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  1. I also recommend NOD32. Its simply the best virus protection available there. Norton is no real option, its like AOL, once installed your system is a mess. Besides that I tested almost everything that is out there, Kaspersky, Avast, Panda and the like. I actually paid for Nod32 two years straight. And when it comes to support these people rule. When i installed the retail version, my ICS didnt work. I suspected NOD32 first ofcourse and made a support call wether the retail version was different from the trialversion. To make a long story short: It wasnt NOD causing the problems. But what i never experienced before was, that the ESET people _called_ me and wanted my Network specs, like which OS on which PC, how many PCs and stuff to build such a network at their lab to figure out whats wrong. Thats top notch support i never found anywhere else. And yes, its advanced heuristic catches some viruses and bugs before they are announced. (WMF bug and some worm for example) So get NOD32 and you are set. Nothing else for me again.
  2. After quite a while of being absent, i have come here for several weeks/months now. I dont want to biatch or moan, but i think this forum is not for me. In all these weeks i have come here, after a long period of inactivity in the emuscene, i didnt find anything new. Well, ofcourse i am the oldschool guy. I like SNES, Genesis and Dreamcast along with PSX the most, but i see there is not much activity in the appropiate forums as long as i visit here. Its all about xbox, dsemu and psp these days, and besides these, this forum is quite boring. I have been asked a lot about this site by gc, and i wrote a lot, gc reorganized the forums as i proposed and more, but i do see the forums here are suffering from inactivity. This i find quite sad, but there is not much i can do about it. So, after quite some time i came here, i may dive into inactivity again. I will sure come here and read the latest news, but i dont think i will find a lot of topics to reply in. Time has parted me and the emuscene, and even though i have been always preaching the good old 16Bit times, it looks like the world is not interested in them. The emuscene somewhat became much like what the warezscene was some years ago. It looks like time has got me. The scene as it is today is not the scene i am used to be. The scene the way i am used to it has vanished. All the great people and sites are gone. There is almost nothing for me left. So i bid thee guys farewell. I may post now and then, but it looks like time has got me. May my 2 boys find something in these games i liked so much.
  3. Roar! I like great music, no matter when it was made. I still like to listen to Snap now and then Hammer is outstanding, because he is a believer in Christ, which is obvisiously when you hear named "Do not pass me by" or "Pray". Its a rare combo to have good rap with intelligent lyrics till today, though Hammers pronounciation is uhm... uncommon By the way, anyone knows that MC SkatKat ? Some CD produced by Paula Abdul way back then, but its awesome too, no christian lyrics tho, so may be of interest to some of you, but its uber-rare
  4. you can remove they keys with a screwdriver, carefully push it under the keys and then lift it up, the keys will pop out and you can remove them all. Clean the board itself and each key, then assemble them again, simply push them back into place. May come in handy to have a list of which key to put where. May look like this then: (Not mine i found on google ) Some loose keys drying: Usually the space key has some wirelike thingy beneath it, take a good look on how it is fixed so you can re-assemble it the way it was used to be. Same may appear for the Enter key. If you clean everything well it will be like new. More pics: http://images.google.de/images?q=cleaning%20keyboard Yours may look like this: http://blog.ignore-your.tv/images/dirty-keyboard.jpg
  5. GameCop, you should feel kicked in the nuts now. MC Hammer was in no way a one hit Wonder. MC Hammer sold more than 25 billion records within his 8 years of popularity. In fact i am a great fan of him, and he did far more hits than "Cant touch this" and "2 legit to quit". There was also "Pray", "Here comes the Hammer", "Have you seen her", "Hammertime", "Yo sweetness", "Black is Black", "Help the Children", "Pump it up" and "Adams Groove" just to name a few. There is also a movie about him: "Too legit - The MC Hammer story" available on emule. My personal favorite is "Do not pass me by" from the album 2 legit to quit, which contains several other great songs. Nowadays Hammer is still alive, but not into music any more.
  6. He got no eyes so he wont see the difference. He got no nose so he wont smell the difference. He may not find any more pills tho
  7. I play Joint Operations only, cause its free. No monthly fee.
  8. http://www.alldumb.com/item/19625/
  9. i do. USB sticks tend to try to access drive letters that are allready used. In my company we have this problem often, different USB devices try to grab different driveletters, and if they are taken, you cant see your USB device. Here is how you can check wether this happens for you too: click start->run enter "diskmgmt.msc" and hit enter In this utility you can set your USB device to use a special drive-letter if necessary by right clicking it and choosing the appropiate option. Sadly, this is not permanent for some weird reason and you may use this tool to remap your USB device each time you stick it in. hope that helps.
  10. Remember there is a new genereation of players now. Our kids. They are not used to anything better. Once they get bored, the industrie is down. Look whats it like now. Loads of NES/SNES and Genesis sites on the net. Maybe a dozend PSX sites. The cut it almost obvisiously. Ofcourse the accessibility of games is a big thing on consoles, and with several Gigs to be downloaded, the average gamer wont download any. Give them a few more years, if they dont keep the gap to keep the now new player generation pleased until the next one is up, they will fail. Also there is a big economic aspect to consider: EA owns them all for now and if EA goes down, the gaming business goes down. I dont mind. I just enjoyed Tetris Attack on my SNES along with my wife. New game concepts are needed. Sony did well with its Sing star hooked to the webcam. Thumbs up for that. But its only 1 new concept. Gaming industry will go down sooner or later unless they try something new. I said that a while, now other people join in. I dunno why, but Duke Nukem was more fun to me than Doom3. All where/are ahead of its time (then). Sure Call of Duty revealed a new atmosphere, but as the article states, only very few games to make it. And those few cant keep an industry alive. We will see a new run on emulation soon.
  11. see sig. Will get another HDD soon. CPU to be replaced by a DualCore upon affordability
  12. thats why i hooked it to the TV and use it for emulation only now since i got my new one.
  13. He prolly read this: http://www.xbox-scene.com/xbox1data/sep/EE...kyEHasmrPqu.php
  14. Maybe i want a minimum of 30 fps in a game on decent settings ? Doom3 and FarCry didnt run in a reasonable manner here. And low settings ? wtf ? Try Joint Ops with low settings and you cant say wether that pix there is a plant or the opponent. I dunno. Maybe my old comp was just plain crap. Slow ram and crappy mainboard. But it sure wasnt bloated with crap. It was one of those preconfigured systems you get everywhere. Thats why i handpicked my current components.
  15. Hmm i still think its useless. Solder a wire to have my comp play button makros. Ok, besides i can sit back and see Sonic beat each game, once someone hacked this together, i can't imagine, sprinting to my PC and hit the Fatality Macro button on every "Finish him!"
  16. I played CoD on my Athlon Thunderbird 1200 MHz with a Geforce FX5200 and that worked ok for me. An FX5200 isnt that expensive and supports DirecX9 and HSS 2 which CoD needs. So an FX5200 may please you for CoD, but it wont run HL2 or D3 or FarCry.
  17. Hmm unless you wait for the DC to be emulated, there is no way to use Dpad instead of the analog stick
  18. I just found this thread, im glad your mom is recovering. Its frightening how quick some things can happen
  19. uh ? So Plug your comp to your TV and go, that was what i was saying in the first place, all the classics have lower resolutions, even a normal TV can handle. I compared my emulated Ecco with the one from the real thing hooked to a normal TV and there was no difference besides the scrolling was smoother on the real thing.
  20. http://www.israelnationalnews.com/news.php3?id=92906
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