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  1. Are you saying recognizing the difference between the publisher and developer will be hard for customers or for you? If your worrying about you recognizing them don't worry about it. There aren't nearly as many as there used to be (out of business/buyouts), and you'll be seeing them pop up so often that you'll eventually have them all committed to memory. There are a few tricky ones that publish and develop, but most of the time it will be like GameCompany (Publisher) GameCompany L.A. (Developer) or something like that. Also you'll see that a lot of developers tend to go with the same publishers pretty often so that makes it easy too. If you have been reading game news you'll hear about this stuff too. I think the most recent big one was ZeniMax the company who publishes Bethesda games (they are both really the same company though) will now also be publishing ID games because they merged in too. I'd start digging through Wikipedia or something if I was you. Damn it is 3 in the fucking morning. I hope I didn't confuse you more heh.
  2. Man it seems like anyone who is looking for something that specific, or knows enough about it to even be able to know what it is would already know the answer. Most people are probably gonna be like recommend me a good game from genre X or what is the newest game X out. EDIT: But yeah as far as news, I set up an iGoogle page that shows me feeds for Joystiq, Kotaku (even though I hate those bastards), Engadget Games, 1UP, Anandtech, DailyTech, and Tom's Hardware (yeah fuck Tom's Hardware too but whatever) The last 3 are pretty much Tech News/PC Gaming only though. I have other stuff I read on there too and convenient search boxes. Then I set it as my homepage.
  3. I download movies/shows on a daily basis and have never had a problem watching anything. I tried to keep up to date most of the time. Haven't had any issues on the version I'm on now. It plays games fine too. The only problems I ever had with playing back video on XBMC is with store bought DVDs. (Go figure) Sometimes it seems like XBMC just doesn't like the way the menus are put together and it messes up in various ways.
  4. I bought Borderlands during some steam sale when it was like 6 dollars or something awhile back and it turns out you get an early access code anyway! You click the game in steam and hit CD Key on the right. Look at all these tools buying GOTY Edition for 50 bucks! Apparently you can still just buy the regular edition for less too and get the key. Not that I would recommend buying a game just for early access to a demo. What a scam. I'm sure there will be some cracked demo or something anyway. Just thought it was neat.
  5. I like to roll my own but I always have to go way the fuck out of the way just to find good roll your own tobacco around here so I end up with gas station cigarettes a lot. I never really stick to anything for too long I keep changing varieties. I prefer camel stuff over the marlboro stuff though. American Spirits are good too, again way better if you make them yourself though. It's WAY fresher that way and you don't have to use the shitty filters that seem clogged or some shit that come with the premade ones. As for roll your owns, favorite brand is Peter Stokkebye. Pretty much any variety from them depends on what I'm in the mood for. It's not cheap though.
  6. Here is a chart that shows you how much performance you actually get by overclocking these cards. (just look at the clock speeds on the left) http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/geforc...04,2714-18.html In other words don't spend too much extra for it. You can still overclock more yourself too if you want.
  7. Alright, assuming you have enough power get pretty much any of these: http://www.cclonline.com/product-info.asp?...id=zt-40403-10p http://www.cclonline.com/product-info.asp?...sxx4601024d5snm (this one seems like the best value) http://www.cclonline.com/product-info.asp?...d=ne5x460sf1102 http://www.cclonline.com/product-info.asp?...60gtxcyc1gd5/oc http://www.cclonline.com/product-info.asp?...d=ne5x460hf1102 http://www.cclonline.com/product-info.asp?...tid=n460gtxhawk http://www.cclonline.com/product-info.asp?...=01g-p3-1373-er http://www.cclonline.com/product-info.asp?...=426018336-1190 Some of the more expensive ones are overclocked already and will run a bit faster. Some of them I just put on there because a lot of stuff seems to be out of stock. You basically want to get the 1GB version and as fast a clockspeed as you can. Make sure you get the 1GB version though for sure.
  8. Yeah I don't really know that much about sites that ship places other than the US. I would make sure you have enough power is all. That card uses about 140 watts at idle and about 270 at load. EDIT: For some reason I thought you where looking at a 470 this whole time. Those numbers are still accurate though. You shouldn't have to worry about heat as much I think 460s usually run at like 45 degrees. EDIT AGAIN: Bah fucking hangover, I can't think. Here are the numbers http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/geforc...mi,2684-13.html
  9. A 460 is decent but what kind of power supply do you have? The latest nvidia cards use a SHITTON of power and get ridiculously hot. Everything inside your computer will be way hotter because of it. You better make sure you have a good case with good fans/airflow as well. Is this the best site for you to buy this from? It seems like certain cards cost more than they should while others are a good deal.
