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  1. Cool. Well the CS over here in Australia is picking up as far as quality is concerened. But we still struggle when it comes to WCG. The clan f-zer0 have made the past few WCG's but they are now challenged by some up-coming teams. I think 23 was the last team that represented Australia @ WCG
  2. Yes I know all that. But, my cable modem is connected to my router. So I need to know how to hide my IP address from my modem then I suppose. Any ideas? Other than the proxy solution, because I dont wanna keep changing Proxyies all the time. Unless there is a program that does it for me every x minutes...
  3. Just wanting to know if it is possible to have a hidden IP address on my router? I want to surf anonymously because the site I goto is a voting site. I need to know if it is possible to hide the IP address on the router only...seeing as I can use the anonymous browsers, but they only have 1 ip address, hence I have to keep looking for different privacy browsers. I'm probably not making any sense at all...but my main point is...can I surf anonymously...I only need it for 1 site...
  4. Im thinking of getting a 6600GT pci-e or an 800XT... Any thoughts on the 2 cards? Any reccomendations? Even for motherboards running the cards...is there a reccomended mobo for these?
  5. Does anyone here play cs competitively? Like on LAN comps and Online comps?
  6. My first experience was 6 years ago when I was 16. My mom was sweating and shaking. It was a good laugh tho
  7. The thing was, with steam, when you wanted to play on lan you still required an internet connection to authenticate else you couldn't play...well, good job to the lan hacks
  8. Steam has screwed up everything FULLSTOP! And know valve have release VAC2 and it still doesn't stop the hackers!
  9. Photoshop or Illustrator should be fine...but also Premier should do the job....also, vegas is a nice little program
  10. Thanks alot guys. I really appreciate it, and speaking on the groups behalf, we are all more than thankful
  11. Whats your thoughts on it? Read an article stating "AMD takes Pentium's Crown" I think that happened a long time ago IMHO...with the introduction of the k7 ^^
  12. Just wanting an opinion on counter-strike. What version of CS do you prefer? 1) Counter-Strike 1.6 2) Counter-Strike: Condition Zero 3) Counter-Strike: Source I prefer 1.6 because the others seem noob friendly. Takes the skill out of playing. CZ has hardly any recoil and Source has got the biggest hit-boxes ever. OK if you are a beginner i suppose, but everyone to their own opinion
  13. Also, have a listen to their song "getaway" it sound pretty good...
  14. Hi guys, http://soundcheck.ninemsn.com.au/charts.js...st&fvCurPage=14 Can you click on "Mumble Club" and give them a 5? Much appreciated This is for my girlfriends group, and they need all the votes they can get. I would greatly appreciate it if you voted...thanks
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