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  1. heard MLS is trying bring beckham over here to the US... this will be interesting
  2. yes much better... the last official update kept on freezing on me for some sites
  3. both!!! im rich bich!! but for real... the ps3 impresses me more, but i wouldn't buy either, i'd rather save up for the ultimate pc gaming rig
  4. iknow, well it was oct 28 the last ones (5.10a).. well new ones are coming out soon, the author, KS is having some "real life" problems and testing still has to be done, wants his releases to be the best of quality
  5. i reccomend the dna set of drivers http://www.dna-drivers.com/index.php ive tried omega b4 but does not compare to the performance upgrade of the dna drivers
  6. i think he is currently 59 lol i got a feeling this movie is gonna be a stinker...
  7. nothing spectactular but funny, ic that joe took some moves from the movie ong-bak
  8. havent used winmx in a long while, i used it mainly for mp3s, but ive found that limewire pro works just as good for music
  9. been very busy this year, just dont hav the time for message boards like i use to. where has all the regular members go?
  10. yeah, for me this was the best of the prequels it was well worth the 7 dollars at the theater
  11. it's sooo tiny, but is it really neccessary.. owell, just shows how the technology has progressed... things just get smaller and smaller
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