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  1. Hi all. I am using the newest version of this emu, and I was curious as to how closely it runs speed-wise to a real snes? Someone was telling me the speed is way off, but I figured I would ask the experts.
  2. Hi everyone. I have recently been updating my romsets for xboyadvance, and I have ran into some issues with a few certain roms. A couple would be Bleach Advance, and Super Robot Taisen Original Generation 1+2. After downloading as many versions of the roms as I could, I still can't get them to run on the latest version of XBoyadvance. Is there anything I should do to get them to run, or am I out of luck? Someone on another forum told me changing the rom names helps, but I guess I don't see how. Thanks in advance.
  3. It's a Dynamo cab..for that price you could get a really nice Egret II or an Astro City and have a cab that will actually be worth the price.
  4. I went to the midnight showing, and have watched it three times since. I do LOVE this movie, and I would put it second only to ESB. The main highlights for me were the Jedi Starfighter battle at the beginning, and seeing the tie influence in the design. I also liked hearing "lock x-foils in attack positions" again..it took me back. The lightsaber battles were incredible, I do, however, wish the space and ground battle sequences would have been a bit longer. I am hoping that all the extra footage that was cut will land in the DVD. I also really liked all the clone variations...especially Commander Gree on Kashyyyk, the camo design and the helmet were awesome. So much to like in my opinion. The downside for me was that Vader was only shown in the suit for a short period...but I did like how they showed that Darth Vader came before the suit itself. I had many arguments with people before the film came out saying that he's Anakin until they put his body in the suit, but in all actuallity, he is officially dubbed Darth Vader when he chooses to be Sidious' apprentice. That is something I liked a lot. Seeing Darth Vader before he was more machine than man, but was still twisted and evil. All in all..very, very good.
  5. Being a shooter fanatic, I will list my personal faves by company.. Cave: -ESP Ra.De.-Easily Cave's best work, and Joker Jun's best artwork. The scoring system is awesome and adds a ton of challenge to the game. The gameplay is incredible, as is having three seperate shooting options. -Progear No Arashi-Another Joker Jun masterpiece. Though the scoring system is extremely delicate, and a pain to master, it's still somewhat easy to pick up on. The main reason this game is great, other than the obvious, is because there is a lot of character in the designs. Your bosses and their ships are also named too, something I think is great. Get the board of this game if you like it as much as I do. Emulated versions have incorrect speed and have more or less slowdown in areas the real arcade version does. Also, get the green Japan board as it has all the voices that the blue american board lacks. -MushihimeSama-Graphically insane. Though it is very similar to ESPGaluda at times, it still kicks some major tail, especially in Ultra Mode where there are more bullets on screen than any other shooter. -Dodonpachi Dai Ou Jou- This shooter is the definition of difficult and beautiful. More of Joker Jun all over this one. Even though the graphics are prerendered in some places, it is still incredible. The black label version of the game which is INCREDIBLY rare, improves on the B-Type shotia. If anyone here has played it, I would like some impressions on the upgrades. Psikyo: -Strikers 1945 II- Bring it. WWII-esque designs with some over the top transforming mecha bosses. No brainer here. -Dragon Blaze- Recently released on PS2 for anyone who cares. Psikyo's best game. Skip it on mame, there are graphic and sound glitches. I own the PCB and there is quite a difference in speed and background animation/clarity. -Zero Gunner 2- Naomi title available for Dreamcast. This is a must-have game imo. The unique control and the incredible graphics make this one of my top-five of all time. Raizing/8ing: -Dimahoo- Another no-brainer. I got the full cps-2 kit brand new for $190 two years ago and I still play the holy crap out of it. Unlock the bonus characters from Batrider and Mahou and it's even more fun. -Armed Police Batrider-Probably Raizing's best..18 selectable characters and the most unlockables/secrets of ANY shooter. Incredibly fun. -Soukyugurentai-Raizing outdid themselves with this title. Get it on Sega Saturn and find out why. Excellent difficulty, great gameplay and an awesome lock-on subweapon system. Takumi: -Giga Wing 2- "Go for the gazillion score!" That is what the promo flyer that came with my Naomi kit of this game said. More manic than manic and with beautiful graphics and an amazing soundtrack. If you can't get the Naomi GD rom get the import DC version as the US release lacks the voices. -Mars Matrix- Hard. Very Hard. The way shooters should be. I have this on CPS2 and DC, the CPS2 version lacks some of the unlockables/bonus features the DC version does, but the CPS2 board is full screen. Takumi's best game. Period. Those are my current faves. Along with Raiden fighters Jet..which I forgot to mention.
  6. Any luck getting the code for Raiden Fighters 2 working?
  7. You may need to give it a minute, the pcb has a black screen when you boot up for what seems like 5 minutes.
  8. Any chance of a cpu speed option similar to fba-xxx?
  9. I don't make requests very often, but I have one. Would it be possible to add the SPI update from the newest mame source? It decrypts the Raiden Fighters 2 graphics!! If it's not possible, it's all cool. Thanks for all of your hard work!
  10. Excellent work! Can't wait to try it out.
  11. Have a relaxing break, you deserve it.
  12. How exactly do you run your xbox in a 2 slot mvs cab?
  13. Almost exactly like it does on FBA-XXX..and Mameox. Actually..the FBA-XXX version and the Kawa version look almost identical. If you have an arcade cab why not get the pcb? Then you can play it in all of it's glory with no slowdown or lag..and the color will look awesome on the monitor..what kind of monitor do you have? Hantarex, WG?? What kind of stick/buttons does it use??
  14. for what? Mr. X already told you what to do if you want the game to run <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah..it's beyond easy to do..basically...just rename the roms in progear to match the roms in mighty pang...then rename the progear zip file to mpangj..and that's it. It took me all of five minutes.. btw Mr. X..I noticed that the sound effect of the coins/gems being leeched is missing..would that have to do with the two extra sims you have to rename in the progear file??
  15. I got it running in Kawa-X...now this is how Progear should run
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