  10. I use the last t3ch build. The site seems to have disappeared without a trace but I was lucky enough to grab the last one that came out the day before. XBMC-SVN_2010-08-31_rev30587-T3CH I haven't tried looking for it anywhere but if it's hard to find for some reason I can upload it somewhere. It's still sitting on my desktop. I don't have any issues with it although to be honest I never really had many issues at all with XBMC. I don't really use much of the advanced shit like cover art and stuff though because I download and delete stuff so fast there is no point in maintaining a library like that. I just play stuff off my network share. You can still get daily builds and such compiled by other people on other sites though. I would post them here but it's against the rules.
  11. Take advantage of the game borrowing for sure though, that's a nice perk I'm not sure if they where actually allowed to do this but they would borrow games whenever they wanted to and bring them back to the store when they where done. They would even go as far as opening new games playing them and then resealing them and selling them as new still. As long as the game was back by the time someone wanted to buy it no one cared. So if there where 100 copies lying around it wasn't a big deal at all.
  12. It seems like the only thing "business" about it is the extra protocols it supports. Everything else seems to have been on even the cheap phones I owned. I had an LG Rumor 2 for awhile that had more shit and way more efficient menus actually. I don't really see why an iPhone or Android phone wouldn't support these protocols as well though. I guess it has that sync with business network crap too.
  13. I also hear good stuff about the android. Ah well, it's not like I'll have either, I'd never spend that much on a phone. I always buy cheap ass phones. I only have this because I got it for free.
  14. Yeah but gamestop is particularly bad. I know work isn't always fun, I'm not stupid. They treat you like shit and they don't care because they will replace you in seconds. My buddy was a manager at 3 of em and he still got treated like shit by the people above him.
  15. Yeah I know, it's fucking stupid. I don't know how this started because there really isn't any socialist anything.
  16. Man you just made the biggest mistake. Working there SUCKS. Don't fuck up, at all, you are replaceable and they know it. They get about 40 applications a day at the average location. (Online+In person) They will fire you for practically nothing. Working there is also not fun at all. You aren't allowed to do shit and you have to deal with even stupider people than you deal with in food service. One of my favorite examples: Mom: Hey I'm looking for this game for my son with this guy with a gun in it. Clerk: uhhhh....do you mean Halo? (Halo 1 was newish at the time) Mom: No, the guy was green. Clerk: Yeah he is green. This is one of the more popular shooting games, its probably Halo. Mom: No I think he already has this, are there any other games like this? Clerk: (Shows mom entire fucking wall of FPS games) How about this one? (literally shows her almost every game on the shelf going through them one by one, this goes on for awhile) Mom: I know! I'll get this one! (Picks up soccer game)
  17. Remember communism isn't necessarily bad if implemented properly. When most people think communist they think of failed shit like Cuba and Russia which wasn't just communist. A lot of people here in the US drive me crazy. Because they see shit on TV/buy into every stupid piece of propaganda there is and they vote against their own interests without even knowing it because they just don't understand. Just look at these idiots, and these aren't even close to being the worst one's I've seen: http://politicalhumor.about.com/library/bl...party-signs.htm
  18. American's don't know what to fathom anymore. Both parties are a fucking mess right now. There actually are a couple separate parties right now gaining a lot of attention, but they are even bigger messes. They seem like even more terrible people to vote for. The parties are blending and going against what they previously stood for and then these new parties that are formed because people are pissed at parties they where previously aligned with....ugh....I can't even begin to explain this mess. It makes me sick. Unless you have been following it for awhile now there is a lot to be filled in on too. Its basically all a bunch of stupid PR bullshit though.
  19. haha has anybody seen this? This is fucking hilarious that this exists. I can picture some little kid playing the game going nuts in it eventually getting a hole and deflating. I guess this could function as an actual shitty inflatable boat too. Probably wouldn't want to use it outside of a pool though.
  20. I thought it was a lot more arcade like. You don't really have to worry about accuracy you can just aim and hold the mouse button down. Also you are typically closer to your enemies so sometimes its even more hectic. It is very similar though just more about being quick and sneaky I guess.
  21. Well it can mean a few things but here it usually means Republican/Democrat. Right wing is typically more conservative while Left wing is more liberal. It is also a way of keeping your thoughts in the box.
  22. I don't see what the big damn deal is about though. Honestly I hate this phone. There are so many annoying things about it, but it was free so whatever. I can't get OTA downloads to work because I guess when I hard reset it to erase all the previous users crap I screwed up the internet or something but are there any apps I should have? So far I installed google maps through my wifi ha. I was hoping there would be some good emulators but I read they all suck.
  23. Well he didn't make it but it's about him. I'm sure he is getting some royalties though. That movie "The Social Network" is about him and how he "created" facebook. It sounds like it would probably piss you off if you watched it (although they do mention his stealing in the movie I hear)
  24. Ha the facebook guy? Yeah screw him for being a thief. Screw that movie too. I think its ridiculous the way critics are talking about that movie. I've seen it compared to The Godfather and Citizen Kane. Completely ridiculous. That stupid kid can't act either.
  25. They are all just tripping too hard to do much more than that. They are probably having the time of their lives though.
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