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  1. I figured it out. I had to set the correct time and date on the Xbox and it works fine now. How strange....
  2. I got my xbox back out to use it for coinops and for some reason I am having a problem now. I swear it worked fine when I put it away. Everything in Coinops works fine except Neo Geo games. It loads up the file and then says Please Wait... and just sits there forever. I tried updating it to the latest r26 there was for 5 but it is still doing it.
  3. Today at around 8AM my dog Yo-yo from who I got my username from had to be put down. He lived to be 15 years old. I am a grown ass man and I honestly cannot handle this. I have been crying ever since. I don't even know what to say. I miss him so much already. That dog literally saved my life. I have never loved something like that before and I never will again. I have never experienced pain like this before. When people die I can usually shrug it off, but this...
  4. A buddy of mine has this. I feel like there is a lot less content than they said was going to be on there. ECW ECW ECW ECW
  5. I love beer. Of all varieties. Trying new beers from all over the world. I wish I could get paid to be a beer critic. What is this 1 post every 18 seconds shit? Yes I am a bit drunk. I was suddenly like OH SHIT 1EMULATION I MADE THIS POST THAT I WOULD POST MORE AND THEN DIDN'T!!!! Sorry BREHS!!!! I truly am very busy lately. In fact I wouldn't be here had I not called off work to stay home and drink beer! Fuck that job anyway! Why can't I just work in a sandwich shop and still afford my house? I like sandwiches. I'm pretty good at making them. Did I ever tell you guys I used to manage a sandwich shop? Everyone liked my sandwiches!!!!! People came in on the days I worked because they where like SHIT!!! I want the sandwiches THAT GUY MAKES!!!! I know I know, I should do more with my life than make sandwiches. I'm probably going to get some type of physics/recording engineer degree because I love recording/reproducing music and building speakers. Basically everything about music besides playing the actual instruments interests me a lot. I mean only because I am terrible at playing any sort of instrument! I have much respect for players of instruments! Man that sandwich shop was a blast though. I'd also like to work on cars. I have pretty much memorized every piece of my Jeep at this point. HOLY SHIT GUYS I DIDN'T EVEN TELL YOU!!!! I GOT A JEEP!!!!! Seriously fucking awesome vehicle. I feel like I did when I first got my drivers license, I want to drive all over the place for no reason, but this time I want to drive off the road and over and under shit!!!!! Everyone should own a Jeep at least once. You know the dos equis guy? Most interesting man in the world? HE DRIVES THE SAME JEEP!!! (except a different color and 6 years older) No wonder my ball hair grows at such a ridiculous rate now. I think it's kind of like when you get a motorcycle. Really comparable feelings there. Different experience though. Remember to wave at the other Jeeps! Except those 4 door wranglers, fuck them. Who puts 4 doors on a wrangler? HAY GUYS CHECK OUT MY 4 DOOR CORVETTE!!!! RIP Buick though. It still sits in my driveway, waiting to be revived. I just can't let it go. Ash trays in every door? Shit would not happen nowadays.
  6. I use SABNZBD although I own a copy of Newsleecher. I hear Newsbin pro is pretty much the best client but I haven't used it. I think newsleecher was a bit better for manually redownloading/repairing files and such, also you cannot download text articles in sabnzbd only files but overall I like sabnzbd better it is also free. Newsleecher pissed me off because when you buy it you are basically buying the program plus 1 year of updates. My copy is now horribly out of date and I'm not paying for it again just for updates. Pretty much no other software works this way and I find it to be bullshit. If I could get another year at less than the price of the whole program I might do it. The shitty thing is I really only bought it to get an invite to newzbin which is now dead. Random usenet tips: Some providers are resellers, see who has the best deal on the same service. Also providers outside of the US tend to care less about copyright. Astraweb is the worst now, They have an automated takedown system where copyright police can just fill out a form online and it automatically takes down the file without really checking anything. Check out this map http://i.imgur.com/Pgzby5R.png Usenet is better than bit torrent for pretty much everything except music. finding anything but the most popular of shit on usenet music wise is pretty much a pain in the ass. Honestly I think 1 click hosting sites are probably the best for music outside of what.cd and waffles.fm. Even those sites are a pain in the ass though because it is so hard to keep your ratio up. This is coming from someone who has a ratio around 10 or more on all the sites I use. bite the bullet and learn how to use sites like binsearch and nzbindex. I know for some people it is incredibly confusing at first but once you "get it" its really very simple. Now you won't have to rely on sites like Newzbin/NZBMatrix which have been shut down and will continue to. Something that helps a LOT is to use advanced search and define a minimum maximum filesize, then add -german. There is a TON of german stuff on usenet and sifting through it all is super annoying unless you speak german I guess. Also try adding "efnet" to your search because a lot of IRC rooms act as a sort of index so its kind of like a verified source. Having multiple usenet accounts is always good in case of missing parts/copyright takedowns/whatever. Get one service you pay monthly for unlimited, and then buy a couple block accounts other places and set up your client to use the block accounts when files cant be found on your main unlimited one. A block account is where you pay X money for Y GBs and it lasts forever until you use it all up. If you dont download that much sometimes it is a lot cheaper to just use block accounts. About UG, yeah it sucks, once I FINALLY got a membership, got coinops, and built up an insane ratio (it was like 40 or something ridiculous) it gets shut down. I think people are over reacting about the content though. Pretty much everything they had can be easily found elsewhere. It was just convenient to have it all in one place. People are saying shit like some of that stuff is lost forever now. It really isn't. It was a great site though.
