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  1. haha, yeah I guess that would be a pretty close comparison. Everyone tells me I look like Bob Dylan/Charles Manson/Jesus though.
  2. Yeah I do end up with some crappy ones, sometimes mixing a few together makes them great though There used to be this store around here where I could get these like 1 liter bottles of cheap ass mexican hot sauces for less than 70 cents. Some of them where actually real good. Now they are like 4 or 5 bucks which is still a pretty good deal but it pisses me off. I used to waste the shit all over my burritos. Some of them weren't even very hot at all but tasted so good. I like those insanely hot sauces so much though. It has to taste like something besides just hotness though. The other day I mixed a few of my hottest together in a bowl of chili. Shit gave me the hiccups Was very good though and I kept eating it until my nose was running too.
  3. it's more useful for hardcore mode or whatever. If you disassemble your ammo it doesn't weigh anything. Which doesn't really make sense, and seems like a pain in the ass piss poor excuse to make hardcore mode harder. I do like the game a lot though heh
  4. Yeah that's true. When you are looking for hot sauces look at the ingredients and make sure vinegar is far down on the list. If its one of the first 3 ingredients its almost definitely garbage hot sauce. I actually collect hot sauce. Isn't that weird? I don't really collect anything else though. I don't keep it unopened or anything though. I just use each one for different foods and stuff so they end up lasting awhile since the usage is dispersed among so many bottles.
  5. Pretty much all that kind of stuff that happens in steel battalion happens in mechwarrior as well - and mechwarrior is much older. (fuck that mechassault shit though) It's just a lot less annoying about it. Who the fuck wants to worry about tipping your mech over? Shouldn't there be some fancy computer system preventing this? Dedicated buttons to start the mech? So what like 5 of those buttons don't actually do anything past the very beginning of each mission and I have to do this annoying process every time? Why would it erase your save? WTF is the point in that? You can die if you don't eject in mechwarrior too but it doesn't erase your save! That's ridiculous! Good thing there isn't a self destruct like in mechwarrior (or is there? does it prevent you from saving ever again if you use it?) Overheating happens too, it sucks when you overheat because you have to shut down and basically stand there hoping you don't get blown up. I think that controller is very overrated too. When I used it I thought it felt really cheap and plasticy/flimsy. I didn't get to play it very long because I didn't want to shell out the cash for it when I could buy something probably better and my friend said he didn't like it that much and sold it quickly so it might be better than I think it is though. I like armored core too. Although I think some of the later ones got kinda crappy. Armored core probably is a little faster (although mechwarrior gets pretty nuts when your fighting like 20 mechs at once) but I like the feeling of being in a huge unstoppable death machine that has 50 rocket launchers, 4 machine guns, 2 plasma cannons, 2 gauss rifles, and a jetpack all while taking missles to the face and unloading ammo for all these guns as fast as possible into everything that moves while stepping on and crushing anything that happens to be smaller than it. Theres nothing like putting all these weapons into one group and firing them all at the same time into your opponent either. INSTA-FUCKED! I would usually create a few categories for different situations and then an unload everything category for just that occasion. So anyway, been playing Fallout New Vegas. Pretty badass so far. I'm not sure I like this respect system thing though where groups of people can either like or dislike you. Is there any point at all in making the powder gangs like you? It seems like they are generally worthless and fun target practice as you are traveling places. I keep finding all these cool pistols, I want a cool rifle! I wonder if Lincolns Repeater can be found in this one
  6. I read that the deepest the strategy goes is basically what weapon are you going to use in each situation. Still waiting for the new Mechwarrior reboot. Man it's going to be fucking awesome. I used to play a TON of Mechwarrior 2 back in the day. Played a little of 3 and then again a ton of 4. I'm going to make sure I get one of these when it comes out as well. I used an older version of it to play a long time ago. http://www.saitek.com/uk/prod/x52pro.html Here is the older one: It's kinda like the Ace Combat 6 controller for 360 but the 360 version didn't have the safety flap for what I always set to self destruct EDIT: Oh shit! There is a new one coming out! http://www.thommos.com/wiki/index.php?title=X65F Apparently it will have addons and stuff too! http://blog.gaingame.com/2010/01/03/saitek...-system-review/ EDIT AGAIN: Fuck man its out but its like 300 bucks, fuck that haha
  7. You should be freaking out. I had to have mine taken out from the outside. Meaning they sawed into my face on both sides. Didn't even give me any good drugs after. Shitty vicoden that just made me puke. (They knocked me out during though)
  8. Well that's the weird thing, she DOES let me do whatever I want. She just doesn't like the man cave idea. I guess she would rather see my lunacy in the living room.
