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  1. it is possible that even when you can flash it you can then revert it to the factory firmware and as long as the console is offline there is no way to get it banned
  2. wow man i havent been around that much either but i am glad to see you in the forums once again, hope to see you again and again, I don't know if i am the appropriate person to say this but welcome back again
  3. well that is more less widely known and it is not stallone alone, maybe i am wrong but as far as i know that stuff screws your body, your liver i think and may cause sexual disfunction, too bad for them....
  4. I would say good luck but you don´t need it, luck is for loosers, I am confident you will succeed and be back again anytime soon, take it easy pal and don´t miss us
  5. It's not a cash in. How does it look like a cash in? since no one is going to read the damn book, i´ll tell you why, rambo dies so there shouldnt be a part 2,3, etc, The book was on the action genre but also treated some themes in depth, it is the story of a guy who comes back from war and everyone treats him as scum when he whent to war for his country, trained to be a killing machine and once back in society he cannot adapt himself to that way of life as the only thing he learnt is to kill, wandering all around the country and being kicked out of each single town, till that last time when he decides he will no longer lower his head and accept what others impose to him some little information here, not too much anyway.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Blood_(novel)
  6. really nice picture you girl, you will have your PM box full in no time
  7. cr@p, they ruined the book, the first movie was more or less faithful to the book and was good too, the other movies made the whole thing a joke just read the damn book and leave the crap behind
  8. I am only concerned with media durability and space and will go with anything that offers that to me at a reasonable price, so far, DVD is fine with me another thing that you have to think of is that evertyhing oyu have already uses DVD, so to replace it, you will not only need to get a blu-ray hd-dvd player, but also a drive for your pc, one for your music system, etc, etc, and whenever you want to carry some of your struff with you your friends will need to have that too, I only adopt new media when it becomes widely used and something standard, well, you get my point....
  9. i searched for that post but could not find it, oh well...
  10. Was watching some youtube videos to remember good times and came accross some videos from a game called KOF96 which looks as the normal KOF but with some new graphics, does anyone know if this is a special console version a hacked rom or what?
  11. alt + esc opens the start menu, then you can use the arrow keys to navigate through it, use it in combination with alt+f4, alt+tab and alt+menu entries and you will be able to use your computer without a mouse
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