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  1. I have this Indy Jones Package i found on the fleamarket. It contains the Indiana Jones Adventures 3-5 (Last Crusade, Fate of Atlantis and Tower of Babel) There is one sheet of paper in the box, containing the copy protection codes for Fate of Atlantis. Now, beofre is sell the thing incomplete, i was wondering wether anyone of you knows wether the Last Crusade has some sort copy protection as Monkey Island had, as well ?
  2. ... against Real Crickets http://pong.hku.nl/~wim/bugman.htm
  3. Sounds interesting. Worked on such thing myself a while ago. C# ? VB .NET ? if so, GDI or DirectX ?
  4. Test the memory itself, wether its bugged or not. Make a Selfboot CD with Memtest86, boot from CD and let memtest86 check the ramsticks. If everything worked so far, its prolly a bugged out stick. http://www.memtest86.com/
  5. i sure hope for some hack to transfer some roms to play them on the wii
  6. *raises hand* But try the DC boot cd on the disc first, some claim their ikaruga image will selfboot but they dont. May be a country related problem though.
  7. People have different reasons to leave a community. You, solidius, should reflect your efforts on 1emu. Did you invest time to become a honoured member ? Then your initial motivation was wrong. See, i know GC from when he was a member in my forum, prior starting 1emu.com. He invited me to be interviewed in 1emu radio but i rejected. See, the emuscene is different these days from what it used to be. Addicted people run the known sites these days. Everything has become more competitive. 1emu had and has very addicted staff members over the past years. They are what make the site special. Look
  8. It reads you have an error sending the cue sheet. The cue sheet is a simple textfile that comes with your .bin file. Its a simple textfile that has some trackinfo in it. Often the cuesheet contains wrong paths, something like imagefile=C:\Documents and Settings\...\image.bin If you dont have the bin file there, recording will fail. Open the .cue with notepad and make the thing read imagefile=image.bin Thus the recording software would/should alert you earlier if it cant find the bin i still think you burned it wrong. If you open the disc in windows explorer, what do do you see? Some crap or
  9. I guess when you open the Drive in windows-explorer, you see the file named "DC - Jet Set Radio(nonboot)(CDI).cdi" ?? If so, you burned it the wrong way. I dunno Chankast, but if it reads nonboot, try loading the DC Bootdisk in chankast first
  10. They say they did it: http://www.devil360.com/
  11. you can try the KLM codec pack as well. Plays like everything with Media Player Classic.
  12. If you like to play games, go with an Athlon64. To date this is the fastest affordable CPU out there. Unless you want to heat your room with that Intel crap.
  13. for c64, my first comp i loved Druid. Played it till break of dawn. Jumpmann Junior is the best jump and run, but unplayable without a decent joystick. Then i got a Mega Drive. Best game here is Road Rash 2 and Toejam and Earl. Got an Amiga later. Cant remember actually what i played besides Kick off, but "It came from the desert" and "nuclear war" are some i remember. On PC one of my fav games is Resident Evil. I left Monkey Island and the like unnoted.
  14. Im about to infect my neighbour with emulation, i burned him some ADFs and for some reason, Nero renamed the files according to the ISO standard. Dunno wether i slept when burning them, but anyway. I downloaded TIM from www.tosec.info, but i cant figure out how to have TIM rename the ADFs into some proper format. I did both scan and rebuild, yet TIM doesnt rename the files. Anyone knows how to do this so we have 1 more citizen into emulation ?
  15. i used DJ 3.5 as far as i can remember. It worked just fine with 90% of the games, and the rest i didnt bother about. i guess you can find it on that donkey
  16. It may be that your CD recorder doesnt support the needed option to burn the disc properly. I found many non working games out there myself, most burned just fine but didnt boot on the DC, wether with or without BootCD. So some may be just buggy or fake.
  17. From my experience: Use DiscJuggler. And DOA needs BootCD to start anyway
  18. try O&O Defrag. Best defrag ever. You can arrange your files by access, means the prog will arrange your files on the HD, so the files you use most, load the fastest. Tried a bunch of defraggers, but his one is the best.
  19. OK, to cut a long story short: I want to call someone in Haarlen, Netherlands. Someone i didnt talk to in ages and i know well. I do know the persons real name and know that person is living in Haarlem last time i heard from that person. I wonder if there is any website to get the phone number of this person in the Netherlands. There is such site in germany, so i think there is such site in the Netherlands as well. telefon book. Something like that. It would be a great thing if the mods wont close this topic or stuff. It may be a bit misplaced in this forum ofcourse, but this one is somewh
  20. afaik the fastest speed achievable is 11 MBit by wireless lan if your hardware supports the standard.
  21. In the scene, people have different opinions about a desktop firewall. Recently there was a exploit published, to connect to any server without ZoneAlarm ringing. I cant use ZoneAlarm on my comp as it causes my comp to reset when it is installed. I am using Kerio Personal firewall, which has the advantage of banner blocking and ICS capabilities. As with any other Desktop Firewall, it may not really secure your system from real hackers, but it gives enough protection from script kiddies and programs calling home
  22. I had it right the other way with Symantec and Nod 32. At my neighbours new laptop with Norton preinstalled and the update contract running out, i deinstalled Norton and installed Nod32. Nod32 wasnt on the machine for more than 3 mins and found spyware, Norton didnt bother. But Norton is like AOL, once installed your system is a mess. So go with nod32, the only scanner gotten the vbulletin 100% award 18 times in a row. Norton is for Pussies.
  23. try system settings -> software and uninstall it. And you will not find a working version of NOD32 with crack out there. As if i had money to spare
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