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  1. To play Burned/Import PSX games on your PSX you need a chip right? WRONG!!!! All you need is this... 1. At least one original game from YOUR region (go find a sports game for under a buck hehe) 2. A Gameshark CDX IT MUST SAY CDX ON THE BOX (i use version 3.3 but all versions of CDX supposedly work) 3. The memory card doohicky that game with the gameshark 4. your burned/backup game 5. a paperclip Ok here we go Put in your gameshark memory card into slot 2 and your regular memory card into slot 1 (if you have one) the reason for this is that some games only support a memory card in slot one so the memory card should go there because the gameshark doesnt care where the card is hehe Then with the lid still open bend the paper clip around the thing in the right hand corner of the lid how to do this you ask? ok heres how i do it Unfold the paperclip completly and grab the very end with some pliers and twist the paperclip around the pliers repeadedly (i hope your using needlenose pliers or this wont work hehe) then when about a inch is left bend the remaing wire down...it should look like this _____ _____ _____ I I I I I and the top should look like this __________ _ _ _______ _ _ _ __________ (its supposed to e a circle with a line in the middle hehe) The middle part (the line) should have been created when you twisted it around the pliers by itself this is very usefull!!! Now take the roundish part and put it over the bottom of the button pusher thing one the PSX lid (its on the top right) and carefully force (oxymoron but true) the bottom part onto the button on the top right but NOT IN THE HOLE ON THE BUTTON IT WILL GO THROUGH it should be pressing the button down!! now assuming your gameshark CD is in turn on your PSX and select codes for your game if you want or not it doesnt matter (this is the cool part about this swap trick hehe) now select start game with or without codes depending on if you want codes or not the gameshark CD shouldnt be spinning so take it out and replace it with your Orginal game. carefully pull the button presser thing up just enough so on the screen the message says something about close the lid then let the button presser back down allowing it to keep the button held down again. Your CD should start spinning heres the swap part The CD will start spinning slow then fast then slow again. Get your backup/import ready and watch the CD closeley i recommend just watching it boot once or twice without the swap just so its easier for you to tell the differenvce between the fast spinning and the slow spinning but its not that hard trust me Ok so after the CD starts spinning slowly WAIT it will start to spin fast WAIT then it will spin slow again then QUICKLY take out the original and put it your backup/import The backup or import could take anywhere from 3-30 seconds to boot up but any longer than that and you did it wrong hehe and thats it!!! you can play your game PERFECTLY color/perfect framerates EVERYTHING now!!! ALSO you can use CHEATS!!! AND since theres no modchip to detect and the games are too stupid to tell if you used this or not it works on ALL one disc games!!! haha this is why i like this swap trick even though it only supports one disc games hehe well there ya go!! this SEEMS hard but its NOT and its worth it...well there ya go -Shibathedog
  2. i have the SCPH-7501 model PSX and im wondering which swap trick to use and how? any help is appreciated. The reason i need this is because 1. im too broke to buy a mod-chip 2. The swap trick i use now only supports 1 CD games ill post my version of the swap trick i use as kinda a thank you but its probably not as good. Thanks in advance!!
  3. Well if your looking for one of these head over to Radio shack! *gasp* Its black and blue (wel..mine is...) and it supports, Gamepads (duh), Dance mats, Steeringwheels, and the fishing controllers. Also it supports Both Motors individually so its not just both going when it rumbles so its very accurate and it supports both joysticks Fully analog It also supports every button (duh) and it was 10 bucks!!! Some people have told me it was 20 around them but i got it for 10 you may get it for 20 ahh well I havent had any problems with it eaither...the response and analog detection is very fast and accurate! I really like this one and if you dont have one of these maybe you should consider this one hehe
  4. Well ive been hearing stuff all over the net about this and that its soon to be realeased blah blah blah What have you guys heard about when this feature will be released?
  5. you musta been pretty pissed because i swung mine around buy the cord and slammed it into the side of my houe (brick) and it only got a crack....it took like 7 swings to completly smash it.... reason i did this was because i bent one of the pins in the plug and when i bent it back it broke so i have nothing better to do with the controller
  6. well i dug out my massive collection of old computer games (DOS Apple II and all the oldies hehe) and i realized most of them are on 5 1/4 inch floppies!!! AHHH!!!! Anyway im interested in playing these again and i was wondering if anyone knows where i can pick up an external 5 1/4 inch floppy drive!!!! Another question about running them if you find one for me...Are they gonna be super accelerated and run redicoulusly fast to the point where i cant play them because ive seen this happen before but ive never ran them from the actual floppies so i dont know Thanks in advance
  7. Does anyone have/know where to get DC-X? Its a bootdisc for Dreamcast that lets you play imports...why get this specific one you ask? it supposedly tricks non-VGA games to work on VGA...and i love my VGA any help on where to get this or if anyone has it is greatly appreciated as ive been looking for this forever
  8. How do i use version 1.3? its weird it looks like a swap trick type thing...the CD spins and just goes back and forth from the licsenced or endorsed by Sega to black to licensed or endorsed by Sega i have 1.1 or 1.2 im not sure but 1.3 supposedly works on VGA thats why i want to use this because i play everything on VGA possible
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