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  1. Helena from DOA. <3 I dont even like blondes! Still part of me wishes SNK would just make Ash Crimson were a girl............uhhhhhh
  2. Ive been up to...........alot of nothing. (aside from working and playing guitar) ...im surprised to see you guys still here. Just thought id come back for a bit. Ive missed you guys. as for the old Madi...well i ate him.
  3. Oh come on, dont be so harsh on good ol' Fatal. Though id never highlight my hair lol.
  4. Hey guys long time, no see. Heres the most recent pic........i look like crap in it. Oh well.
  5. Those phone are flipping huge and ugly XD *hugs new LG phone with 3G internet*
  6. Madi

    Christmas shopping.

    Needless to say, everyone got cds.and whats up with FYE they completly suck when it comes to prices. I went to best buy and got some decent deals. ah well atleast my christmas shopping is done. aside from a few starbucks gift cards
  7. I just made one :S and posted a new blog . Sweet beans. wait....ugh.
  8. Hmm well its been quite awhile since ive been here. I ve been gone for like 9 months or so :S The blogs are pretty damn cool if i have to say. Theres a bunch of stuff ive been up to and ive only had till now to come back and visit for a bit. During my absense theres been alot of change. I no longer play video games 24-7.......much less can i stay entertained with one for muhc more than 30 min. (Yes, i can no longer play Halo for more than 10 min at a time without being bored.) Safe to say the only thing i can really play is Guitar Hero. Now theres a game! Sadly, i do not own a ps2, and im sti
  9. Learn every Trivium solo and get my first job
  10. Thanks, im still much alive.... Dont come here as often as i used to though
  11. 1.MK1+2 2.Yoshis Island 3.Power Rangers ( lol i liked it ) 4.Street Fighter 2 5.Bomberman
  12. Great idea, but from the pics ive seen of it, it doesnt look good, graphics-wise
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