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  1. people talk shit about vampires but id fux with Demitri as a playable character
  2. id like all of those franchises brought back, except for power stone, capcom can keep that one dead and buried
  3. although a new dark stalkers game with the SF4 engine would be fucking rad too!
  4. Ex series is not cannon. man...fuck capcom! I WANT A NEW RIVAL SCHOOLS DAMMIT!!
  5. Castlevania : Harmony Of Despair, despite said revues I enjoy this game, it gets more fun once you upgrade your gear and acquire new abilities for whichever character you use, I myself am rather fond of using Soma Cruz and oddly it has a really cool old school Castlevania feel to it in 6 player co-op although honestly, i couldn't imagine not playing this game on 1080p
  6. On the first deliberation day i was rather furious that most american media was covering LeBron James as opposed to this.
  7. if im wearing clothes i normally smell like chanel platinum egoiste.
  8. rumor has it the next MK game is going back to its 2d origins? FUCK YEA!!!
  9. i want to see sum Kinect-Fu dammit! a Kinect based Last Airbender game would be the Ultimate!
  10. i have yet to play this game, is it worth me dusting off and practicing with Dan?
  11. Greek/Roman/Turkish wrestlers oil themselves up because the loser gets boffed
  12. thats a sentiment i can co-sign to also the fact that i use 360 and the game is visibly inferior to the ps3 version is sort of a turn off at the current moment
  13. On Her Majesty's Secret Service, best Bond film ever!
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