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  1. I know its a very old thread, just want to say try to scan the hard disk with the (error-checking) tool from microsoft windows (right click on patition -propertis- then -tools- that off course if you can see the partition (with this way I fixed two non working hard disk hope it was helpfull
  2. in step 2 yes it ask you for prodect number but on the the right it say (Or automatically detect products) with the button (start detecton) just click it
  3. how?? the auto detect is there (i just check it now its there) if you can not fined it i will print my screen for you to show you where is it in HP website
  4. OK try this go to www.hp.com support and driver click (Download drivers and software (and firmware)) then on the right side click auto detect when fineched detecting click your OS then download the keybord driver
  5. hi ahmed89, even though IJTF_Cinder answer your qustion, you can always visit http://www.crucial.com/ for RAM information and upgrade (they have big database)
  6. upgrade the RAM to 2 giga at least (if its not already) to work fine in vista
  7. well i still use my old laptop (centrino dothen) till this post and i just upgrade to fast hard disk and two giga ram (to let my laptop be alife for anoter year or two without buying new laptop and now Iam wating for w7 for my first laptop all in all upgrade by the way long time no see gamecop, emsley, ME! and any other i forget it was nice to meet you a again guys
  8. hi everybody, HI GC long time no see, so did this site finsh 10 year, its long time, soooooo? will there be gift just kidding
  9. http://cube.ign.com/articles/622/622870p1.html <{POST_SNAPBACK}> well what can I say you cant get what you want
  10. hay dont understand me in the wrong way. i have more than one hour of break in the work so i simply will use the enternet.The problem is that the computer i use in the break is sharedbetween other people so that why i asked about the marked box whith the log in screen next to the (Remember me) option is alwes marked by defolt and i afreed to log in without unmark the box so every one else can log in with my account but i havent thinking about the log off thanks Agozer
  11. I wish to see somyhing like this in the ds
  12. when i log in the (Remember me) option is on by defolt i think that this option should be off by defolt. I log in by a company computer and i should turn off every time the(Remember me) option
  13. What's wrong with Tsumi to Batsu - Sin and Punishment? Seemd to work ok, when I last tested it... or then I'm mistaking it for some other game. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> there is sometimes alot of green lines in the screen that block the picture
  14. what are the differences between them 1.1 , 2.1 , 2.2 and 2.3 is there any different in speed i have heard that there is v3.0 one is that true
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