  9. Thats a badass idea, I support this
  10. Agreed. Although I thought Voyager sucked. You NEED to watch DS9 man. As awesome as TNG is DS9 is better. I know people will argue to the death about that, and they are both very good for their own reasons and very close, but trust me you will like it. Iron Man 2 sucked more however. I even thought the first one sucked. I don't get why these movies are popular or considered good at all. DS9 was alright... but I remember it being very boring. I do however remember an awesome episode where homeboy and his son got zapped and he disappeared. (The leader dude) Anyway his son studied this anomaly all his life, and every so often his dad would appear like a ghost then disappear. Turned out his dad was tethered to him at some cosmic level and was bouncing back and forth like he was on a rubberband. When he came back the last time, his son was old, had a wife etc. And killed himself, which snapped him (leader) back to when the accident happened, in which he jumped out of the way and averted the whole thing. The episode was much more interesting and involved than my vague description... but my point is I do indeed want to watch it so I can catch gems like that episode. yeah I know what episode your talking about. In another episode they go as far as to say everything in the whole show is just going on in this crazy guys head at a mental institution. You need to watch every episode of DS9 to appreciate it though. It's not like TNG where you can watch them in any order really. Everything is connected and gets pretty crazy by the end. Like you wouldn't really get why whats happening is cool if you hadn't seen the previous episodes. There are a few crappy ones, but not many really.
  11. I love eating peppers, and I love eating hot food. Jalapenos are alright, but I prefer Habeneros. Like you said though, homegrown are ALWAYS better than store bought. Especially if they have been pickled it seems. I'm currently in the process of growing some of these: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naga_Jolokia_pepper I honestly believe I can eat them with no problem I eat so much insanely hot food. I hope to have a huge bush of them going. I ordered them partially grown from a greenhouse that knows what they are doing so hopefully I can achieve maximum hotness like they talk about here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scoville_scale What I like about these peppers/habenero/jalapeno/etc. is that not only are they hot, but they have a flavor. Just plain hot is no fun, I could just go buy the extract oil and add it to everything. A nice blend of peppers is probably the best way to go.
  12. Sandwich artist HA, I knew you had worked there as soon as you said that. I always thought it was ridiculous that they referred to someone as a sandwich artist. Yeah I agree with you though. I've bought things at Gamestop before but only a couple of them that have good people working there. Unfortunately around here there is only 1 gamestop within reasonable distance (well I guess there is one in the mall, but fuck that haha, those are always more expensive/don't have much) and it is the worst gamestop I have ever been inside in my life. There are not many people there and they all suck, here is the run down. This guy with like 6 chins who isn't even that fat (I think his name is Alex): He constantly walks around with this condescending attitude and tries to insult everyone in the store. He thinks he is witty trying to disguise his insults but he is not. If anyone confronts him about it he gets scared like a little pussy and tells the manager that someone is threatening him and to make them leave. He also thinks he is the shit because he is in some shitty local band that no one cares about. This young hyper bubbly guy: He is actually alright. He isn't a total expert on games but he knows enough to get the job done. I've had a few conversations with him and he isn't afraid to admit when he didn't know something which I like. He can be pretty funny too. Slow moving manager chick: Doesn't know anything at all about games. AT ALL. She knows how to run a business but is a bitch about it. One time I was in there getting a used Xbox and I wanted one with the samsung drive. She told me there where a ton in the back but she wasn't going to get any just because she is too lazy. She strolls around the store at the slowest pace it drives me nuts. More than once I've asked for a game where for some reason she had to get it from the back, I was waiting for like 15 minutes. Hip tattooed gamer chick: Has HUGE retarded as fuck tribal tattoos all up and down both arms. She thinks she is better than everyone else too because she is a girl and plays games and has pretty big tits. She thinks everyone wants her but is too good for all of them and constantly glares at everyone in the store. Personally I think she is ugly as fuck. You can tell she likes games (maybe doesn't want to admit it, I can't tell) but hates her job. I've seen her get pissed off at customers more than once for shit that she needs to get over because its probably going to happen every day. I always wait for this condescending bitch and that other condescending asshole to clash and get in a fight but I've yet to see it happen. Other than that there seems to just be new guys who work there for a couple weeks and then get fired/quit. They are all pretty generic and not worth describing. They basically either just don't know anything or are too new/shy and you don't really interact with them at all.
