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  1. I can't decide, can you!? EDIT: And none of that Pepsi bullshit!
  2. Yeah a friend of mine showed me some scenes from scott pilgrim yesterday. It was stupid as fuck, like it was actually making me angry. I just wanted him to turn it off so badly. At least I didn't waste my time downloading it or anything. Speaking of shit movies:
  3. So just screw some boards in between the legs? That seems like it would work. I like the idea of screws better than glue. It seems like the boards could come off if it bent enough with glue. It is bending in the middle. I tried to put my tower/monitor as close to the far edges as possible but it seems to not be helping much. I would just put my tower on the floor but it's probably not a good idea with a 3 year old running around. I keep imagining him pouring a cup of water into the top or something.
  4. You know who pisses me off? The entire population of California right now. Prop 19 didn't pass. Or at least you fuckers who didn't vote/voted no.
  5. hmm I dunno if I have a glass top that big. I can see what I can find. I'm not sure if I want to flip it because then there will be holes. I guess it doesn't matter if I eventually replace it though. Basically the legs have 5 screws that go through them. I could either get 5 longer screws to go through the boards and the legs at once (seems ideal) or get 10 screws, 5 to screw the board to the top and 5 more to screw the leg into the board.
  6. Man I am fucked. My inventory is full, Boones Inventory is full, ED-E is also full. Every vendor I can find is out of money and they won't get any more. Even the gun runner vendor started with 1000 and my friend said for him he had around 8000. I think the game is purposefully trying to prevent me from getting richer. I'm level 13 or so and I have like 35,000 caps and tons of awesome shit. I guess I have that hotel room and whatnot. I should start a stash in there.
  7. I agree, at least with A and B. Plus it seems like it's going to be full of that Hipster garbage I can't stand either.
  8. I'm an idiot because I don't like starwars force unleashed 2? haha okay. You enjoy paying 60 dollars, putting the game in your console, holding up and tapping A for 4 hours and then never playing it again. Don't worry though, In a couple months the next shitty half assed star wars game will get pumped out and you can do it all over again. Regardless of what you think of star wars, the games are fucking terrible. It's like Madden for nerds. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Star_Wars_video_games Seriously look at all those fucking games. There like 5 worth playing. Not that this really means all that much, but it's getting pretty shitty reviews too unless you read your reviews from someplace called "Cheat Code Central" or similar garbage: http://www.metacritic.com/game/xbox-360/st.../critic-reviews Even video game reviewers are saying the story is bad is my main point here though. Seriously don't bring up the story, it is fucking bad. I have played the game. Its terribly written. Imagine the low standards video game reviewers have for stories and they are even saying it sucks! "It's an action/adventure game. It's suppose to be linear. It has a story. Another reason it's linear. " This argument is weak as fuck. I have played MANY action/adventure games that where not linear (It's not really an ACTION ADVENTURE if its linear is it?) and EVEN MORE games with a story that where not linear gameplay wise. Sure the story may not have had varying story points where you could choose what happened but that didn't make it overall linear. The genre and it supposedly having a story is no excuse for it to be linear at all. Go play a real video game and stop making excuses for a shitty one. Perhaps read some books/watch some good movies so you can see what a real story is like too. Personally I would be pissed off if I paid 60 dollars for a 4 hour game so I would try and get my money back too. Maybe you can sell it to some dumbass? I apologize if I have insulted you, but you called me an idiot which was completely uncalled for.
  9. Yeah they do give adverts better servers it seems.
  10. I have a computer desk that is starting to bend in a little bit. So I'm looking to reinforce it for cheap until I can get a new sturdier tabletop/new desk altogether. What would be the proper way to do this? Here is a shitty paint drawing I made to illustrate what seems to me like the best idea. Really I have no idea what I'm doing though. The Red things are the legs, You are looking at the table upside down. I was thinking of doing a cross, but then it seems like I would have to either cut the boards making them not really reinforce anything, or put small blocks to fill gaps and find some REALLY fucking long screws. I guess I really wouldn't mind the desk being higher up though.
  11. Yeah that's true. It's setting up the BIOS that most people seem to screw up though. Motherboards can default to some retarded ass values.
  12. Man you should try and add Goldeneye in! If you are going to have N64 that is pretty much THE game to have.
  13. What do you mean by obnoxious? Everyone hates on Majora's mask I actually liked it. What did you expect? I don't understand the hype for this game. The first one was complete shit yet everyone is excited for the second one expecting it to be good. Yay a sequel to complete shit that will be even shittier!!! The PC port was the laziest port I've ever seen. NO graphics options NOT ONE. All you could change was your screen resolution. WTF is that shit?
