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  1. Hilarious I wish I could have seen the face of the delivery boy stuck with that order
  2. I dun know why but ive always had it in for 3d fighting games. Just feels wrong for some reason. I always feel like i need a shower after i play one. Guess its cause i Grew up on 2d fighters.
  3. I could never realy get into soul caliber for some reason. I have the dame problem with all 3d fighting games though.
  4. My favorites 1.KoF 96 / Street Fighter 2 (its a tie) 2.Samurai showdown 3.Samurai Showdown 3 4.Mortal Combat (the arcade version) Thats all of em really.
  5. Hi everyone this is my first post. Just wanted to introduce myself. Thanks Btw just saw the intruductory fourm sorry
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