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  1. The genesis version is same premise, but way different graphically. The arcade version is done from an isometric standpoint, and the sound is alot better.
  2. Suvo, make a char on the aggramar server, dangit, lol Unless you're playing a horde char, then you can stay where you are
  3. Thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday. In fairness, I think James or Jaegermeister is the oldest, both are older than me. Inky is within a year of me either way. Other than having to work today, it was not a bad day. I bought Sin City, came home, had a couple of celebratory drinks, and watched it. Yeehaw
  4. yeah, you do pay a monthly fee, like 15 a month. I'm usually on at least an hour a night, sometimes more if i'm close to leveling up, lol. It is a fun game, though @Suvo: what server you play on?
  5. i think you'll have to use the version 1.46 w/ loader to play those in Kawaks As for your 2nd post, do you mean all KOF games,hacks included, or just the main game sets?
  6. I'm with Agozer on this one. I recognize people by their nicknames, and if lots of people start changing them up on an every other day basis or so, it's going to be pretty confusing at times for many people.
  7. Right now, and for the past 7 years, i've been running a large saw at a steel building manufacturing company. I cut I-beams and other items into workable parts for our fitters and welders. I can do pretty much any other position up there as well, but "saw man" is my main job. My dream job used to be to play professional soccer for a European club, but those got dashed a while back due to my knees, and not being able to play soccer on a college team. Currently though, my dream job would just be something possibly in computer graphics, like the CG stuff for movies
  8. not the first time i've heard about something like this, and it probably won't be the last. I can play WoW for 5 or 6 hours at a time, but for to play any game pretty much two days is rediculous.
  9. well enough said, really I'll help people whenever i can, as long as they are at least reasonably polite with it. Many members here have helped me with questions and such that I have had here, so I feel it's only fair to help pass along that kindness.
  10. I just got it a couple of weeks ago, just wondered if any one else here plays it...if anyone's on the Aggramar realm, lemme know
  11. Maybe you mean the Hyper NeoGeo Samurai Shodown 64? If thats the case, it does need the hyper NG64 bios, but the game is still not playable.
  12. hmmm, sending a human into Uranus would definately not be cool, lol Maybe it's the mythical Planet X, and now that we've discovered it, it's inhabitants are going to send Gihidrah or Mechagodzilla down to ravage Tokyo!
  13. I liked it, even if it was sorta random in places, but half the mod music I have is like that. 7/10
  14. Very cool and inspirational story. Seems he is pretty proficient at fighters, I wonder how he handles driving games?
  15. ditto to that. The first one was great, and I doubt this one is anything less.
  16. and if you're wanting to play MSH w/ multiplayer, why not just use Nebula or Kawaks of FBA?
  17. besides, if that WAS Gamecop, in the 70's, that would make him around....50 at least! lol
  18. It occurred to me while at work today, but that 1st pic GC put up, he kinda looks like Disco Stu from the Simpsons
  19. I kept hearing that the Rock was possibly going to play in a third installment of the Conan saga, but that was a while back, and dunno where that still stands. But as for him playin in Doom, there's probably not too many others really suited or that were willing to do it. Took them long enough to finally make the movie though.
  20. nope, can't see much similarity there.
  21. No, the ladies don't come to me, in truth, and at this point in my life, i'm not really ready for any to do so, lol. Maybe once my head is clear of my divorce and such.
  22. maybe 10-20%, for various reasons
  23. Sounds like your romset may not be in line with the version of MAME you are using. You can either do what Gryph suggested, in trying another emulator, or use Clrmame and verify the roms.
  24. Maybe Bruce Willis, although he's quite varied in what he does anymore, or Wesley Snipes?
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