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  1. Well 1024X768 isn't really a hard resolution to run anything at. I remember when it used to be though - I would be fucking PISSED if my computer couldn't play a game and I had to play on 800X600 or even 640X480! Your right but I have to say it does help make things smoother up to a certain point. Once I started playing at 1280X1024 I never went back to 1024X768. When I started playing at 1600X1200 however I thought this looks a bit better, but if I can't run things I can always fall back to 1280, now I just stay at 1600 because I can. It probably bothers me mainly because my eyes are so sharp if I play at too low a resolution I can see the lines around the pixels and it starts driving me nuts and I can't stop staring at them instead of what is on screen. This is the same reason I prefer to bump res instead of AA too. I usually end up upgrading for free because when people ask me to build a computer I'll ask them hey ill give you X part from my PC if you buy me part Y and that can be my payment if I don't need money for anything.
  2. Just watched the new Eastbound and Down. I hope this show never ends, or at least gets a good run. You should write a book. Call it 1984 2. It will be an instant classic.
  3. True. Man I would even eat a burrito that has sour cream, guacamole, and chili in it along with the other stuff. That sounds good as hell right now actually.
  4. Man I don't like smoking WHILE I'm eating, its gotta be before (weed) or after (cigs)
  5. It doesn't have to follow the real stories exactly. Its just that if they are going to use characters from them they should at least be a little bit similar. The only relation at all are the names pretty much. I guess it's not as bad as Dante's Inferno though
  6. I've seen watches like that costing much less than 6000 dollars. There must be something else special about it. Something the average person wouldn't care about I would guess. (who it was made by or something) It is a badass watch though. I haven't worn a watch in a long time. I had a pretty nice one but I lost it/it got stolen and I never bothered to replace it. I always wear my watch on the wrong hand as well. None of that upside down shit either.
  7. Oh shit I forgot about that post, another sweet gun you can get: Go back to primm, into the Bison Steve Hotel (The hotel where you have to kill all the powder gangers inside) as soon as you enter head straight forward out of the reception room into the hallway. A tad to the right, still heading forward is another room that looks like a gift shop. Behind the counter there is a skill book, and a safe in the floor containing Lucky. A badass unique 357 magnum. I think you need a lockpick of 50 to get it though. You know what I have been finding the MOST badass about this game though? All the references. Everything in the whole damn game is related to something in real life. Interesting stuff too and not just wooo another random cultural reference. Mr. House is based off Howard Hughes, wait until you see what they do with that! Make sure you meet him in person! I liked the whole Repcon/Pepcon thing too. Actually I could go on about a lot of things I liked. Some of them I didn't even notice right away until I read the wiki and was like OH SHIT DAMN!!!
  8. Wow I would have never thought of that. You should apply to write the next script. No one will see this shit coming!
  9. I wonder if I should try that DirectX fix. Even before the patches I had no problem running the game fully maxed out/max AA/1600X1200 res Is it going to reduce image quality though? I don't see why running the dll from a different location should make any difference on what it does so it must be modified somehow. BTW What do you mean by you can run Crysis fine. Most everyone can run Crysis fine. Its running it maxed out that gives people the e-peen. People act like if you can't max it out you can't play it.
  10. Yeah that's true. All I eat it on is baked potatoes (I only like the bacon bits if it is actual real bacon and not that bacon shit most people use so I don't need it) chip dip and mexican food really. Pretty good for burritos and stuff.
  11. HA! WTF who plays GOW for the storyline anyway? They are fucking terrible in every single GOW. If you know anything about greek mythology its a fucking joke.
  12. They are just a bit higher than FO3. It's the same engine. They are probably only even a bit higher because its a bit buggy. If you have an Nvidia card get ready for it to be REALLY buggy though. There are some fixes (putting D3D9 DLL in the install directory is the most effective one) but none of them fix it completely even after the couple patches that have come out. You should probably wait until either they patch it again or nvidia updates the driver and see what happens if that's the boat your in. My friend was telling me he has mostly fixed the NPC problem (walking near NPCs drops your FPS to like 5) but it still crashes a lot and he still has a lot of random slowdowns. Check out the madness over at the fallout forums. There are shit tons of threads and people going crazy. Man New Vegas is only like one small part of the map. Who cares how long it takes to get there? You have quite a lot of game left too anyway so its not like the majority of the game is spent not being able to get in either. I don't even think its the most interesting place anyway.
  13. ^It probably didn't wrap up anything though. I guarantee this time next year... SAW 7!!! YOU THOUGHT IT WAS OVER BUT WAIT!!!! <insert the next randomly forced in side storyline here>
  14. That sucks man. How do you think they are doing it? Hopefully its something easy to fix. Probably not as obvious as a book type change or something though.
  15. and now someone mentions tacos. so hungry now. This reminds me I need to try those new XXL Chalupas at Taco Bell.
  16. I'm going to have to check this movie out. Honestly I thought the first one was so damn terrible though. Should I bother?
  17. baked potato with butter, salt, pepper, and cheese fuck it throw some sour cream on too. I think we are going to need a food thread too! You guys are making me hungry!
