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  1. I was looking at safety razors, they seem like the best way. Blades are probably cheaper too because they aren't mach 2 turbo hd remix blades. I also found an old school barber around here. I will have to go to him next time I get my hair cut or whatever and get a shave. Apparently he is really old but does a fantastic job.
  2. if you get a loader that isn't BS it works fine That conversation is hilarious though, sorta reminds me of some of the conversations my friend used to tell me about at eb games.
  3. Today me and my friends got stoned and went to the midnight launch at gamestop. There was a huge line around the entire minimall it was in it was insane. We drove by while I leaned out the windows and yelled MODERN WARFARE 2 SUCKS! at the crowd and CASH IN ON OTHER'S SUCCESS! at the national guard recruiters that where there. We where going to make a second pass because I found some random halloween mask in the back of the car that was like a fucked up star wars mask and I was just going to yell random shit about 360 and PS3 sucking and how it has been on bittorrent for a week to piss people off but the cops showed up so we left. I guess it was an asshole thing to do but no one really got hurt and it was pretty funny.
  4. I think PC Building 101 should be a required class or something. Then these companies will have to actually use the huge discounts they get to sell you a cheaper PC instead of just ripping you off. It would help people understand this apple thing a lot better too. I just realized when I was talking about the video card I didn't even notice that they are adding 200 on top of the price, so it really isn't a good deal, There where so many ripoffs I couldn't keep track of it all. I even forgot to mention, to fill up those last three bays that are empty at stock, they want 300 dollars for a 1TB HDD!!
  5. I would have to agree. I've never gotten a close shave from electric razors either, which wouldn't bother me except for the fact most of them gave an uneven cut on top of that. I've had pretty good luck with the Gillette Mach 3 Turbo, the nice thing about it is there is a moisturizing strip built-on that makes it easier to shave against the grain to get a really close shave. At any rate though, I would definitely avoid any cheap disposables... I've tried several brands before and they can cut your face up pretty bad. Yeah I noticed the unevenness. I walked back into the bathroom 3 times today trying to get it even. It's frustrating as hell.
  6. I tried to make a facebook, I only added people I know and I still got stupid shit. Most of the people I know don't know computers well I guess. They kept adding all these stupid apps that would send constant spam and it seems like even the people I thought where pretty smart will still send around dumbass chainmail. The whole experience was just annoying. I can't stand the stupid interface on that site.
  7. Your right, but it's not even totally about the games. He claims macs have the best hardware available, which is just plain wrong. I remember when they where selling DDR2-533/667 when 800 was the standard and most people got 1066. I'll quickly go over the latest Mac Pro: CPU What they are selling here is a Xeon X5550. Xeon? A Server processor!? But why!? Will normal users notice a difference? No, especially since the Xeon X5550 is basically the same thing as the i7 920. There are minor differences yes, but typically you would only pay attention to these differences when overclocking (which you can't do on a mac anyway) or I dunno, actually using it in a server. Oh and I forgot to mention, the Xeon costs 1000 bucks while the i7 costs 290. It isn't a bad CPU, just not a very good choice and not top of the line. RAM Again they are selling the lowest possible spec RAM, DDR3-1066. This is the slowest DDR3 you can buy, They don't even give you the standard 6GB, only 3GB! and they charge you 150 bucks for an extra 3GB (actual cost retail 50) I bet the timings (CAS Latency, etc.) are also terrible but they don't even tell you what they are (they used to and they where). Way to tell me wtf I am paying you for. For those that do not know, the fastest DDR3 is DDR3-2200, more than twice as fast (depending on timings). The standard is pretty much DDR3-1600 but a lot of people get faster stuff. RAID CARD 700 bucks? For some apple raid card? No thanks! HDD