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  1. That is a decent idea, provided people post enough to gain credits to actually buy new items such as weaponry. I'd vote for it, just for the variety it could provide to us.
  2. Bleh, I had to upgrade my QT player to watch it, but it was worth it, for that trailer alone..Yeah, I think Skythe took the words right out of my mouth on that.
  3. On gamesarefun website, he's mentioned as "the evil catl-thing from Klonoa", so you got it right, Agozer I'm downloading the trailer right now, i need something more than just screenshots now. http://www.gamesarefun.com/games/playstati.../nxctrailer.mp4 In case anyone hasn't checked it out yet.
  4. It's looking better and better with every picture I see...Hey, who is the cat-looking character on page 3 of thos epics? He reminds me of an Animaniac
  5. I think I skipped over Quake 2, much like garageink, I didn't really have a computer powerful enough to run them. And my only experience with Q3 or UT was on the Dreamcast, and I thought they were pretty good, albeit surely lacking compared to their PC counterparts. They both have their merits.
  6. Yeah, it came out in the arcades a few months prior to the console releases.
  7. Nice. Autumn 2005 could mean November 2005, so I still have a few months to save back my change and buy a ps2 and the game.
  8. Has anyone else experienced Nebula crashing while trying to record an AVI with the AVI out enhancement? Nebula will load the game, then hang for a couple of seconds before crashing, and this happens on any game I have for it? I'm using v2.24 right now, and I've tried a couple of different resolutions, fullscreen and windowed. TIA
  9. That's pretty nice for MS Paint, Drake ....or is that a new one?
  10. Duke Nukem Forever = Duke Nukem Taking Forever
  11. When I was looking for screens of the game, that's the only one I could find too, so I didn't want to bother posting just one pic. It does look nice, tho.
  12. The BloodHound Gang - The Inevitable Return of the Great White Dope
  13. You may even want to try multiple spyware programs...I have 3 on my computer, along with AOL's spyzapper, and I ran them all in succession one day when I was experiencing problems even connecting with AOL, and each one picked up different items that the others had missed.
  14. Sounds pretty cool. I wondered what you kept referring to in some of your other posts, Gryph. And some of the "ads" are funny on that site Pet Anti-Depressants: Because moody parrots don't make kids smile..lmao
  15. Well, the graphics should be great, since it's going to use the Doom3 engine. I just hope they don't use the same "feel around in the dark" atmosphere as was pretty much the case in Doom3. I've enjoyed the Quake series more than any other fps, so I'm hoping that trend continues with Quake IV.
  16. And on a semi-related topic, Tux, one of the guys who did much of the recent work on RAINE, is stepping down too http://www.rainemu.com/msgboard/yabbse/ind...hp?topic=1034.0
  17. I might go see it, i haven't checked any reviews to see if it's worth seeing in theaters, or wait until it's on DVD. I haven't watched the original since I was about 11, so I don't even remember alot of it. I need to rent the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and see how it stacks up to the original as well. Both originals gave me some scares.
  18. True, but I doubt we'll see as frequent of updates as when he was in charge, which can be considered both a good and bad thing. Still, it's a shock to see him step away from the project, he's been the "lead man" for some time.
  19. Z-Neo


    At least it looks more real in those pics than the one from this thread, for anyone who missed it. http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=12478 I kinda like the saturn/n64 on 'roids look though
  20. If the gunshot happened right after he said hello, he wouldn't have had the chance to make the off comment, though.
  21. This is the best link i could find for this, but I heard it on the new this morning too..... http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/ssistory.mpl/m...politan/3132947 This is the second time in a month I have heard about 911 dispatchers making replies like this. The other case, unfortunately, I can't find a good link for, but the 911 dispatcher replied to a call for an ambulance to an accident by replying "oh yeah, too bad. <click>" In this case though, although it's wrong for the dispatcher to make such a reply, I don't think 911 is the number to be calling just because a parent can't get her kids under control. I mean, the dispatcher isn't Dr. Phil, and he could have been responding to much more pressing calls, such as fires or accidents, not some teenager girl throwing a fit.
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