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  1. i remembered when fatal was a more active poster but i don't know if that counts me as alumni lol that sucks
  2. Repulsor blast=================== I really hope this movie is good cause im hyped for it. what you guys think?
  3. Strange enough im not excited about this one, it doesn't have the system shock feel for obvious reasons but play it yes, excited no Fallout 3 = Excited
  4. Every nation that has reached a historical peak will eventually collapse. England, greece, babylon, the moon. Our greatest grandchildren will read america in their history books as a great nation that fell over its excess or something like that Hey maybe we would have new america as a replacement by some revolt, half the calories same great taste.
  5. Nothing and Everything Everyone is a failure in one way or another but not by choice, a person could have everything from good grades and be the top in everything but in order to achieve this he sacrivices his social life and is an outcast, he belives he is a failure in life socially or vice versa. From little things like lack of coordination, public heckling, peer pressure, to thing that make us lose self control, all sins and vices. We as humans believe that what we fail at is okay, that we did not fail, that the thing we cannot even sufficiently do, is okay because we are better at something else and that what counts, granted there is basis in this, the fact is we fail in life generally in one thing or another and if we payed attention to out failures more people would be commiting suicide. its human nature. Failure in wikipedia means "In general, failure refers to the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective. It may be viewed as the opposite of success." its not laziness, lack of faith or other people its general life. So failure is not something that can be lead to, it just is. or is simple terms (Existing = Uncontrollable failure) and my ranting is a failure so there another one on my list of things
  6. yeah i know there new units but they dont feel like protoss units except for those warp rays http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3159659 video fmv http://www.gametrailers.com/umwatcher.php?id=66520 gameplay low res http://www.starcraft2.com/ site sorta live
  7. ans- Aoshi shinomori from ruroni kenshin anime the consistincy of the pics are weird but i think seeing it in action would change my mind. is it me or the protoss looking a bit different http://media.pc.ign.com/media/850/850126/imgs_1.html ign shots
  8. Damn beat me to it. well it looks .................intresting still no diablo 3, should see the guys cry at diablo3.com forums lol i would of kinda of prefered an mmo than a rts but hey starcraft was pretty good. hope it doesnt turn out forgettable like tiberean wars, i work with an internet cafe and they dont even touch that game.
  9. Tekken 6 (low quality) vid for those who found streaming not working n stuff heres a link I hope the shotgun is just a development idea, i mean come on!!
  10. pulled off for "unprofessionalism" man that kinda sucks, its true he may have had set a certain tone for the review but he was being truthful and i could have related to shat service by a subscription system. i wonder, if gametap is so broken then how is it not bankrupt yet? is it true it has games like bg&e and splinter cell, but isnt it like you download a piece and the run the rest on the net im not to sure but if so that is shat. Basically gametap is xbox live arcade without the xbox and broken lol but legal well the publicity would do some good, hope to here from gryphs review, is he going to do the same $1 trial?
  11. TEkken 6 i know vf5 still pwns but this new tekken looks intresting though leo looks kind of a rip off of a certain someone warp effects look nice. Still not as impressive as namco initially lead us to believe. but still worth a look the site has a vid and pics
  12. Large HD small well this is intresting check it out, johnny gets owned wow i havn't been here in a while oh well!!!
  13. A movie i actually have hope to see, unlike the bs that was x3. i just hope sam raimi can maintain the story with so many additional characters added something hard to do when directors usually nerf things, but from the runthrough of the movie i saw on a spoiler forum i expect very good things.
  14. wow this is great news loved this game, im questioning the shots of the bottom screen though looks sort of a ds shafted type game, i hope its a work in progress shot or its more descriptive than some dots........... I know its due to licsensing issues but i wished i could of also been teamed with namco as well that would truely be awsome
  15. Hmm makes me wanna actually wanna buy a ds now just hope its sleek looking and very comfy
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