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  1. Thanks for all the help everyone... Samurai Shodown 5 Special now works! Anyone able to help on the CRC problems for SVC Chaos etc?
  2. OK... I've added the uni-bios to neogeo.zip. CRC and files within neogeo.zip as follows: e09e253c 000-lo.lo d27a71f1 aes-bios.bin 91b64be3 asia-s3.rom 698ebb7d neodebug.rom 354029fc sfix.sfx 97cf998b sm1.sm1 2723a5b5 sp-e.sp1 acede59c sp-j2.rom c7f2fa45 sp-s.sp1 9036d879 sp-s2.sp1 9fb0abe4 sp1.jipan.1024 0ce453a0 uni-bios.10 5dda0d84 uni-bios.11 4fa698e9 uni-bios.12 b24b44a0 uni-bios.13 0c12c2ad uni-bios.20 e72943de usa_2slt.bin f0e8f27d vs-bios.rom Then I've added James' code into src/machine/neogeo.c, and did a fresh compile. There were no errors during compilation or emulation startup, but it is still hanging at the warning text screen. The contents of my samsh5sp.zip as follows: 4f97661a 272-c1.bin a3afda4f 272-c2.bin 8c3c7502 272-c3.bin 32d5e2e2 272-c4.bin 6ce085bc 272-c5.bin 05c8dc8e 272-c6.bin 1417b742 272-c7.bin d49773cd 272-c8.bin adeebf40 272-m1.bin 3ca75c37 272-m1d.bin 9291794d 272-p1.bin fa1a7dd8 272-p2.bin 76a94127 272-v1.bin 4ba507f1 272-v2.bin 354029fc sfix.sfx What else is left to try out?
  3. I've changed the driver to match what James has pasted above, and recompiled. Samurai Shodown 5 Special loads without errors, but it still hangs at the red warning text screen. So is it that m1d ROM that's causing the problem or something else in my edited version of the driver? I can upload my XMame binary if it can be used to diagnose the problem...
  4. My 272-m1d.bin is 524288 bytes with CRC 3ca75c37 and SHA1 is b4e288d3e22f37d22d523f3c86baebacb46a4dcc
  5. Another problem I am having is that Samurai Shodown 5 Special is not working even though my ROM sets have matching CRCs to the source and there were no errors occurred during compilation. For Samurai Shodown 5 Special, it would get to warning screen with red text before it stops loading. My neogeo.c file is uploaded here if someone is kind enough to point out where I made a mistake? Update: it seems although my 272-m1d.bin has the same CRC as the source, it has a different SHA1 (mine is b4e288d3e22f37d22d523f3c86baebacb46a4dcc). I tried changing the source to this SHA1, then recompiled, but it was reporting a warning about (expected 00020000, but found at 00080000) or something along those lines...
  6. OK... I gotten the updated ROMsets, but a few still does not match to the MAME drivers, anyone know of the patches to fix them? svcchaos current => driver 269-m1.bin 7d337756 => f6819d00 samsho5 270-v1.bin 7541763a => 62e434eb 270-v2.bin 4e6e7d98 => 180f3c9a 270-m1.bin ??? (not available in the sets I downloaded, only has decrypted m1 - which has matching CRC... is this converted / split from some other file?)
  7. Thanks for that... now it shows up as required. After digging through my CD archives, the CRCs of ROMs that I have are vastly different to those loaded on the drivers. Any pointers as to how I can fix them to the required CRCs?
  8. I have modified the neogeo.c driver to include "additional" games such as Samurai Shodown 5, KOF 2002 etc. using the info detailed in the sticky topic and on neosource.1emuatlion.com When I compiled the latest XMame source on my Linux laptop (running Fedora Core 3), there were no errors reported (at least after changing the int i=0 declaration so that it is outside the for loop as it was a feature of CC99 or something along those lines). When I run the XMame binary to list the games available, it does not show these games as available? (I don't have the ROMs for these so I can't test whether it works or not, but other games that appear on the gamelist works fine) Can someone enlighten me as to what I am doing wrong? For information, this was a fresh build as I did my emulation gaming on Windows.
  9. I have tried those patches and I am still unable to get them to match the CRCs required using James's build of Mame32... SVC ==== 269-p1.bin (0e2b56e0) This is the last rom I am missing... please help by posting here or PM!
  10. I downloaded Mame32 0.79.1.b (a build compiled by James from this forum) and downloaded the roms, but SVC still fails the audit check because of these 3 roms: SVC ------ 269-p1.bin (expecting 0e2b56e0) 269-m1d.bin (expecting 7f01dac5) SVC Plus ----------- 269p-p1.bin (expecting 2a2516de) I read over half of the SVC thread (the one with 93 pages last time I checked) and points to these roms being fixed back in November 2003. I visited IRC (#legacyofroms and #romshare on newnet, as well as a few of those Chinese sites (emucn, emu-zone) but it doesn't have these roms or don't seem to let me download anything... I tried registering on those site's forums but for some reason it keeps saying one of the fields I filled in is invalid (tried different email addresses and it still failed) Please point me in the right direction to get the above roms with these CRCs.
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