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  1. I'm interested in the rom simply from an emulation point of view. Hopefully this hack has removed the protections and the extra bit of ram that the original hack required. This would likely give us a direction from which to hack the original and make it run in crappy old neorage
  2. As always, get it at http://mamedev.com/
  3. Probably just an ugly-ass jewel...
  4. Those are not public as far as I know. And np Amithraldur
  5. http://www.freepgs.com/iq_132/shared/Amithraldur/Convert.rar Just extract your Cs to a folder with the above program and.bat and then run the.bat
  6. Sheesh... damn pirates. I thought the DS would get pirated before the PSP.
  7. Check a little bit more Mr.x You'll find this: 128k seg1 = kof2002 s1 rom 128k seg2 = rotd s1 rom 128k seg3 = matrimelee s1 rom 128k seg4 = some of the mslug4 s1 rom
  8. It should. Just save the decrypted Cs from kawaks or convert2 and then read the readme.txt that's included.
  9. Finding a job for the summer and some fun new stuff for neo-geo.
  10. Well, the only problem with that is that the UNI-BIOS can cause bugs in some games (most are fixed now, afaik), and isn't officially supported by the MAME team.
  11. PSXeven is a playstation emulator that has been recently updated. Please read the changes below quoted by the author, Xeven. »» http://batard.psxfanatics.com/ »» Download it Now! [1Emulation Server] Thanks to Squaresoft74 for the news
  12. Here's a patch kit for The King of Fighters Special Edition 2004 (KOF2K2 Hack) http://www.freepgs.com/iq_132/shared/raincheck/2k2-2k4.rar
  13. It was released publicly, just not commercially. It's on the net, go find it Anywho... There are a variety of Neo-Geo prototypes that have never seen the light of day (damn xacrow...) that I would be extremely interested in. Also, many of the games for DC that got cancelled (gta3 ) would be nice.
  14. I'm working on that little by little, It'll be done "when it's done" Don't worry about that And thanks to all of you GryphonKlaw, LoRd_SnOw, Weirdy, robbbert, Agozer, Z-Neo, James, and hotaru!
  15. Here's just a quick post to tell everyone about myself: I've been in the emulation scene for years, I have my own site/forums, and am a moderator at a few other emulation related sites. I'm interested in everything emulation-related and will do my best to contribute to the 1Emulation team.
  16. Hey bro, I would suggest using the built-in feature of GCOS to rip discs. It's easy as hell.
  17. u5 is out... updated the first post.
  18. Bd is a very nice guy, if you ask him, he might help.
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