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  1. http://www.engadget.com/2008/02/29/worst-p...he-got-an-xbox/ That's just plain wrong, lemme tell you.
  2. Because people get DSs for each person in their family, as opposed to 1 per house.
  3. He already said that he didn't need a recording program, he needs a video editing program.
  4. You weren't very specific. www.google.com Search for "video editing"
  5. Pbbbbbbt, that's for wimps. I named my 360 the "Living Legend" because it survive thefirst ban wave on old non-stealth firmware, and it'll survive any upcoming bans with whatever firmware I decided is good.
  6. Yeah, just get a MAME cab, and if there are any problems, sell the mame cab and worry about finding a real SFIII cabinet then. Edit: http://cgi.ebay.com/Street-Fighter-III-3rd...1QQcmdZViewItem I still say that you should go with the MAME cabinet.
  7. It's a very resource demanding codec that allows better compression at lower filesizes. A video encoded to H264 will probably be half the size of an XviD encoded video with similar settings.
  8. http://www.fraps.com/ First result on Google.
  9. I've only ever burned at 4x (slow drive/discs) but I hear 8x is fine. Make sure you use top quality media like Verbatim or Maxell. You'll have problems with other media, and if you're using an LG drive, you need to change the bit type or sommat to DVD ROM from whatever it is to start with. edit: I somehow thought you meant burning, my bad. For reading, any speed is fine.
  10. They only detect the backups. The bans that you heard about were caused by bad backups that were released on the "scene." As for tutorials, I'll probably write a short tutorial for the MS25 drive for people who don't want to spend hours reading some other tutorial. This tutorial will assume 2 things though: That you know how to open your 360, and that you're not a computer retard.
  11. The good games thread, eh? Assassin's Creed is a good game.
  12. The only reason I can think of for why the Wii could be outsold by the PS3 is that everyone in Japan already owns a Wii. (Which is probably true)
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