  13. Turns out you can't just get the cheaper version for a key anymore. Booooo. The demo isn't out yet, so I dunno, but when it does come out if I manage to stop playing it ill post about it here. Borderlands is alright, I don't think it's as good as everyone says it is at all though. Every once in awhile I'll play it for a few hours and then not touch it for weeks. I thought that if I bought it on sale I would play it more over the pirated copy I had but I never really ended up doing so. According to steam I have 9 hours played.
  14. Masters Of Doom indeed. You can usually look on the back of the box and in between the logos it will say Published by/developed by. Like I said though once you recognize who all the main publishers are it will be easier to figure out. You can spot the publisher and then you know the other one is the developer.
  15. Agreed. Although I thought Voyager sucked. You NEED to watch DS9 man. As awesome as TNG is DS9 is better. I know people will argue to the death about that, and they are both very good for their own reasons and very close, but trust me you will like it. Iron Man 2 sucked more however. I even thought the first one sucked. I don't get why these movies are popular or considered good at all.
  16. WTF that is messed up. It was probably something wrong with that specific TV though you could have probably exchanged it for the same model and got a working one. My parents have a 42 inch LCD LG that I liked a lot. A buddy of mine has a 60 inch plasma that has pretty good image quality but it has this weird burn in issue. If you watch sports or the news where there is stuff that stays still it will burn in for like a day and then be gone the next. It's still like brand new though so maybe this will go away after awhile. Anyway I don't have cable and I don't really watch sports. I just download everything off the internet. My ISP gives me free access to that ESPN 3 thing so I can watch stuff online if I really want to. All I really care about is the Mets baseball anyway. I can't stand football. Everyone is Bengal crazy around here. Never have I seen a sports team with fans so goddamn stupid. The Reds are....not what they used to be. Then there is all this college basketball garbage. UK, UC, and someone else it's like this big rivalry thing. I miss being in Detroit when hockey was still the shit and the red wings where kicking ass. That Hockeytown stuff was nuts. There would be crazy parties flooding the streets everywhere. Black Friday though maybe, it seems like usually they just up the prices a bit before and then on black friday put them back to normal. Usually the high end stuff I want is unaffected by black friday anyway. I know a guy who works at an electronics store who could get me a TV at the price the store pays. That's probably the way to go. About the man cave location, I was fine with using the basement. I think she doesn't like the idea of me supposedly needing a place to go to get away from her. I tried to explain to her that the point is not to get away from her but to keep my mess all in one place but she just didn't understand I guess.
  17. Nice. It's probably a little sad that I can recognize every part in that picture. I can't tell what CPU it is though because the text is too small!
  18. maybe its just that torrent site? There are plenty of places to get this off bittorrent.
  19. nah I watch em all the time. I even download a lot that have multiple audio tracks and that even works fine.
  20. BTW Vincent, what model is that? A friend of mine has one of the Sony XBRs and it looks insanely good. I think when I get an HDTV though I will probably still get a Panasonic. Maybe a Samsung. I dunno, I guess it depends on the money I decide to spend on it. Some of those LGs look really good for the money.
