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  1. Looks like I am late to the party the links are dead
  2. No mate it does not mean jack sorry. Oh well, I feel so unloved now
  3. Well I am still around if that matters...............
  4. MAME going down the pooper? http://mamedev.emulab.it/haze/2011/05/12/p...cal-roadblocks/
  5. Great news, hope all the best for you all.....
  6. All has been sold already and will be picked up this Saturday, thats if I get payment. Anyway there should be another console here.
  7. That one sadly was an ex-rental.. But it does work fine and i played it for a bit before packing it up.. seems to be a pretty good game
  8. Even though Majora's Mask was second hand when I got it, it had never been opened, I have only tried it once to make sure was it was working. I think it has never been used because they did not have the expansion pak..... The box is worse for wear but that is because of me.
  9. Could be the The Zelda Guide? I am not sure, The N64 stuff seems to sell well here in Australia and even the SNES. There must be some rare carts among those I have.. Going by the box for the Zelda "majora's mask: the gold cart are limited edition. I keep looking at this and keep thinking this could not be worth $400, It must be worth it to some people.. One keen collector.... All this is PAL version....
  10. The Zelda Guide had a bit of intrest, someone wanted to give $25 for it.... There is two carts for the "Ocarina of Time", only the gold edtions though. Shame there is no boxes for them....
  11. Thanks AkihiroZi.. The bids are up to $385, I did not expect the bids to get that high....
  12. Wow people here must be very shy these days
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