of SNES games.
  13. NestopiaX 1.0 This is a port of Nestopia 1.40 to the Xbox. It features very high compatibility (support for 213 mappers), Lightgun emulation (via the Xbox controller), 4Score adapter support, and much more. Nestopia is the gold standard for NES emulation. All games run fullspeed with zero frameskip (including all FDS games, games using any of the software filters (except HQ2X), and games running in high definition). The source code is included. The port features: -Resolutions: 480i 480p 720p 1080i -Software Filters: None Scale2X Scale3X HQ2X Scanlines Super Eagle
  14. Who's talking about compatability? CoinOPS is MAME. Of course it supports more games. The post is about which plays the CPS1, CPS2, Cave, Psykio, and Neo Geo games better. And that answer is a resounding FBL. CoinOPS is a good second choice for anything FBL can't play or play well (like Gun Smoke).
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