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  1. I can assure you that those names are not completely correct. If anything, it should be 275-xx.bin btw, you don't need an S rom.
  2. Woohoo for communism. Whoever said an online forum is a democracy? Forums are most certainly dictatorships if anything.
  3. Linkin Park is a great band, and I do agree with Magnis that their biggest mistake was teaming with Jayz. Complete crap I tells ya.
  4. Yup. You'll need 1964.9.9 and Rice's Video 6.0.0c. You can get both at emutalk.net
  5. GBA games will still be released for a while, but that's no biggie for a DS owner (yay for backwards compatibility ) As for the PSP, I'm not sure how I feel about yet... I might end up owning one
  6. I clean my ears every morning (right after my shower), I bite my fingernails (I donno, I guess I'm the nervous type), and whenever I notice my toenails are too long I cut them.
  7. ^^ I have been playing Mario DS a lot
  8. it use to happen at my old house as well. It's stranger that in my area deer routinely jump through windows and crash up people's houses.
  9. Lol, my house has large glass windows facing a lake. Birds run into the windows and kill themselves all the time.
  10. Actually, Kawaks, Nebula, and FBA also emulate it.
  11. Sorry to bring this thread up, but does anyone have a reliable site (one they've bought a chip from) that carries the Viper chip? I'm going to buy one, but I want absolute certainty that I won't get scammed.
  12. I donno, give this a try maybe. extern unsigned char* YM2610ADPCMAROM; static void neo_pcm2_playmore2002(int value) { unsigned int addrs[7][2]={ {0x000000,0xA5000}, //kof2002 {0xFFCE20,0x01000}, //matrimelee {0xFE2CF6,0x4E001}, //mslug5 {0xFEB2C0,0x0A000}, //samsho5 {0xFFAC28,0xC2000}, //svcchaos {0xFF14EA,0xA7001}, //kof2003 {0xFFB440,0x02000}, //samsh5sp }; unsigned int xordata[7][8]={ {0xF9,0xE0,0x5D,0xF3,0xEA,0x92,0xBE,0xEF}, //kof2002 {0xC4,0x83,0xA8,0x5F,0x21,0x27,0x64,0xAF}, //matrimelee {0xC3,0xFD,0x81,0xAC,0x6D,0xE7,0xBF,0x9E}, //mslug5 {0xCB,0x29,0x7D,0x43,0xD2,0x3A,0xC2,0xB4}, //samsho5 {0xC3,0xFD,0x81,0xAC,0x6D,0xE7,0xBF,0x9E}, //svcchaos {0x4B,0xA4,0x63,0x46,0xF0,0x91,0xEA,0x62}, //kof2003 {0x4B,0xA4,0x63,0x46,0xF0,0x91,0xEA,0x62}, //samsh5sp }; value = value-1; UINT8 *rom = YM2610ADPCMAROM; UINT8 *buf = (UINT8*)malloc(0x1000000); int ofst; memcpy(buf,rom,0x1000000); for(int i=0; i<0x1000000; i++) { ofst = (i & 0xfefffe) | ((i & 0x010000) >> 16) | ((i & 0x000001) << 16); ofst ^= addrs[value][1]; rom[ofst] = (buf[((i + addrs[value][0]) & 0xffffff)] ^ xordata[value][(ofst & 0x07)]); } free(buf); } static int kof2002Init() { int nRet; nNeoProtectionxor = 0xec pNeoInitCallback = kof2002Decrypt; nRet = NeoInit(); if (nRet == 0) { neo_pcm2_playmore2002(1); } return nRet; }
  13. I don't particularly care who wins, but I'm sad I don't get to see Janet Jackson's tit lol
  14. You don't have a local library??
  15. Exactly. Even if the hardware is kickass (like the sega saturn), there are great odds that if it's hard to program for (like the sega saturn) it will flop worse than John Kerry (like the sega saturn).
  16. Exactly Here's a tutorial on doing it from scratch. http://www.retroblast.com/reviews/ultimate_arcade.html
  17. I'm guessing you didn't try the search function or try looking in the samsh5sp thread sticky'd at the top of this forum. Anyway, since you didn't say what emulator you want cheats for, here's a link to the kawaks/nebula cheats. http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php...44entry104344
  18. lmao! She looks like jabba the hut! HEY! Jabba's Hot! lol, i see somebody likes fat chicks
  19. http://haze.mameworld.info/whatsnew/whatsnew_091.txt Haze has said on his site that MAME.91 will be released as soon as gridle compiles and uploads it. here's the what's new for the non-link-clickers among us
  20. If I remember correctly, h = home set a = alternate set - MVS or a revision maybe? o = original - a first release before several revisions maybe? n = decrypted - some carts may have made it out of the factory without protections p = prototype - 'nuf said
  21. lol, that's going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day.
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