  18. Is there some other game out right now that matters?
  19. I thought Mass Effect/Mass Effect 2 where terrible. The only thing that made 2 any good was being able to realize where they copied literally every part of the story from. Pretty much none of it is original and the more sci-fi you watch the more you will see this. They are boring too. Fuck mass effect. I wouldn't call it mature storytelling either. It's simplified sci-fi storytelling for people who watch things and do not understand what is going on. I call it Sci-Fi for Bros. I liked fallout 3, but besides the bugs (which is a stupid thing to complain about because they will eventually be fixed, yeah yeah they should have been fixed in the first place, but this is normal for games now as sad as it is) new vegas is better I think. A lot of the minor things that where wrong with 3 are better now. Neither are as good as the original fallout games FINE but they are also completely different. You might as well not even compare the two. They are both good for different reasons. If it helps you to appreciate them more pretend they are from a different series/a spinoff or something and just quit thinking about the originals. I like the originals a lot too but I hate when people bring this up and its going to happen eventually because it always does. Just stop it. None of us are ever getting a true sequel or whatever you want to call it and we might as well fucking deal with it. We at least got a good chunk of the original devs working on new vegas. As for morrowind vs oblivion. Yeah morrowind is better but oblivion didn't suck. Me and some friends where talking about this the other day actually. If Oblivion where to come out now with the experience they have with the engine and all that it would be a lot better. See, you have to let them slide on some things because think about this - in addition to making the story/quests/locations/etc they also made that crazy ass fucking engine and this was the first time they had used it. That engine alone is a pretty impressive accomplishment which took a lot of work. A lot of the goofy things about the map I actually liked. Did you know it was based off an actual D&D board the devs made? I'm pretty sure all TES games are like that. But this one had a lot of personal touches I really liked. You could tell (especially by the names of some places) that they where playing some D&D and something happened and they where like "Oh shit! quick! make something up!" and they just left it that way which was pretty cool. If they had made it like morrowind, imagine all the bugs/work required. We would probably still be waiting on it. Would any of the consoles even be able to run it? Morrowind was fucking huge! Plus this is easy to say now years later. Don't tell me the first time you played oblivion years back you weren't wowed by it.
  20. Yeah that does sound pretty good. Not a big mayo fan (I used to HATE mayo) but lately I've been liking it more and more. I probably couldn't eat it before because when I worked at the sandwich shop it was just so fucking gross how much mayo people wanted. It was disgusting to make and look at. It would be oozing out the sides and dripping everywhere. No joke all the time people would want about 2/3 inch of mayo on each side of the bread, and then they would bitch that there wasn't enough and ask for like 10 mayo packets and they where those long style mayo packets that had quite a bit in them.
  21. haha WTF they made a sequel to that movie? That movie had some awesome rifftrax. "Well here we are again watching this family do nothing at all!"
  22. Heh I remember playing some FIFA game on gamecube and I would basically turn all the rules off and start shoving/tackling everyone around for the ball, isn't there some kind of strictness slider you can adjust? EDIT: and I was looking at the voice actors for New Vegas because I knew a lot of these people sounded familiar, like 3/4s of the cast are people from DS9! Odo is the main villian! Badass!
  23. It seems like every day I find out someone else I talk to hates ketchup. What is with all the ketchup hate?! I mean yeah putting it on a sub is retarded and I probably do prefer mustard overall, but its still good! I'm a mustard freak too by the way. Never managed to collect too much of it at once like I do with hot sauce though. I usually eat it up too fast. I like that crazy hot mustard/the stuff with the bigass mustard seeds still in it. Mustard based dressings for salad hell yeah. Honey mustard on fries good as fuck! There is a mustard for everything. I recently saw something online about making your own mustard, I think I'm going to try that out. It looked pretty damn easy. Speaking of BBQ/sauces/mustards though you need to try this shit: http://www.hobokeneddies.com/page.asp?ID=5 Some of the best mustards/hot sauce/THE best BBQ sauce on earth. It's so thick and almost black. I brought that BBQ sauce to the deep south and it blew everyone away down there even. Seriously though, buy fucking everything on that page, you won't regret it. Even the ones that sound weird. I guarded my bottles closely when I had some (I need to order more) and I would notice if someone used it. WHO HAS BEEN EATING MY HOBOKEN EDDIES?!?!?! Reading the descriptions is making me so hungry I could probably just eat it by itself.
  24. What do you mean "that gun?" Just some sweet gun you found or are you trying not to spoil anything? Man I can't wait till I get my character where I want him to be. I'm going to be the sneakiest bastard in all of the wasteland, shooting peoples heads off from far away! Even if they get close I'll blow them off anyway! I just have to find the best rifle I possibly can. I still think the energy weapons are crap, so my guns skill is getting pretty insane. Its at like 55 or something now. There are certain things I just have no need to put any points into.
  25. I'm a couple hours past meeting Vulpes Inculta. At first I killed him and his whole crew but when I looked in the fallout wiki (you don't need no stinkin guide! http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Fallout_Wiki) it turns out that was probably a bad idea so I loaded a save. I don't really use the wiki for cheating unless that is cheating somehow. It's not like it isn't obvious what you are supposed to do next anyway. Like I said, I spent a LOT of time wandering/scavenging. By level 2-3 I already had over 1000 caps. I have a shit ton of supplies right now too. Somehow I ended up with 70 something sticks of dynamite I never use. I have 40 something bottles of Sunset Sarsaparilla too. I use that stuff almost constantly. Way more often than the stims which I try to save. I'll usually just drink like 5 of them and hide somewhere for a bit and save my stims for limb problems. You can find those things everywhere. I have quite a few perfect condition weapons as well. Lovin the cowboy rifle Two things that are driving me nuts though. I can't figure out why for some reason it seems like certain guns just do not work well at all on certain enemies. I guess I'm supposed to use a different ammo type but how am I supposed to tell which kind and why? I guess check the armor they drop when I kill one? The other thing is this karma bullshit. It seems like half of everything in the game is marked as stealing for some reason. Even if you completely clear out an area its all still marked as stealing. Even if you are stealing from an enemy which you get GOOD karma for when you KILL them. So I can kill them but not steal from them? I can't even steal from dirty criminals! I'm not even talking about pickpocketing either, I'm talking about shit that's just lying around. I'm about to say fuck karma and just take all the shit I want.
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