It comes with a 640GB HDD, again who knows which one or how fast because they don't tell you. If you want a 1TB they charge you 100. It costs 100 for an entire 1TB top of the line HDD at retail, shouldn't the price be more like 25 for the upgrade? There are 4 bays available to rip you off 4 times here. GPU (Graphics) This is the silliest part of all, It comes with a GeForce GT 120. This card is so low end I couldn't even find it for sale anywhere. I'm guessing the GT 220 (NOT GTX) is a newer version of it but I haven't been following low end graphics for awhile so I'm really not sure. According to benchmarks it performs about the same as an 8600 GT. That is fucking WEAK. This is supposed to be the top of the line Mac yet they can't even give you a GPU that outperforms a GPU that is several generations old and was only ever considered low-mid range?! BUT WAIT!!! Apple is here with a solution! Just slap more in! For the low low price of 150 dollars per extra card (another apple bargain) you can have up to four of them. Why not just put one good card in there? At least they offer an ATi Radeon 4870...ATi?....Does the CEO of Nvidia realize what is going on here? So if you want one good card you get ATi I guess. They don't offer any kind of dual/triple/quadruple setup there for some reason though. They don't rob you on the price as much with the 4870 either. A 4870 usually sells for 150-200. This is just weird. They seem to favor ATi. OPTICAL It comes with an 18X SuperMulti Drive (WTF? maybe I'm just picky about optical drives because I know my shit, but I WANT TO KNOW WHAT I AM BUYING!!!) and they will charge you an extra 100 for a second one, which is nice because an optical drive will run you 20-35 bucks nowadays. Then there are a bunch of useless addons/stupid software that is of course overpriced and you probably don't need. Apple monitors are nice (they are not TN) but of course are a huge ripoff. I just don't get why people buy these machines.
  8. I used to have something going on like the guy in this picture, except my hair was really long and my beard didn't look like pubes. I also didn't have a mustache and my sideburns/part of beard was a bit wider. lol this is the closest pic I could find without going on an internet scavenger hunt. Now my hair is like an inch and a half long, and I have no facial hair at all, I feel much less manly. I was hoping the straight razor would make up for that. I looked into what kinds to buy and all that and found some really nice vintage ones in good condition, but when I watched some videos of people using them it kinda freaked me out a bit. My beard hair grows in all different directions but somehow ends up going straight down. I'm not sure if that would work with a straight razor. Like you guys said, I guess it's back to disposables. Either that or I can try a safety razor. At least that's somewhat manlier than plastic disposables.
  9. NVIDIA CEO: Apple uses the best technology for their [computers]. Apple says to their customers: if you buy a computer from us you can be sure we have selected the best technology inside for you. That is their promise to consumers. Their promise to consumers isn't we've selected the best technology for you with the exception of what Intel allows us to use. That's not their promise. And that's why Apple uses the best technology where they want whenever they want. And that's why I'm all Apple! At home it's just Macs everywhere. It's NVIDIA's technology in all of them but I use Macs. My son has two Macs, my daughter has a Mac, there's an extra Mac just in case and my wife has a Mac. It's just Mac, Mac, Mac! Because I know it's got the best stuff inside. I think he was obviously paid to say this, it's just idiotic on so many levels. You can't even use most nvidia cards (including the top of the line GTX 295) in an apple. At least he didn't say anything about it being a good deal or anything.
  10. Well the foil one I had wasn't bad, but you are probably right. I just don't get how this thing could do such a massively shitty job yet it passed quality testing. It wasn't very cheap either. I was thinking about buying a nice straight razor but I'll probably cut myself up pretty bad before I learn how to use it.
  11. I hope facebook lasts forever. It keeps a good portion of the idiots all in one place and off of other websites. If I just avoid facebook I avoid that group of idiots entirely!