  14. Yeah probably not. I don't go that often maybe once or twice a year so don't expect it soon I live quite a few states away.
  15. haha that is really funny wtf!!! It shouldn't be that big of a deal to just wipe it clean and it should be fine. It's not like it was submerged in anything. Even if it was give it a couple days to dry and you would be alright. My wife's laptop was left out in the rain like 3 or 4 times since I've known her and it still works. It was even plugged in!! It actually overheats less now! (stupid HP and their useless cooling on laptops) My son exploded a bottle of baby power in the living room once. It was fucking INSANE. I was in the other room and I was like WTF is that smell? It smells like baby power or something. So I walk into the next room over (I was taking a shit so I guess he had quite a bit of time to do this) and he had ripped the top off a brand new bottle of baby power. The baby powder in the air was so thick it looked like smoke. EVERYTHING in the room was white, there was this thick coating on everything. Somehow he had distributed it very evenly and efficiently. I should have taken pictures, it was just crazy how it was covering everything in sight. The vacuum sucked it up pretty good though. He is also 3.
  16. Man it sucks that the console versions are so buggy. Honestly I haven't had any bugs on the PC version. I know it isn't bug free as I have seen other people complain about bugs but personally I haven't experienced any. Even if I do, the PC version lets you use the console. Gryph's problem as an example with not being able to get power armor I could just use the get power armor training code and be done with it. You can pretty much do anything with the console it's insanely powerful. You can even avoid starting over if you fucked up your character by adding/removing perks/special points/skill points. There is a complete quest command, revive command if you killed someone accidentally (although you could load a recent save), shit there is a command for everything.
  17. It depends on the LCD you buy. When I buy an LCD I will make damn sure to pay attention to the native resolution. In fact I have been looking into buying an LCD for years and I'm so damn picky I have yet to find one I really really like because of what I'll mention in a bit. I also have vision like yours, and I agree with you. This is why when I do buy an HDTV. I would much rather buy a really fancy 720p set than a less fancy 1080p set. For my computer monitor though I would still get the 1920X1200 just because of the extra space, not so much image quality. Monitors which a higher resolution are nice because of this too, but they often have too poor a refresh rate for my purposes. My computer monitor is a Sony Trinitron. In fact it is the exact same Trinitron as the famous GDM-FW900 except a non-widescreen version. It is still fucking HUGE though. When I buy an LCD to replace it, it has to be at least as good, which as you can probably tell, I am having a damn hard time finding. The other thing that sucks is I like my variable Hz setting on my CRT and I run it at 85Hz. Those 3D monitors are attractive to me because of this. If I do not use the 3D (which I wouldn't I think 3D is fucking stupid) I can run the monitor at 120Hz. Most of the 3D monitors right now have pretty shit image quality though. I'm pretty much never going to get the color accuracy of this monitor in an LCD however. Man there was some other shit I wanted to say, for some reason I can't sit still right now and I can't concentrate. Weird.
  18. Next time I go to NYC I'll probably pick up a couple counterfeit watches. They aren't the real thing yeah, but its almost as good heh. Sometimes you can find pretty good ones that actually say Rolex and not Molex or something. If they break it's not that big of a deal because they are way less expensive.
  19. man I have been watching all of her videos on youtube. She is so funny. If you look up her username u8a22 you can find most of them. Apparently she deleted them all off her channel so they are scattered everywhere.
  20. haha yeah it does sound kinda like that. My favorite part is when he says: OCHI!!!
  21. So your really not putting MK3 in it now just because what he said pissed you off? It seemed like a lot of people where interested in that (myself included) and you had this big plan going to work with the community and what they wanted. I'm not taking any sides here so I don't want either of you getting pissed at me now, but jeez man the stuff that goes on in the Xbox forum in general here is unlike anything I've seen in any other forum.
  22. Where is the original video?! Whenever I see stuff like this I feel like I need the original as like a point of reference. EDIT nvm here it is HA JONAS BROTHERS!!!! A friend of mine bought one of those "Music from around the world" CDs at the kiosks they have (where you push the buttons to hear samples) This song was on the africa CD and he memorized the whole thing. Whenever we are drunk we get him to sing it.
  23. Are you playing on console? I read this happens A LOT. It has me paranoid to the point that even on the PC version I create a new save file every time I save.
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