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  1. Tetris the Absolute The Grand Master 2 Plus?!?!? Wow I actually play this game a lot on my PC with MAME. The Death mode is awesome and it is just an awesome version of tetris overall. I want this. When I download the emulator does it come with a DAT? Is it like CoinOPS where you need an older romset or can I use my up to date one? Also I guess I need a PM to download it? Thanks a lot!
  2. Oh I thought you didn't have ANY thermal paste, that stuff is good enough if your just running at stock unless your one of those people that are anal about temps. It does sound like your running a little hot though. Maybe you used too much paste? I have never even tried the stock cooler though so I don't really know how it is supposed to perform. If you want take pictures of every screen on your BIOS and ill tell you what you set everything to, We will see if we can get it stable and maybe work from there on a small overclock if even possible.
  3. Well it's not like I knew off the top of my head lol, I googled it.
  4. Oh and if you wanted to go nvidia the GTX 275, GTX 280, GTX 260, and the 9800 GTX+ are pretty much your options there. You usually get more bang for your buck with ATi though.
  5. yeah I would go for either a 4850, 4890, 5770, or a 5870 depending on what fits/what your needs/budget are. There are single slot versions of both the 4850 and 5770. Your motherboard CANNOT do Crossfire/SLI so you much choose only one card. Look up some benchmarks and see how it runs the games you want to play (You can usually find benchmarks by looking up reviews). You may also want to check the wattage of your PSU to make sure it can support it. Sorry for the late reply.
  6. you really should get some thermal paste if you don't have any. Arctic Silver is a classic, although I prefer MX-2. Shin-Etsu X23 is really good too if you can find it. Also I wouldn't trust the auto BIOS settings. They are usually just what will work but not even close to what is best. Too much volts/slow RAM speed/etc.
  7. Does it have to be a small/slim card to fit in your case or is that just what you have right now? Also give me the full specs of your PC and ill find you something.
  8. Well like what? I can get any show I want, I have the internet! Stealing cable/dish/etc. is old school!
  9. haha so is this a guide for stalking girls on social networking sites?
  10. Do you guys have anything else like Trailer Park Boys on TV up there? Goddamn that show is awesome I want more!
  11. Is it a real movie? I feel like I NEED to watch it.
  12. I never owned one myself but I have ridden a few of my friends bikes. I almost died once when me and my friend where both on his 350cc and we went off a ramp, into the air, and then right into a big ass tree. The bike flipped over and the gas tank was spraying gas everywhere. It was fucking crazy. Somehow he only needed a new gas tank or something and it was up and running fine again. I was thinking about getting an ATV but there isn't really anywhere around here to ride it without getting in trouble. heh, remember the three wheelers? Didn't they get banned for flipping over so easy or something? They probably still let you have them where you live though. Cool story huh?
  13. No you need a router or modem with an ethernet jack on it. I know the Vapor-X model, that was one I was thinking about getting, only problem is it blows heat all over your case instead of out the back. It's probably not going to be a problem in my case though. I think I will wait for the 2GB 5870s to come out
  14. Well here is another bullshit software technicality. Officially you can only do crossfire on an intel chipset, and you can only do sli on an nvidia chipset. (Although I think they got rid of this with X58) Unofficially there are hacked drivers that let you do them both on either one. I don't remember how well this worked though I just remember that it worked. Also doesn't your mobo have an ethernet jack? Why don't you just use that? Your link also just goes to the sapphire home page.
  15. The 32X was pretty cool though, I had one as well. Some of those games where massively improved for the 32X. I remember the gamecom. I always thought it was weird that it was supposed to be this portable online system yet you needed to buy this bigass modem bigger than the already huge handheld to go online. I never ended up getting one because even when it was new I thought it looked like a glorified pocket organizer. (Where we calling them PDAs yet?) Although I remember seeing Duke Nukem on it and being like HOLY CRAP, DUKE NUKEM IN MY POCKET! As far as wario games go though, you need to play the gameboy versions. They are some of my favorite gameboy games.
  16. I would wait to download it if I where you. The PC copy floating around right now is a steam copy by Reloaded. They have been fucking up steam rips pretty bad recently. Wait until it is out/almost out and see what other releases appear. Kind of disappointing having to say that about Reloaded, I always liked Reloaded releases.
  17. Everyone is going apeshit over this game on one of the torrent sites I visit. Is it really that good or is it just pretty good like you say?
  18. looks cool but they didn't show any gameplay besides those 2 seconds of walking at the end so who knows.
  19. There are only like 6 games on it though. Is it really worth it? I buy a lot of old school gameboy/NES stuff. I only buy games that I really really like though because you can emulate them on almost anything.
  20. I have heard a lot of good things about o2 actually. o2 and someone else around there are supposed to be fantastic and everyone hates virgin. Your Virgin is kind of like our Comcast.
  21. bleh people still use 16 bit color? Set it to 32 bit.
  22. Inglorious Basterds was alright. The best parts where the very beginning and the scene in the bar.
  23. My l4d2 just arrived in the mail. It is downloading/installing right now. I couldn't be bothered to actually insert the DVD Are you in the 1emulation steam group? I guess we can set up games with that somehow, I never tried doing it.
  24. Yeah well in that case it's either one 5870 or one 5970 if you want to go nuts. You should take some measurements to make sure before you buy a new case though. My friend thought his was too small and the back of the card ended up extending into some of the free HDD bays so it worked anyway. In his case it was a different card but there would have been room for this because it was nowhere near the front of the case or anything. Why would you take out your sound card though? Will it block the fan or something?
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