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  1. You need some zen. With zen you can do anything. They've started showing Steven Segal: Lawman over here, he tells you all about it. If you have zen you can shoot the tip of a match and light it, just like Segal.
  2. My dad was ginger in his youth, my mum is blonde. I am what I am, and if anything like my dad, my hair will go brown as I get older.
  3. Ya know, I've been here a while now. So I think it's time. This is my face: Kiss it.
  4. Is it ok that I only drink whiskey not beer? Beer gives me a headache.
  5. Bang. Bang bang bang. Bang bang bang bang! Sorry. Been out of the loop for a while.
  6. I'm English, and no one should have nuclear weapons. When I say destroy North Korea, I mean remove it's despotic government. North Korea's government is aggressive and oppressive, and have threatened both their neighbors and the rest of the world. The idiot leading North Korea should be removed, and the country unified under a democratic government. North Norea may not be a able to conquer America, but would love to take over South Korea. By the way Ems, you have it the wrong way round. North Korea sank the South Korean ship. A prime example of thier wish to start a war with South Korea. What business is it of America or anyone else if war breaks out in Korea? The business of protecting an ally. The way world politics is today, war cannot be isolated between two countries. You can't take the attitude of it's not our business, let them fight it out. War today is everybody's problem.
  7. Not with my X2 Lite chip. Love not having to get up to reset.
  8. If China would stop being it's special fwend, we could roll in and destroy North Korea. It'd be Vietnam II and it's a long time coming.
  9. I like her. Asian with big boobs = win.
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