  7. It depends on how much I have been sleeping lately. On average 7-8, but if I have been sleeping a lot much less, I can function pretty well on about 4 if I'm well rested. The whole sleep deposit thing at work at guess.
  8. Ah man, So many stories from work. Can't really say anything because I know the company searches the internet for this type of stuff. Being REALLY nice and not even acknowledging the asshole remarks they are making usually works really well.
  9. Is there an official source for this stuff now that UG is dead? Not that I don't trust your link or anything like that I was just wondering.
  10. It's scanning the games right now. Theres gonna be so much more stuff. I mainly got it for the games though, I probably wont be adding much to it or using a lot of the new features. EDIT: This is awesome so far! Any reccomended changes to the settings while hooked up to SDTV? It seems pretty ready to go out of the box!
  11. I can't even pick a favorite genre or band! This is probably something that changes a lot with my mood. Im always trying to find new music to listen to especially by looking at all the subgenres you can find, going on wikipedia and looking at related artists, past/future projects, etc. Bohemian Rhapsody though? That seems like an odd choice, kind of generic or something. Then again I'm probably going to get some shit for this but I really really do not like Queen so what the hell do I know.
  12. Okay I think I figured out what happened. I am using FileZilla which is pretty much what I have always used. If this is something that became crappy over time thats fine because im on an old version I see no point in messing with it because this is the only thing I use FTP for and it works. Anyway, when I downloaded some of these updates through jDownloader, I think it tried to extract the rar that contained the update, and the zips within the update folder as well. I noticed there is a zip in the same directory as these folders containing INIs that has all the same INIs in each one. So basically I have the zip, and an extra folder I dont need. I went ahead and deleted the folder. BUT This "coinops/game info" directory is still a mystery. Im not sure where all of them came from. If its just little extra info tidbits in the emulator im not worried about it. TIME FOR FIRST BOOT!!! (Im upgrading from coinops 2, holy crap!)
  13. When transferring the R8 update over I have a lot of files failing and im trying to figure out why. Every single one of them is located in "Coinops 5\- READ ME !!!! CoinOPS 5\Game Info INIs". For some reason a lot of these INIs are failing to transfer. When I look at my xbox HDD to see what HAS transferred I noticed it seems to stop after the letter J. Specifically jumpbugb.ini are there too many files in the folder for the xbox to handle? what is going on? This seems impossible because why would something be made in a way that cannot actually transfer over! EDIT: It seems like you cant have over 4000 something files in a single folder because of the HDD filesystem. There are 9000 something files in this directory, so whats up? are these files optional? EDIT2: as the file transfer goes on I notice the inis in "Coinops 5\game info" are also failing. R8 has about 1900 files in this directory which is way less than 4000ish!
  14. yeah just let me know specifically what you need. I've been digging a lot of that out of storage recently so I would be nice to play with again. I never really got into emulating DC on the PC all that much but from what I understand its pretty straightforward. Is there a way to darken the theme? Turn all the white parts black or grey or something? Might be better for night browsing.
  15. Once I get my PC set up again I will! This new theme is pretty cool!
  16. yep, its drinking amatuer hour. Almost worse than new years. eh actually it probably is.
  17. It seems like the only way to become mega popular is to become host to important projects (like coinops, the NDS stuff we where in magazine for remember?!, etc.) Whenever I google stuff about emulation I pretty regularly come across posts from these forums, so it seems like we are a pretty valuable source of information. I guess worst case scenario we convert to a wiki? I don't think there is any reasonable way to do this though so I say we push onwards. Hosting ROMs and such would be an awesome idea. It IS dangerous as you said. Why not take advantage of the lack of easy to use usenet index sites right now and host NZBs to emulation related material? That way nothing is actually hosted here.
  18. Is it really that dead around here now?
  19. Everything is different around here. How is everyone old and new?! Glad to see Coinops is still alive, gotta get a copy of that! Looks like most people I remember are still active too.
  20. ^Holy shit someone crack the password anyway! How the hell did twitter come up in the courtroom? WTF?
  21. This is stupid, I laughed my ass off at that trailer. At least its a bonus character though so it won't be fucking up the main game.
  22. This shit is going to be awesome. New engine too, unfortunately not IDTech5, but that doesn't mean it will be bad.
  23. ^Well it's cool to have an all in one package. If you have a cab you can set coinops as your dash and everything is right there.
  24. Yeah the smoke went away, it was just some oil burning off. I'm going to take the alternator to be tested and exchange the battery soon.
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