  21. My wife won't let me have a man cave. She got all offended when I brought it up which I don't really understand but whatever. I'll do whatever the fuck it is I want in the living room then and that includes being drunk as fuck and shouting and playing games or whatever. A friend of mine has two of those game chairs, one of them doesn't rock but I think its more comfortable because whenever I sit in the other one I lean too far back or something and end up flipping over. Maybe his just suck though who knows. I like to sit in my BEAN BAG CHAIR FULL OF MEMORY FOAM! Yes you read that right and yes it is fucking awesome. At my computer desk I have this chair http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/00103102 which is really comfortable actually and leans back real far and you can lock it leaned back which I insisted on when buying a new chair. Not everything at ikea is cheap and shitty. Damn cat keeps trying to fuck up my genuine ikea leather though!! (honestly if I knew I could get it in something other than leather and save like 50 bucks I probably would have) Anyway I still play on an SDTV but its a nice one with component inputs. All I have hooked up is my modded Xbox because it has all the games I need really and plays all my movies off my PC that's right next to it where I play newer games. I have two really nice hifi systems going too so it can get pretty loud in here. You can hear the Wu-Tang at both ends of the street at least. Loud but GOOD sounding, it's not like I'm rockin some Cerwin Vegas or some Bose bullshit in here. My neighbor wouldn't stop talking to me about Jesus the other day, maybe I'm starting to freak him out a little. (like for 2 hours, maybe he saw me passed out on the lawn the other day or something) It doesn't really matter though because I finally have my own damn house. I can do whatever I want in here.
  22. Fuck that Jesse Eisenberg cannot act. He ruins everything he is in and acts the same way in everything he is in. I refuse to watch anything he appears in for even 5 seconds. He annoys the fuck out of me even more than that chick from twilight, which is ironic because they where both in that adventureland movie together. That movie made me want to kill myself so badly. I'm still pissed off I had to watch it and that was like years ago. Seriously I will never forget that movie for the rest of my life just because it pissed me off so bad. Two of the worst performances I have ever seen. The only thing that saved Zombieland, the ONE exception to this rule is Woody Harrelson because he is so goddamn badass in everything and you knew for the whole movie if these characters where real people he would kick the shit out of that pussy kid and tell him to fuck off. He was pretty easy to ignore because he talks in stuttering mumbles too. WHY DOES HE TALK LIKE THAT!?!? I swear his stuttering mumbles where syncing up with that twilight chicks constantly eye fluttering in adventureland. Anyway, been watching South Park now that it's back on. Who doesn't like South Park? Also Eastbound and Down started up a new season so I've been watching that too. Funny shit you should check out if you haven't. I watched that movie Splice, I dunno every time I started to think okay this is pretty good something really stupid happened I think overall it was crap. It really starts going downhill fast at the end too. The splice mutant's only line in the whole movie turns out to be "I WANT INSIDE YOU!!!!" or something like that as it is about to rape someone. Kinda weird seeing the predator guy playing a pussy after he was supposed to be all badass in predator. Watched Check it Out! With Steve Brule as well, you'll probably only like it if you like Tim and Eric Awesome Show. I dunno it's a lot less gross humor and stuff but I still don't see it being that universal. Other than that I have been watching a lot of old Clint Eastwood movies with my wife because she hasn't seen ANY OF THEM WTF!?!?!?
