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  1. you can post in the talk threads about the news, you can submit headlines. there's going to be more as i develop it.
  2. Where? Thanks everyone for the kind comments! Don't be afraid to register and post. P.S. Yeah, it's based on a few of my favorite news sites.
  3. ...and here's what came out! Started this news web site, thought maybe you guys would like it. Made it because too many sites out there have 50% garbage news. Everyone should sign up! Click here!
  4. I saw there was a demand for TAS-capable SMS/GG emulators, so I figured I'd take a whack at it. I went a different route with rewinding and resuming recording through save states. Rewinds are saved forever until you clear them yourself on a per game basis. Here's the change log and there was also a new contributor, benryves of Cogwheel. Oh yeah, it passes ZEXALL now thanks to brom. - added various fixes to the vdp, including horizontal sprite zooming [benryves] - added 3d disabling for games that are supposed to use the segascope 3d glasses [olaf] - added dx7vb.dll to the source's zip for c
  5. Makes it easier than having to click through threads. Duh.
  6. Post your gamertags in this thread. Post which mode you prefer and difficulty as well.
  7. My sister has the Wii version -- she said she has to actually move her arms to run and climb. I think that gimmick is super played out. This is true. The werehog levels feel like a mix between Mirror's Edge (because you have to constantly climb up/along things and maneuver the camera) and Devil May Cry 4 (for picking up all the experience diamonds and general beat-'em-up feel) with a hint of Disney. The regular speedy levels have the staple "DON'T RUN TOO FAST BECAUSE YOU'LL FALL OFF SOMETHING" pitfalls, which has been a nuisance since Sonic Adventure. I love the way Sonic runs in this game
  8. I went against my instincts and bought it for the 360. I played a few minutes of it and it was pretty awesome, IMO. The gameplay and physics far outdoes the scheme of Sonic Adventure and beyond. I have to wait until my woman comes home, so she can watch me play through it though... I'll post more later. P.S. The opening sequence is gnarly.
  10. Go here to look at your avatar, once you're logged into Xbox.com. Now, post it.
  11. Are you possibly using a CD-R on a CD+R drive or CD+R on CD-R?
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