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  1. Well, the protections (bankswitch, bitswap, sma rom) are different, but game-play-wise, there are no diffs.
  2. Yeah, it's got spots where it creeps, but that does help you a little
  3. It shouldn't matter. I can run pal and ntsc games using the US. bios.
  4. Yeah, hopefully someone will work on the progear code
  5. Gamecube games... and lots of them. If you look at emutalk.net there should be a rather large list of compatible games.
  6. The uxtheme bug on win2k is still not fixed...
  7. Great to see an emu author working so hard on a project This will definitely be my choice of Nes emus the next time I want to play some mario bros
  8. Let the dog bite you. Then sue the biatch for all she's got.
  9. lol, this is the dumbest/awesomest thing I've ever seen
  10. Happy new year Just woke up -- 2 in the afternoon What a night!
  11. I resolve to not resolve anything
  12. It might be... we'll see as soon as the roms for it are actually available.
  13. That is after a UN spokeperson make a remark that US is stingy and slow when coming to people's aid. My personal opinion is US government is stingy and slow. But not the people of USA. I known few who really goes all out to help needy people. And Americans are always the most willing ones Meh. The US stingy? Let's see france or germany or russia pony up 35mil.
  14. There has been actual footage of the waves hitting being shown on news stations here (Michigan, USA). Btw, think about this: 6,000,000,000 (6 billion) people on earth 150,000 people killed in the tsunami 1 out of every 40,000 (1/40,000) persons on this planet were killed by one (basically) wave.
  15. Akuma & shin akuma Violent Ken and crazy Iori are pretty nuts too.
  16. Purpose of life: 1. Survive 2. Reproduce 3. Repeat 1 & 2
  17. Without a doubt. If the system is emulated LLE and not HLE, you're going to need quite a bit of pc power to handle it.
  18. Yup. You can do lots of stuff with it. There's even a program that let's you use it like another hdd. *edit* Here's a great site with gmail infos, news, and links to programs for gmail http://www.gmailusers.com/
  19. I have a few invites left as well... If you want one, you know what to do.
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