  12. So I had to shave my beard completely off for my new job (lame) and I decided to try one of these rotary shavers. I have used a regular razor and the foil/straight type electric razors and both worked fine (In fact the electric one worked just as well, maybe I just had a good one, I only tried that once) but I can't get this rotary to work at all. Every time I shave there is always stubble, it seems like no matter what I do I can't get it all and I can't get a close shave. I'm constantly stuck with a little more than 5 o'clock shadow which is no good at all. I tried everything from pressing as lightly as possible to jamming it into my face (50 blades at 3000 RPM in my face!), going up and down, in circles, etc. and nothing works. Is there a video somewhere or some advice someone can give me that will teach me how to use this damn thing? I'm about to just give up and go buy some disposables but I was trying to save money >_<
  13. That moon? Haha I kinda liked that moon. Imagine if you woke up and looked outside and saw this:
  14. Well I haven't played Dragon Age yet, I downloaded it a couple days ago but haven't bothered to install it yet. Here is why I asked you if you knew what you where talking about. First you say the PC version is for pussies. This doesn't make any sense. I guess you enjoy inferior graphics/performance/controls/everything. Maybe your PC is shit? Then you say all of Blizzard's games are broken. Well all I have really gotten into from them is Diablo 2 and Starcraft. I played a little WoW so I understand it, but I hated it. I can't really speak about WoW though since I haven't played it in years (since before there where any expansions), but I don't really think all that much is broken in Diablo 2 and Starcraft. I heard the latest patch screwed up Diablo 2 but I haven't played it because I stopped playing right before it came out. The money was always fucked up but the thing is it didn't matter. After all this you say Diablo 3 is going to be garbage. I'm not only wondering how you know this since no one has played it yet but what would even give you this idea? Like Valve (but not as much) there seems to be a certain level of quality you are guaranteed with blizzard, it may not be for you, but it's never complete shit. I can understand why people like WoW, I just don't. To top it all off, you then brag about Mass Effect 2, another game that no one has played. Now, anyone who actually plays games knows Mass Effect is a horrible game. It may be a nice technical achievement, but it is not a good game. It just isn't fun and there is really nothing good about it. (You should probably go back to school or maybe a library if you think that was a good story) It's a big expansive game full of meh. I was bored the entire way through. All the shitty bugs where making it more difficult than it should have been as well. (Had the 360 version, then tried switching to PC version when I got a PC that could run it - bugs in both) Judging by the first title, I would expect Mass Effect 2 to be garbage. I can't really say for sure though because like I said, it's not out yet, maybe it will be good so I'll give it a shot when it comes out. One thing is for certain though, fuck Mass Effect 1.
  15. heh, not that surprising though because I'm pretty sure they sell caskets and such at Sam's Club (Or was it Costco?)
  16. So does he have a website or something or do you have to contact him through the forums?
  17. alright cool. There is this locally owned used game store around here that has used xboxs for 25 bucks. I kinda figured I wouldn't be able to beat that so I was hoping I could just swap them. Thanks.
  18. Yeah that sucks, at least it is some exercise then Fuck carrying my tower. It is probably about 55 pounds (Less than my monitor haha) but it is probably about two+ feet tall, two feet wide, and 3/4s a foot thick. It's just too big and boxy to get a good grip on no way I would carry it down the street.
  19. I think my drive is dying. I often have to re-insert discs a couple times to get them to recognize properly and sometimes it says it is empty when it is not (although it seems to work fine after that) The tray has trouble closing on it's own though. Can someone point me in the direction of a site where I can buy a new Xbox drive? I have a samsung right now so I'd like to get another one. Could I just buy a used Xbox and swap the drives?
  20. Are you sure you know what your talking about?
  21. How far do you have to carry your tower? haha maybe you should look into an external hard drive or a shitty second hand laptop (if all it has to do is download files it doesn't have to be very good) You can actually get those little USB drives 16GB for like 35 USD. That's probably enough space for what your doing.
  22. Another TV show - Trailer Park Boys. This show is awesome. It is definitely not for everyone (I can see how a lot of people would just think it was weird) but if you haven't seen it you should at least check it out and see. I'm on season 5 now and I only started watching it a couple days ago. For those of you who have never been to a trailer park (or seen an episode of cops) This show is pretty much what trailer parks are really like. Or at least what a trailer park would be like if the cops never showed up. Probably a combination of that, and Beavis and Butthead if it where on HBO. This shit is hilarious. Bubbles FTW.
  23. I was actually going to buy this game but they keep announcing new stupid things about the PC version. Now they are saying even the PC version is limited to 9 vs 9. They argue it keeps the balance of the game. This is stupid because if they would allow people to make maps it wouldn't matter. It seems like I should just buy call of duty 4 after it gets cheap as hell. This game will probably end up a crappy port and I will probably just go back to CSS like I always do. Crackhouse Deathmatch just never gets old
  24. Yeah they do but they don't always work and not all of them have it. My mobo is insanely expensive and it doesn't have it. It has a fancy reset CMOS switch but that's it.
  25. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/vie...0-Washington-DC
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