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  1. I agree with your general premise GC...porn is to good...its easily accessible and free. But the way people use porn is where it may differ. Statistics say something like 70% of men aged 18-34 view porno regularly, and we know what they're using it for. Close to 90% whack off with porn or without. To that end, I just see it as a means to help in that process. Does everyone need porn to do it? No...but it sure can help. How much of that percentage use porn for those means in exclusion to going out and getting the real thing? Don't know. It's probably a much smaller percentage. My point being
  2. There is one solution that hasn't been suggested by British officials to route the hoodlums rioting on the streets. They could import the biggest and badest bulls from Spain. When mob violence springs up, they can set the bulls loose to gore and trample these thugs into civil obediance. The icing on the cake is that Spain can charge a premium for the bulls, which will help them in their debt crisis.
  3. Last Thursday, police shot and killed a 29 year-old man. It set off the tinderbox so to speak.
  4. Thunderrrrr! Thunderrr!.....I mean Forum Attack!! Hoooooooo!!!. Sturmvogel attacks GameCop with an Atomic Bomb (999 STR) and takes off 99!! GameCop counterattacks with the Sword of Thundera (9999 STR) and takes off 999,999 CRITICAL HIT!! You are permanently dead, and cannot be revived. Nice job. Thank you for playing!!! GameCop takes 999 frags. A shoutout to the bravest Jihadi of us all. Your 40 virgins are waiting my friend. And so is Osama. Leader of 1Emu Jihad IQ_132 Al Sader: 40 suicides Reading the suicide thread in Forum Attack had me laughing my ass off. Those were the days.
  5. I've been following the events in Egypt since 11am Eastern standard in the U.S. CNN has had constant coverage, with their foreign correspondents providing grainy video and sporadic coverage of the protest, despite journalists being attacked by police forces. This in addition to Internet and phone services being blocked. Every program on CNN, from late morning till present time has had continuous coverage, airing a press conferences by Secretary Clinton on the events, Mubarak's press statement, and Obama's press conference. I'm not sure what channel you're watching Elazul...I know it's day
  6. That's some really creepy shit Salor....I'm surprised you didn't unravel this much sooner. I think almost anyone is susceptible to this kind of deception, but its hard to imagine someone keeping up a deception like this for so long. I'd confront this person, let them know you don't like being toyed with and deceived about who they are and just move on. If you wanted to take it a step further (this may happen anyhow as you unravel/sort out identities), you may want to tell common friends/acquaintances of what this person is doing. Probably not a no brainer here, but I tend to only deal wit
  7. In honor of the memory of the England that once was, I will watch my Blu-ray copy of V for Vendetta. While I'm watching it, I will remark how an actual forceful mass protest against the crooks who rule over your punny island nation won't happen like it does in Vendetta. No matter how you feel about your country Em...just remember this... Strength through Unity, Unity through Faith...............ENGLAND PREVAILS!
  8. Even if the charge of sexual molestation is dismissed or found to be baseless, he will be labeled a "rapist" or some other similar term by those attemping to malign/thwart him and what his group does. It's character assassination on a grand scale. What's really troubling is the kind of stuff politicians and other U.S. officials are saying about Wikileaks; we're crossing into dangerous territory in terms of censorship and freedoms being trampled upon. I think our govt in its words and response have totally bungled everything. We're beginning to peer over that cliff that our good friend G
  9. Ah well....trip went well. My pals and I were taking the D.C. Metro back to our hotel room, when a sort of scuffle broke out. I was too mesmerized/shocked by what was happening to start filming it with my phone, but I did get some of it. Basically, this huge fucking white dude with his face painted like The Crow just stands up and begins shoving this young black dude out of the train. He gets behind him and starts dragging him out. The black dude grabs onto a metal hand bar inside the shuttle, meanwhile "The Crow" is yanking him hard. He holds on with all his might but The Crow tugs him off
  10. That is a nice watch, albeit expensive as hell. Like you, for me function is more important than form. So if I could get a watch that LOOKED like that, for much less, well... I don't wear a watch at the moment, but I'll probaby buy something at some point. I usually have my cell phone with me, but don't always carry it on me when at work. If you're in an office environment, there's usually no shortage of time displays, from computers to wall clocks etc. It's a little quicker to pop your wrist up and look at the time. No buttons to push like a phone, and it's just nice to have a good looki
  11. I played the demo for Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage (PS3 version). The vocalization and design of the characters from the anime/manga series is spot on. If you're a fan of the series, its well worth checking out. You get to play as Kenshiro (obviously) as well as Rei, who is just as kickass to play with. More characters will be playable in the full game. The only gripe I had was that there is no real way to target individual enemies. It play similar to the Dynasty Warriors franchise (its made by the same ppl), but having not played that series I dunno if it had a targeting feature eithe
  12. Jon Stewart's "Rally to Restore Sanity" vs Stephen Colbert's "Rally to Keep Fear Alive" Will anyone else be in attendance? I will be going with some friends. I'm also planning on wearing some sort of costume, seeing as its practically halloween.
  13. Congrats on getting a job, however long you end up staying etc. Having a job in almost all situations is better than nothing. With the economy we're in, I'm thankful I have a job. At the very least, it gives you income (super important!) and some breathing room to buy you time to line up a better job...if you so seek it. As you said already Will, you have to do what it takes, all the while enjoying the perks.
  14. I saw Social Network on Friday. I went in with low expectations but was BLOWN away. The performances in the movie are top notch. I never planned on seeing it, but tagged along with some friends.
  15. He is an irreplacable icon!! CNN what have you done!! Whose gonna be to there translate Spanish for us? Ahahha....I don't watch CNN much but I won't miss this guy. He always came off as ass and seemed to try TOO hard. As to why he was fired? Let's just say that during a radio program, he called Jon Stewart a *gasp* bigot and railed on those guys who control everything, the sworn enemies of Mel Gibson. Yep you guessed it. THE JEWS.
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