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  1. Get the diff update here: http://mamedev.com/source.html
  2. Looks like the S (text) decryption code is simply not functioning.
  3. This "school terrorism" crap is so blown out of proportion. OMG! Little Johnny said "Gun!" He must be a terrorist! Put a turban on him and fry him in the electric chair!
  4. http://www.cnn.com/2005/WORLD/europe/04/19...sday/index.html
  5. LOL, I think the pic is really really is necessary
  6. Maybe you should try XMAME instead of gngeo
  7. /me stabs violence. Remember Kids, just say no to Apple™©®(will sue you for anything).
  8. Actually, it was developed by Nintendo. They used it to emulate Legend of Zelda, Masterquest.
  9. I honestly haven't tried it yet. There's a bug with the Cobra bios that doesn't allow loading of.dol files that big. If this is fixed soon, I'll let you know.
  10. Vigilante 8 is still gawd-aweful slow.
  11. That's because razoola has some ram mapped to the last 1mb of the game (the 8th mb) It won't work in Kawaks 1.45. The P rom is encrypted and needs extra code to get it running. This code is not in Kawaks 1.45. Aside from that, this game does not have an S rom, and the crc of your kf10-C6.bin rom is wrong. Also, most of the offsets you have your roms loaded into are wrong also. System: NEO RomName: kof10th Game: The King of Fighters 10th Anniversary [Program] kf10-p1.bin,0,800000,b1fd0c43,0 [Text] [Z80] kf10-m1.bin,0,20000,f6fab859,0 [Samples] kf10-v1.bin,0,800000,0fc9a58d,0 kf10-v2.bin,800000,800000,b8c475a4,0 [Graphics] kf10-c1a.bin,0,400000,3bbc0364,0 kf10-c1b.bin,1,400000,b5abfc28,0 kf10-c2a.bin,800000,400000,91230075,0 kf10-c2b.bin,800001,400000,6cc4c6e1,0 kf10-c3a.bin,1000000,400000,5b3d4a16,0 kf10-c3b.bin,1000001,400000,9d2bba19,0 kf10-c4a.bin,1800000,400000,c6f3419b,0 kf10-c4b.bin,1800001,400000,5a4050cb,0 kf10-c5a.bin,2000000,400000,a289d1e1,0 kf10-c5b.bin,2000001,400000,404fff02,0 kf10-c6a.bin,2800000,400000,e6494b5d,0 kf10-c6b.bin,2800001,400000,f2ccfc9e,0 kf10-c7a.bin,3000000,400000,be79c5a8,0 kf10-c7b.bin,3000001,400000,3fdb3542,0 kf10-c8a.bin,3800000,400000,a5952ca4,0 kf10-c8b.bin,3800001,400000,661b7a52,0 [System] CartridgeID: 275 GfxCrypt: 0 GfxKey: 0 ButLayout: 9 Fix: 0
  12. Congrats Robbbert Now quit fooling around looking at your congrats thread and do some work
  13. My ds is like Jesus or something, you could drop it in a toilet and it would magically resurrect.
  14. Sooooo fake. Those look like scanned pics pasted into a windows "frame"
  15. Erm... exactly how is this related to Neo-Geo emulation?
  16. PJ64 homepage: pj64.net Release Thread: Emutalk *Edit* Here's the changelog:
  17. I currently own: PC Nintendo DS Gamecube (Modded) Two Dreamcasts A PS2 (broken ) Nintendo 64 I have owned: Sega Genesis Sega CD Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Gameboy (Old School, brick) Starfox game watch Atari 2600 Apple ][ Playstation (old)
  18. Check this guy's sig http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showuser=1946
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