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  1. Actually, that code doesn't contain the new changes, like support for the neopcm2_v2 encrypted Vs or for the correct dumps of mslug5, svcchaos, etc.
  2. Yeah, I am, but it seems big N is being as tight-lipped as usual, so there aren't nearly as many details as there are for the ps3 and xbox2.
  3. /me waits patiently for the Dreamcast 2... and cries a little
  4. My roomie just got this for his birthday. The first thing I thought when i saw it was "When did the Japanese start dropping acid?" Seriously, Namco went very different with this one, but it honestly isn't a bad game at all. Very entertaining and difficult.
  5. Thanks aqua My crcs are all the same as yours. *edit* Here's fataku's neo-pcm2 source: // © PLAYMORE 2002 20-09-2004 static void neo_pcm2_playmore_2002(int value) { //kof2002,matrimelee,mslug5 (pcb and mvs),samsho5,svcchaos (pcb and mvs),kof2003 (pcb and mvs),samsh5sp (mvs and aes) //offset,xor address unsigned int addrs[7][2]={ {0x000000,0xA5000}, //kof2002 {0xFFCE20,0x01000}, //matrimelee {0xFE2CF6,0x4E001}, //mslug5 {0xFEB2C0,0x0A000}, //samsho5 {0xFFAC28,0xC2000}, //svcchaos {0x000000,0x00000}, //kof2003 {0xFFB440,0x02000}, //samsh5sp }; unsigned int xordata[7][8]={ {0xF9,0xE0,0x5D,0xF3,0xEA,0x92,0xBE,0xEF}, //kof2002 {0xC4,0x83,0xA8,0x5F,0x21,0x27,0x64,0xAF}, //matrimelee {0xC3,0xFD,0x81,0xAC,0x6D,0xE7,0xBF,0x9E}, //mslug5 {0xCB,0x29,0x7D,0x43,0xD2,0x3A,0xC2,0xB4}, //samsho5 {0xC3,0xFD,0x81,0xAC,0x6D,0xE7,0xBF,0x9E}, //svcchaos {0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00}, //kof2003 {0x4B,0xA4,0x63,0x46,0xF0,0x91,0xEA,0x62}, //samsh5sp }; UINT8 *src = memory_region(REGION_SOUND1); UINT8 *buf = malloc(0x1000000); int i, j, d; memcpy(buf,src,0x1000000); for (i=0;i<0x1000000;i++){ j=BITSWAP24(i,23,22,21,20,19,18,17,0,15,14,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,16); j=j^addrs[value][1]; d=((i+addrs[value][0])&0xffffff); src[j]=buf[d]^xordata[value][j&0x7]; } free(buf); }
  6. Yup, those are the ones you want to use. Just byteswap the kawaks v2 and v4 and you should be able to get those. I already tried it though. I got the right v2 (8mb), but not the right v1 (8mb) (which I'm assuming is watermarked) Aqua, I would still be appreciative if you could post one of those encryption programs for matrim, mslug5, and samsho5
  7. I'd like to second that James Great work aqua
  8. Aquasync, looks like someone already beat you http://www52.tok2.com/home/foge/src/neopcm2v2_decrypt.c
  9. Aquasync, I just found out (from a fairly reliable source), that the decrypted svcchaos Vs your program produces are the correct ones No watermark, correct CRCs
  10. I think you can only attach stuff if you're a premium member (100+ posts)
  11. Well, I can tell you the legalities of hacked roms Hacked roms still contain copyrighted from actual game companies. It's like stealing an already stolen bike. Yes, the bike still belongs to the original person it was stolen from. I do agree with GC that patches are a bit iffy. It's hard to know if a byte or two difference is really considered a copyright violation. I can't imagine that it is, especially since it can be applied to pretty much any file.
  12. I've been told that svcchaos' V roms are watermarked somehow, so I'm betting the one that you produced is actually the correct one (or at least more correct that the current a81da99a one.
  13. Samsho5 neopcm2_detect2 270 2 2 detecting data xor: decrypted: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 124521 124891 125343 125197 125077 125147 125423 125757 2 08 08 08 08 08 08 08 08 121748 122116 121870 121918 121917 121895 121691 121978 encrypted: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 a9 4b c3 fd ba 52 34 42 89970 89702 90012 90308 89952 89776 89483 89380 2 21 c3 4b 75 32 da bc ca 85547 85434 85612 85570 85266 85088 84517 84353 data xors: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 29 cb 43 7d 3a d2 b4 c2 2 29 cb 43 7d 3a d2 b4 c2 detecting shift (this may take a while): searching
  14. yeah. It gets to the "search" part. I let it run for about 20 minutes... Do you think it should take that long?
  15. Here's a patch from: 269-v1d.bin dab37bef 8388608 269-v2d.bin 7b3e9487 8388608 to 269-v1d.bin a81da99a 8388608 269-v2d.bin a8dd6446 8388608 Edit I'm still having the same problem with mslug5 it gets to the same point and then goes and goes... How long should this take? (I have a p4, 2.4ghz)
  16. Well... I think some of them were written by Fataku (he's peruvian) and odds are that the others were written by people from EGCG or someone "in the know." I'll edit this soon with the info you want
  17. Here are the results for svcchaos's Vs. (It never finished the shift detection though I left it running for an hour!) btw, here's a program that was made to convert svcchaos's V roms
  18. I tried both of those sets and have gotten nothing. The program loads, writes a 0 byte.txt and then just hangs. Am I not waiting long enough? I've heard that the decrypted Vs of these new sets are watermarked, so you may not get exactly the same decrypted Vs that you're looking for. I'm guessing (odds are that I am wrong) that is the reason why the program doesn't work. btw. I'm sure you know this, but there are two versions of the neo-pcm2. One is the 1999, SNK one (which is used by rotd, mslug4, and pnyaa) and the other is the 2002, Playmore one (which is used by kof2002, kof2003, svcchaos, mslug5, samsho5, and samsho5sp).
  19. Hey man, here's a program that converts kof2002's V roms. Maybe reverse engineering this will help you understand the neo-pcm2 chip a little more.
  20. Why did you re-add that link? Are you trying to get banned?? @DragonKeeper -- I'll see if I can figure out the problem. *edit* Here's a fixed page (I forgot to add a few things ) http://www.freepgs.com/iq_132/pages/games/...003/e_ct2k3.htm
  21. I think someone from the egcg or one of that group's friends made those programs. Btw, could you please post your sources for this?
  22. Mr. X. I think he meant the code for cthd2003 not kf2k4se Here's the easy cthd2003 code dragon. There's no need to edit any other file than d_neogeo.cpp http://www.freepgs.com/iq_132/pages/games/...2003_altsrc.txt
  23. It's a very nicely done hack Better than cthd2003 IMO.
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