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  1. Thank you for that Robert. Mame forgets the playcount/playtime from time to time and I needed a way to back it up and also edit/add on the playtimes that it has since forgotten (after crashing). I wasn't checking this topic because I thought no one would bother replying - so thanks!
  2. So does anyone know where this data is stored in MAME?
  3. Which version are you using? Is it an older one? I'm using MAME Plus 0.129, I only have a mame.ini in my folder but play-counts/playtime aren't listed in there...
  4. Quick question - Where is the data for the amount of plays and accumulated play time stored? It used to be in MAME32UI.ini in the root, but the ini in the new version doesn't display this info. Is this info still editable? thanks
  5. Brilliant! That's all it was. Before I asked the question, I wondered if it might be something that could be done after compiling rather than before but I didn't want to push my luck! Thanks
  6. I recently compiled my own version of MAME Plus! 0.129 (I needed a slightly older version as I had a 0.129 diff I needed to patch it with) but the menus that come up in game (game info/disclaimer and the TAB menu) look awful (low resolution and filtered). Here is an example of the blurry menu screen I get with the MAME Plus! I compiled: I want it to look like the one that comes with newer versions of pre-compiled MAMEUI: Even when I tried compiling a version of MAMEUI (not Plus) I still got this low reslution menu. Is there any way of replacing the blurred menu with the newer, nicer
  7. I just tried another version of MAMEUI (official 0.129) and using the exact same options, it blows the image up to full-size and with the correct aspect ratio. What is the problem with cabMAME? It doesn't seem to listen to applied settings...
  8. I downloaded cabMAME and put some roms in that I knew used to stutter in the newish MAMEs and just listened to their sound carefully. As far as I could tell, it might be less noticeable (I wasn't sure if I heard it a couple of times or if I was imagining it after being so used to the sounds from these games missing a beat) So far, it SEEMS to be an improvement, but I don't want to jump in and say it's fixed until I've used it a bit more... However I can't really do that yet - I'm having trouble getting this version to run full-screen - stretched to fit the display. When I run a game (n
  9. I think you mean the "sync to monitor refresh" option. It doesn't actually work though - running it on an LCD screen with a stated 60Hz refresh rate (but actually ever-so-slightly less, like almost all LCDs) - the problem is there regardless of what this tickbox is set to. It think it was the 'match game refresh rate' option in older MAMEs that could be unticked and this resulted in perfect sound on a 60hz display. I don't think MAMEdev would ever put the feature back in - not if it's something that would ruin the 'accuracy' of the emulation (even though it makes it more accurate to our eyes
  10. I run MAME on an HD Sony Bravia 50inch LCD - old MAME is fine, but newer MAMEs suffer from sound jumping in many games. I found this on another site posted by someone calling himself 'FatTrucker': "Versions prior to 112 using the synchrefresh option could throttle mame back to update at the monitors refresh rate. It solved sound glitching but caused problems with improper emulation with mame having to miss or jump over video frames to maintain the lower refresh rate, so mamedev killed it. Now all games in mame run at their native speed regardless of the system they are running on. The emula
  11. I'm trying to use my Namco neGcon on viva nonno (for Rave Racer mostly). After some fiddling with the code I managed to get the neGcon (and the buttons I wanted) to recognise on the control test screen (accessed in the rom by holding down 'q' and pressing 't'). On this screen all axes are shown to be working properly, but upon putting in a coin, the gas pedal won't select anything and the only thing I can control is 'music select up' and 'gear shift up'. When the select time runs out and the game starts up, obviously it's still the same... no pedals working (and because I can't accelerat
  12. I just found the bloody thing (I would have never found it without the Japan AES knowledge). All Neo-Geo games have now passed audit. Thanks a lot, couldn't have fixed it without your information. 2 hours of searching and then found it 5 mins after reading your post. Thanks again.
  13. Oh, OK. Thanks for the information. Where do I get it from (only joking). That's what I needed. More information on what the file actually was. EDIT: I just tried running a Neo game on all territory settings (US MVS, Universal, Asia AES etc) and the game did not run when I selected Japan AES. Obviously you are correct iq_132 - I find it strange that just this one file missing is enough to be categorised as 'unavailable' in Mame when I'm not even going to play the Japanese home version.
  14. Firstly, this is not a rom request... What the hell is going on with Mame Plus and the neogeo bios? I am using Mame Plus XT 0.126. First I encountered numerous errors with missing Uni bios files and the like. I managed to fix most of it by shoving bins into the neogeo.zip file. The only error I get now is a missing neo-po.bin. What is this file and where does it come from? I have all Neo-Geo bios files that I know of (all uni bios and aes/neo cd bios files) but I cannot see this particular bin file anywhere. Is there some bin under a different name that needs adding to the neogeo.zip file
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