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  1. Well if my theory is correct, i would say that most of the work is already done, you would simply have to import the cpus from (for example) the "others" section of fbaxxx or whatever - or just the CAVE set and compile accordingly. Did you even take a look at the source to see the possibilities?
  2. So are they still making builds of fbaxxx Pro? Has the source been released? Is anyone here actively compiling their own builds of FBAX? Reason I ask has to do with the PSP. If you know a way to contact the coders responsible for FBAXXX, or anyone capable of creating new versions of FBAX using the source, Id like for you to take a look at the source-code used for a set of nice emulators that run on the PSP (CPS1psp, CPS2psp, MVSPSP). http://neocdz.hp.infoseek.co.jp/psp/index.html#download Take a look at that source code and see if it is familiar. I have a strong feeling that other emulators can be branched off using this code to support: Raizing, Cave, Toeplan, Psikyo roms (each being a separate emulator). Even a Konami emu that would support turtles, simpsons, xmen, etc. I just think it wouldn't be a lot of work to import code used in MAME or FBA, etc into the PSP source above to compile a separate emulator to run more games. If you have a way of contacting Gogo, Lantus, Xport, etc, send them the code just to see if it is possible and relatively easy to do. I don't speak japanese and have no way of contacting the original coder to suggest this. -neocvera
  3. You need to make sure that your slug4 and 5 are MAME romsets and that you drop them into the converting program on your pc and move the cache files over to your psp.
  4. I have the original dual-stick version and its a pretty solid stick. It's good to see they're moving up in the world with the USB support (old version was serial). The trackball is a nice touch as it opens up a new library of games to play on your emulator of choice. (Please test "The Irritating Maze") Arcade purists/ fighting game purists will likely pass on this stick; however, as it is said to suffer from input lag and the parts are "arcade quality" which means (to them) not arcade. These particular folks are the same ones that only use "SANWA" parts or some other official arcade parts and can somehow feel the milliseconds of response coming from their fingertips/ wrist to the screen. (these are the guys that complain the most when you kick their ass in a fighting game). I think the stick is suited for the audience it is targeting: General emulation gaming fanatics that would rather just buy something quick and easy than go through the trouble of building it themselves.
  5. For those that may not know, a new shootemup has been released for NEO-GEO called "Last Hope". Looks a lot like pulstar/R-type. The release was for the AES system from an independent development team (ng-dev). This isn't an official title (system is no longer supported by SNKP) but it looks pretty good. A member at the n-g forums posted this file jam-packed with tons of screenshots, etc. http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?acti...278ED9F799CDC14 its 10+mb. Now that it is out in public hands, perhaps a dump is not far off. Just an FYI, people paid over $500 for this game.
  6. That answer never gets old! The funny thing is that a moderator actually asked that question! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> lol, what's being an XBOX forum moderator got to do with not knowing how to get back into windowed mode on a PC emulator? I guess i should dust off my XBOX Keyboard and get back into the old school. If i could, i'd give you both shiny gold stars. Thank you.
  7. i used the dc forum and clicked a thread which led me here. new games have been released for the DC so dusting things off may not be such a bad idea for those that may have forgotten about it (like me).
  8. Radilgy seems to be working ok. info on the game: http://www.mile-stone.co.jp/product/radirg...i_top_main.html cell-shaded style shmup quick screengrab from first stage Question: How do I exit the emulator while in Full-Screen mode? Or how do I revert back to windowed mode? (tried ESC, `).
  9. Sorry for the bump but with the release of : Radilgy, Under Defeat and the fact that my Dreamcast is 200 miles away packed in a storage shed - I need to try the emu once again. the links on first page are dead. Is there an updated emulator for DC?
  10. Lol, since when has X-Scene been linking to this site? Ive been out of it too long.
  11. I fully agree it looks stupid, but I just have edited my post because their intentions are good. Thanks to Gryph for the links; I've added them as well. Here's an example... http://cube.ign.com/articles/651/651224p2.html <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Crap, you know what? With the controller turned that way it sort of helped me see how it can be used on its own as a controller for some of the older stuff they will have available (nes/snes). Still silly though but a little more functional now in my eyes.
  12. not many votes for this. I guess it was a little late in the game. Bump for more votes ?
  13. exactly then each section will have their fanboy <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The intent of the this proposed section is not to weed out or even encourage the fanboy gayness. It's not about how great the PSP is or how Sony sucks or how Nintendo DS owns or sucks. There are several emulators available for the PSP and a lot of applications, etc along with customization abilities. I think a lot of people that have PSP's are going elsewhere with their questions and information and the point would be to bring those people back here to become contributors. The only negative I can think of for doing this would be the countless "ISO" requests or "how to run Retail" requests, etc. So this alone may be a reason NOT to do this because it WILL happen. It would definately require a lot of supervision. So perhaps the bad outweighs the good. I dunno.
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