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  1. Today Nintendo announced that many of Sega's most popular Genesis/Megadrive games will be availible for download via the Nintendo Revolution's Virtual Console. Some of Hudson's TurboGrafix16/PC Engine games will also be availible as well. Looks like the Revolution is getting more appealing as the days go by. Read More About The Announcement
  2. I think the GC is a great system that just wasn't promoted well enough. It reminds me a lot of the Dreamcast. And the store shelves are starting to show it too. I noticed Target for one is really trimming down it's inventory -- pretty much just the big new releases like Batallion Wars and Mario Baseball. In fact, I got Viewtiful Joe 2 on clearance for $10 and Prince of Persia Warrior within is on clearance for $8.
  3. Yeah, I've had about 10 people mod their Model 1s succesfully with my chips -- but I personally dont feel like trying it.
  4. thanks for the link (no pun intended ) very interesting!
  5. thanks for the welcome -- I've actually been around for a while, but just haven't been posting much
  6. Can we post buy/sell/trade type posts? If so, where?
  7. they were all sold out when I fot there in the afternoon (had to work). they had a few titles that were on the list, but they rang up for full price
  8. 1) Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu! 2) Cowboy Bebop 3) Full Metal Panic 4) Samurai Champloo 5) Not sure...
  9. Get DVD Decypter and AutoGK (Google for it) I use it pretty much every day and it works great and is super easy. You can make the AVI files whatever size you want. Very handy!
  10. I'm working on a list of Console contollers to use on PC/Mac via USB. This is either true USB controllers or via Adapters. I know my list isn't complete, but I'm hoping I listed most of the best ones. If anybody knows of any other controllers or adapters to add, please let me know. Also if you see something on the list that you have used and either love or hate, please mention that as well. Thanks! I'll copy and paste my list, but it won't have all the links to the products: Nintendo NES Regular NES USB Controller from Retrozone ($26) FourScore 4-Player NES USB Adapter from Retrozone ($60) NES Advantage USB Joystick from Retrozone ($35) Powerglove USB Controller from Retrozone ($70) Powerpade USB Controller from Retrozone ($60) USB Conversion Kit from Retrozone ($16) Custom order from Retrozone ($?) Super Nintendo (SNES) Mail-in your controller for USB conversion from Retrozone ($23) DIY Kit from Retrozone ($17) Super SmartJoy USB Adapter from Lik-Sang ($19) Custom order from Retrozone ($?) Nintendo 64 USB Adapter from ($13) Lik-Sang Sega Genesis/MegaDrive, Sega CD, 32X Genesis USB Adapter from Retrozone ($25) Genesis DIY USB Conversion Kit from Retrozone($17) Genesis Custom Order from Retrozone Sega Saturn Convert Saturn controller to USB yourself (almost free) Official Saturn USB Controller (Black) from NCSX.com ($38) Official Saturn USB Controller (Black) from Lik-Sang ($35) Official Saturn USB Controller (Blue) from Lik-Sang ($40) Official Saturn USB Controller (Grey) from Lik-Sang ($35) Official Saturn USB Controller (White) from Lik-Sang ($35) Official Saturn USB Controller (Gold) from Lik-Sang ($40) Neo Geo Neo Geo Stick 2 for PS2 ($80) with SmartJoy PLUS from Lik Sang ($13) Neo-Geo CD controller for PS2 with SmartJoy PLUS from Lik Sang ($13) Playstation/Playstation 2 SmartJoy PLUS from Lik Sang ($13) Arcade X-Arcade Others Colecovision from Retrozone TurboGrafix16 from Retrozone Atari and Commodore from Retrozone Intellivision from Retrozone
  11. You think his agent would have some words with him -- although then he might get fired I used to kinda like him -- Top Gun and all But he's really turning psycho. I agree that drugs are overused and do cover up problems and stuff, but his whole approach is uncalled for.
  12. Awe... you gotta have the evil laugh in there.
  13. Yeah, you guys have to watch the actual video -- the thing is awesome with the sound. I had to watch it like 10 times My wife even loved it and shared it on her scrapbooking site
  14. Incredible! Thanks for the update on this gem
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