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  1. Stop calling me a him I and am a her. Sorry just had to get that off my chest. But the latest version of znes keeped freezing games or close out due to errors. I think we should try and make a better version of SNESGT all we had to do is add a cheat option.
  2. My roms work fine I found this emulator named snesgt works great but again no cheat thing I think someone should make a add cheat patch to this emulator cause it can run all the games I have if only we can make it cheat. Note: this was znes 1.42 that I was having troubles with.
  3. ZSNES tried the latest version keeps messing up my games. SNESx9 handles fine but it has no game genie cheat thing If there was one that ran fine like snesx9 that had a game genie cheat thing then I would be happy. Oh one more question what in the heck are these for? Level: 1 Kills: 0 | Credits: 68 Hp: 30/30 Str: 30/30 Exp: 0/30 Is there some hinden rpg game on the forum that no one told me about.
  4. I looking for a snes emulator that will work great on my windows xp. I also like to cheat alot so it has to have a cheat code option in the menu. My monitor has a resolution of 1024 x 768 32 bit post any links to sites that might help.
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