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  1. Well... I would say a PC game looks way better on a tv than an Xbox game. Expecially since TVs are so low-res. Doom III is going to be very optimised for the xbox. They will probably downsize textures, poly counts, etc. You have to remember that the xbox has very limited ram (yes I know about Virtual memory), but running a lot of stuff off V-mem is much slower than loading it all up into ram.
  2. Yes. PS2 headhunter does exist. I know this for a face. They have it at the local gamestop for $10
  3. If you want to get the encrypted V (the correct one) do a 2 bit swap on the v1d.
  4. lol, hacks are certainly copyrighted The original game itself (be it kof2002, or kof2001 in cthd2003's cast) is most definitely still copyrighted by SNK. The company that hacked the original game certainly violated snk's copyrights in doing so
  5. Hmm.. I'm not sure. It depends if its a patch or not and if the emulator is commercial or GNU. A hack is also a lot different than a front end or a patch in itself. EmuTalk does allow a lot of front end and patches. The best example is for Chankast. I'll get back to you on this since this is the first time I honestly have even payed attention to it at all. PS: That link you posted is considered a front end, I'll review it with my staff members to get the final wordo n it. Ok. I was just wondering, because it offers no features, no additional stuff aside from adding banned games support to kawaks... Also, because of the fact that it hacks the memory address of kawaks to add this "feature"
  6. Are emulator hacks against the rules here too? (I know they are at emutalk...) http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=5501
  7. Hmm... level 4... I can't seem to get past that damn java login
  8. There not the sort of hacks I am talking about. I agree with james. It's one thing to hack a game to make it work on an emulator, it's another thing to add crappy "features" to it and add your signature/watermark/webaddress/etc to it.
  9. No, not unless Razoola decides to add it. ATM, only MAME derivitives, FBA, and Nebula support HqXX filters
  10. I agree I prefer open office to ms office except for it's spreadsheet program
  11. I have a p4 2.4 and I can run doom 3 on High Doom 3 isn't that[/b] cpu intensive.
  12. Same here Agozer. I definitely prefer HQ2x + HQ4x to any other filters.
  13. They are owned by the same person and run off the same servers. As for your problem, I guess the only option for you is to re-register using a different web address. If that doesn't work, send me a PM and I'll see what I can do for you
  14. lol, most likely those games are all the same system and easily added.
  15. It's not emulated. It uses some extra ram and special controls that weren't added to neorage when it was still being coded.
  16. or possibly doing something illegal...
  17. I think this is a great step for 1emulation I do, however, feel that allowing "Premium" members a special section for Illegal material is not the best way to go about things.
  18. I completely agree I also want to say that I respect Admin's decisions. It's their site, they can do whatever the hell they want with it; It's certainly not my place to tell them that their views, opinions, and rules are wrong -- it's like going into someone's house and telling them that the way they run their household isn't the correct way. Anyway, I really do hope that the cassini team gets permission from sega/sammy to do what they're doing (A call to Japan is what? A few dollars?). That would certainly put any legal questions to rest.
  19. Well, I guess this would be a good start... While I see that you weren't talking about modchips, I can see how what you were requesting would inevitibly lead to a discussion about how x-game works with x-modchip and not with y-modchip. If you were being punished for posting about modchips, your post would have been moved the the bin and you'd have been banned. The post was simply deleted to stop any discussions of modchips before they started. I do realize that we are a pretty strict bunch at RS, but please do understand that we are moderating a forum with quite literally thousands of members and that we try our best to make sure our rules apply to everyone.
  20. http://www.emufanatics.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1294
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