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  1. You might try this forum... http://forums.maxconsole.com/forumdisplay.php?forumid=17
  2. Wow... nice to be flamed by someone who is very very uninformed. If you had read my post correctly, you would see a few things. 1. Yes, there are modchips which allow you to run backups 2. Yes, the Gamecube CAN RUN DVD BACKUPS. 3. I was simply stating that it does not like dvd-r, it does, however, like dvd+r. BTW, I would really really suggest that "u actully read" before you say something like this again. Idiot.
  3. Woo hoo! I successfully modded it (with help from my boss)! The only problem with it is that it doesn't play dvd-r backups (DVD+rs only). Not really a problem, +rs are cheaper here anyway, and I have a +/- burner.
  4. I'm sure it will be If not, it's still fun to piss off my ISP by downloading 40 or 50 gb of *cough* items *cough*
  5. Let her go. The parents only want her kept alive because "She might come out of it someday" I honestly think that keeping her alive is very cruel. She has no quality of living, if she does wake up, everything in her life will have changed.
  6. I ordered a Viper chip last week. Hopefully it's here soon
  7. I'm expecting to live into my 90s... that is if heart disease, diabetes, or cancer doesn't get me first.
  8. DS. I like Nintendo products a lot more than Sony products mostly for the fact that you can throw a Nintendo product out a 3rd story window and it will still work. Look at a ps2 wrong and it stops working...
  9. lol, at least it's a better hack than some of the other ones out there. I know it's very interesting to someone who's actually interested in coding for neogeo games.
  10. My guess is that he's using the xxx.m1.bin's and not the xxx-m1d.bin's. That's the usual cause of z80 errors.
  11. Yeah, I've heard on irc that bdiamond was going to release a version of fba-xxx. I also heard him and Jan talking about not releasing the sources of it.
  12. Yes. The kawaks dev set is quite wrong. The Cs should not be decrypted, they should encrypted similarly to the svcchaos Cs. It uses a decrypted V, not the proper encrypted V The M1d is definitely wrong. Also, they were talking about roms you can use in a loader. If you don't know the fix number, you can't run a game with an encrypted P in Nebula/Kawaks.
  13. yes you can... using nebula.. Actually, not the proper kof2003 set. So, no. You can't.
  14. Bootlegs do not usually have full transparency effects, like I said. They get as much transparency as they can from having a 128k S1 You may find hacked bootleg S1's on the net with the transparency data added, but I can almost assure you that these are not from original boards. btw, I thought of another example of a bootleg having more than 128k -- cthd2k3sp: it has 256k
  15. Afaik there are no bootlegs that use 512k S roms. It is much cheaper to use a 128k rom chip than a 512k one. If you see a bootleg dump using a 512k rom, most likeley it has been hacked to use 512. Kof10th is an interesting exception of all the above, but it does not use a 512k chip. It uses an 8mb P rom with two banks of S data stored in it.
  16. Lmao! Never play with guns... now get me to the hospital
  17. Lmao. Looks like my driver is a big hit, huh James?
  18. Looks a bit hard to read to me.
  19. /me tells Gamecop he should probably stop Moo-ing
  20. Lmao! You could really sum this up in two words: "Wisconsin Man"
  21. Message me some time on msn james I've got it going in-game (it's ugly though ) http://www.freepgs.com/iq_132/kf10/
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