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  1. HAH! I remember you all. Been a while! xD
  2. Nice to see one of my threads from so long ago still moving lol I just saw How to train your dragon in 3D....Amazing lol In a kiddy yet awesome way, that movie is just amazing.
  3. You should send me an invite one day Kro, i main guile.
  4. Oh man, cant believe you missed out on the Megamans difficulty curve. Prepare to hate life! lol
  5. i Have the Red one. The D-Pad is Slightly stiffer, but it doesnt make playing SF any easier. In fact, since im a guile user, i find it a tad bit harder.
  6. Il take it as it is. I dont need Capcom messing this game up.
  7. im down for some street fighter 4 if anyone wants to. Im not that great tho. lol
  8. that was a poor choice on your part, yeah? Actually, since the online demo is PSN exclusive for now, its a good choice.....for now xD *Glad i have both*
  9. Yea right, just what we need. more people using active downs, and Boom shots and Hammer of Dawns, ect I like it the way it is
  10. Hey! that's my right as a gamer! anyways I gave up on Gears1 during the first underground mission, where it's all yellow goo everywhere. multiplayer was as I said, get killed right off the bat then wait forever to do it all again. I don't get how you are supposed to learn a game like that. Gears2 I never even tried MP since 1 left such a bad taste in my mouth, the single player seemed like more of the same. I'm not big on cover heavy games. I'm a run-n-gunner. Well the single player game is... whatever... I see it as more of a practice run to figure the game out. If I had a 360, Id MAKE you play with me. I guarantee you would like it... but actually I have no real idea of what you ultimately like. In multi, say you get a team of us in here from 1emu, and let everyone get good and warmed up, you would enjoy the game. Id have to agree as when you get a good feel for the game, when you pull something off, it does feel quite rewarding. I feel as if I am not doing the game justice in my discription. If only I can word it better. Depending on your team adds tremendous gameplay. Even if I fail... I'll come back the next round, and be quite motivated in sending some active reload up their nose. Watching your 6 as you go up the stairs or what-have-you. Posting up behind pillars and whatever. Calling out to you what I see... and formulateing a quick plan as the battle unfolds realtime. It is so tactical... I love the sh!t out of it. I like it that much more because I am so accustomed to Unreal Tournament and the like... 1 man army games. You know, alot of times in gears, there isnt enough time to really make up a plan like that. Games like Rainbow Six allow you to do that but not gears. Communication works best in gears to tell your teammates where the other guys are hiding, how many people are in that hidning place, what weapons they have, if they are paying attention to him or you for a suprise attack, and the most important thing to do is to watch behind your partner and let them know if someone is behind them. But on PC, thats rare since not alot of people use mics. Its kind of everyone goes in solo.
  11. Currently I'm trying to beat GoW2 on Hard. Queen of the Gorgons (actually one of three sisters, Euryale) is whooping my ass. Funny enough, in gears of war 2, the queen of locust sends her right hand man (Scorge) to kill you and he uses a gorgon pistol xD
  12. No other game has better "kill satisfaction" then Gears. by "kill satisfaction" do you mean loading a multiplayer game, getting killed in 45 seconds then waiting 15 minutes to get back in? Thats extremely rare in gears unless you run into the other side of the map alone. What i mean is, no other game has that "I JUST flockED HIM UP" feeling. THe sound of the headshot in gears is nervewrecking and soothing at the same time. Getting Blindfire headshots is a feeling unlike any other xD Peep it
  13. No other game has better "kill satisfaction" then Gears.
  14. Yea i hated this game because of its repetitiveness. Alot of potential, but it got boring HELLA quick. Maybe il give it another shot on PC
  15. Same for my PS3. Xbox and PC play all day. Its all because of gears. lol
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