  23. But you go there for the freakshow, it justifies any extra cost. www.peopleofwalmart.com What about Funco Land. They where probably the first used games shop I ever messed around with. Babbages always smelled funny inside. They ALL did. Weird that they all ended up merging in the end. Especially since the Gamestop side was owned by Borders and the EB side was owned by Barnes and Noble (or maybe it was the other way around, fuck if I remember this happened so long ago)
  24. Well pay no attention to the publisher at all in that case. All they do is exactly that, publish. Whenever I play a good game I look up the developer to see what else they have made. Sometimes I do the same to see if a future game will be good. I do this with movies as well. It's pretty good for predicting crap. Probably the most complicated stuff are all these breakoffs/combinations/people getting pissed at other people so they move somewhere else and such. Simple example: The team that made Goldeneye for N64 broke off from RARE to form Free Radical (who is most known for TimeSplitters) who got bought by Crytek and is now Crytek UK. So now you have Crytek Frankfurt (the main office of Crytek, because there is also Crytek Ukraine, Budapest, South Korea, and Black Sea who used to be Black Sea Studios) Working on the Single Player of Crysis 2 while Crytek UK is working on the multiplayer of Crysis 2 and it's being published by Electronic Arts who had a previous "strategic agreement" with Crytek about publishing games even though Ubisoft published their first game FarCry which is basically the game that started all this. Although this is the same Crytek, just before it was Crytek Frankfurt because they hadn't actually moved the office to Frankfurt yet so all it says is Crytek on the box while on Crysis it says Crytek Frankfurt. (or at least in the credits) Crytek Budapest did Crysis Warhead and some upcoming game called kingdoms or some shit that I honestly know nothing about while the rest of these branches haven't really done shit with the exception of Black Sea who made Knights of Honor and Worldshift before being bought out which I don't really know shit about either but when I saw that they had a branch called Black Sea I had to see WTF that meant so I checked it out. Anyway, the creators of FarCry and Timesplitters are working on one game. Sounds badass to me. It gets wayyyyy more complicated than that. Shit, there is a whole book about the creators of Doom and the shit they went through. A lot of them split up and some became successful forming their own companies while others went on to make shit like Daikatana and shitty cell phone ports of real games.
  25. Buying games in a store is for nubs I always say! If it's not on Steam my ass can't be bothered! But seriously, if you look online you can find way better deals. Steam does have those crazy ass sales too. I can get most anything delivered to my door on launch day for 40 bucks brand new, most of the time from obvious places like Amazon. I remember COD4 was selling at maximum price for the most ridiculously long period of time and I was getting copies online for 20 bucks and selling them to people. I could probably do the same with MW2/Halo Reach/whatever these xbox/playstation fags play nowadays but I'm too lazy to do it anymore and deal with these idiots. (No offense if you have an Xbox 360/PS3 or anything, I like Xbox, but you know what I mean.) Accusing me of selling a bootleg that will magically play in your unmodified console. Sometimes you get good deals in stores though if you buy them at stores that don't really sell games because they don't know WTF they are doing or they put the wrong price tags on stuff or something. There is this grocery store around here that does that all the time. That's a good way to find high demand shit too, fuck pre-orders. While gamestop didn't have enough PSPs for even the pre-orders when they where new let alone random customers this grocery store had about 25 of them. There is no reason to pre-order anything ever. I remember the ridiculous launch party for MW2 at gamestop all these people lined up cooking hot dogs and shit freezing their asses off like HOLY SHIT WE HAVE TO GET THIS GAME NOOOOOWWWWWWWWW WE PREORDERED AND THAT'S THE ONLY WAYYYYY!!!! Wal-Mart across the street had about 5000 fucking copies that you could just walk in and buy without any bullshit or waiting but these people had already paid so they where trapped. I fucking hate that pre-order nonsense. Instead of forcing me to preorder to get it ill just buy it somewhere fucking else. I feel like I'm buying drugs off some asshole who doesn't have the money to get the drugs to sell in the first place. So I'm supposed to give these assholes my money so they can go get the game and then bring it to me. Midnight launch parties BAH!!!!! Stores will deliberately stock more copies of games that you supposedly have to pre-order just because of this. Seriously all you have to do is get one of those books/print out the list from the gamestop website, Is it on the list? Stock more copies! In fact gamestop is the only store that sells games that ever really runs out of anything. The idiot customers there just don't know where else to go. It seems like if they where smart they would just stock more and make more money. Something tells me distribution likes to limit the amount of copies stores like gamestop/EB/etc. get though for robbing them of so much money. Game Piracy doesn't steal anywhere near the amount of money from developers and the like that used game sales do. I'm glad they are dwarfing used copies of games/requiring activation codes. Eventually they won't let you play previously owned discs at all. After that everything will be digital distribution. Guess what that means for Gamestop? FUCKED.
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