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  1. Which is sad, I miss when it was actual communities. Be it here or Zophar's or whatever, it felt like home, you know? You had a reputation and what not with people that are otherwise strangers. Now it's either "Just people you know IRL but online" or "Bunch of strangers trying to shout the loudest". fuck that. Also Get off my Lawn you damn kids!
  2. Shoma you asshat, it's been almost 9 years and part 2 still isn't back up!!! I even pinged your ass on DA. tsk tsk tsk ?
  3. Damnit I go through so much effort to get my account back (thanks for the help Robert), only to find most of the regulars are completely gone Man, Fuck FB and Reddit for killing the forums scene.
  4. Government Thugs are going around looting and burning. People are gathering to protect their neighborhoods, the apprehended some of the thugs, and they have Ministry of Interior (cops) ID's. It's the same tactic Bin Ali tried before he finally stepped down. I'm worried sick, not for my possessions, but for my friends and family.
  5. CNN is reporting incorrect things at points, but that's to be expected. I posted about the media coverage the first 2 days. regardless, It's confirmed that Mubarak is planning a massacre. He's going to put down the revolt "Regardless of the cost" Fuck.
  6. Army is on the streets Curfew imposed Vehicles and buildings on fire. They've defied the curfew so they're shooting the protestors now.
  7. I'm not currently in Egypt (actually in the usa) and i believe my computer has been under attack. Things have gotten crazy. They shut down ALL communications (internet, 95% of landlines, all cell phones...etc) , The Cops are burning cars and destroying property in an attempt to find something to blame their upcoming violence on. They've already started shooting protesters (Graphic) The rest of the police forces have withdrawn, and the counter terrorism Units & Special forces have been deployed. (i.e military) Apparently people protesting for freedom are now terrorists. What does the Usa media care about while people are being Shot? Sarah Palin saying WTF about Obama's SOTU. WTF indeed.
  8. the least that can be done is that the world can be aware of what's going on. Media coverage worldwide is horrible. And no, people will not hate you for assisting in overthrowing a brutal tyrant.
  9. This is what's happening in Egypt that the majority of the world is ignorant of. The people are seeking freedom from a tyrant, and nothing worldwide is being done to support them. I know we're not supposed to discuss politics, but i figure this might interest at least a few people. Some of my best friends have been arrested illegally. Some of my best friends have been shot by police. Spread the word if you can.
  10. A- I'm a muslim, in fact I'm Egyptian American. B- All Terrorists are Muslims…Except the 94% that Aren’t : http://www.loonwatch.com/2010/01/not-all-t...ts-are-muslims/ And for the record, moderates attack extremists ALL the time, you just don't see it on the media (google for example something called "The Broken Caravan" which explains in detail why Islam specifically Prohibits suicide bombing. Guess what, you won't find it.) so before you decry that the "moderates aren't speaking out" make sure your media actually REPORTS it when they do. KThnxbye
  11. Hey Ryan, if you can get in contact with steve at any point, let him know i've been waiting for over a month. also. pubes.
  12. A video one of my friends in Cairo made (known for the horrible traffic). Frankly, i can't stop laughing, so i figured i'd share.
  13. Just see where it goes you never know, you might actually seriously like each other.,
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