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  1. Its canon, takes place six years after MGS3. Looks amazing. It will be THE reason I'll own a PSP.
  2. I am a Metal Gear Solid whore. The PS3 has MGS4. MGS4 looks mind-blowing. ... I hate Kojima.
  3. My home is my fort, not really a going out/travelling type person.
  4. A little of both. Messy but not too messy cuz I don't want my mom cleaning up.
  5. Visually I think its solid, reminds me of Disney for some reason. Gameplay-wise it is way too early to call. I'm hoping for the best, while expecting the worst.
  6. Great review man. I was just wondering how much better it was than SH3, cuz I didn't like that one much. The oomph factor wore off pretty quick and a few hours into the game I got real bored and was just playing for completion. I was blown away by the facial design/animation of the characters though, simply amazing. Oh and Heather had a real nice personality. The gameplay is what let me down (the battle system in particluar). So anyway, I wanted to know how similar SH2 was in quality to 3? Worth getting or not if I didn't 3 in other words.
  7. Great review. I got the game a couple of days back and was blown away, I'll be giving it some serious time soon (have to finish a game I started before this).
  8. I didn't reply cuz I wanted to check for a day or two, well, it seems to be working fine now. The only explanation I can think of is that a few days back I scanned my system with the program a-squared and took out about 8 malware files from my computer. After that I went to the Blitz something site and removed my ip from the black list. If that is in fact what helped me then the effect wasn't instant, you have to wait a few days.
  9. I talked to them again and they said that they do no such thing, not to mention they can't because they are using a Linux based system.
  10. I get: Any idea how I can remedy the situation?
  11. Sup, Everything ran just fine for months but now all of a sudden I get banned from most servers (most importantly Rizon) because they say they have detected an Open Proxy. There is no Proxy set on my PC (its set on auto in the setting) and my IPS says they don't use any either. So overall, I haven't the foggiest what to do. Please help.
  12. If I turn off the Windows Updates will that bring any harm to my OS or will it still run fine?
  13. I haven't played it so I wouldn't know (I avoided Rebout, Neo Wave and MI). It has an anime intro? How long is it and how's the quality? Anyways, I still doubt its just an intro b/c no such atmosphere revolved around the Rebout intro (which accordhing to you is an anime cutscene, and not a slideshow like almost all the rest of the KOFs). Another thing is that Maximum Impact wasn't a solid game and wasn't a hit by any means so spending so much on the intro would be a stupid business decision. On the other hand, when it comes to Rebout I read that the Japanese have been longing for a 94 port for a very long time because there was no home port for it.
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