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  1. Well, as there is no Wii forum yet ( hint hint ) i post this here: Will the Wii be compatible to the Gamecube ? I read so on different sites, but when i go to the nintendo website, there is no such statement: So will or will it not be ?
  2. Agreed. Amazons stuff sometimes is even cheaper then on ebay. I paid much less for my new donkey konga set + game then i would have paid on ebay for a used one.
  3. If its not on ebay, all you can do is visit fleamarkets (?) regulary. I got my HeadHunter there
  4. Hmm so i need the more expensive chip and an extra BBA. I will think about that again. Its quite a hassle this way
  5. So to sum it up i can make backups of my original GC discs on my PC (like with CloneCD) burn em on a Mini DVDR and boot them up with any of the chips ? I thought GC discs couldnt be read by PC ?
  6. Ok, if my seller ships fast, i will be the proud owner of a Gamecube this week. I couldnt wait and got RE 1 and ZERO and ZELDA Wind Waker allready. Anyway, i see there are 4 different ModChips for the cube out there: Xeno Modchip Qoob SX Qoob Pro Viper Extreme And if i would make some backups, would i have to use Mini DVDs to back up onto ? If so, i wouldnt need a chip capable booting big DVDs. Now which Chip do you recommend ?
  7. Nod is the best there is actually. I recommend to buy it. I did. Whatever you do, get rid of the yellow pest
  8. if you oc the cpu it sonsumes more power as well. So a new psu could help anyway
  9. There is quite (!) a bunch of DC games avail on p2p. About 200
  10. Sounds like he tried to run the Emu for the Dreamcast on its PC, hence the invalid win32 app
  11. Wow i was prepared for being flamed.
  12. i got mine off ebay. I play it the more than my other consoles
  13. You should try another scanner. Norton is crap
  14. *smells copyright infringment* *calls IMI*
  15. He said he tried everything there, Agozer I say go to eset.com and get a NOD32 trial. Do a full scan. That should do it.
  16. 1) If you have an NTSC DC 2) that should do the trick afair 3) go shoot yourself ? Sell it on ebay
  17. Sadly this article, stating the planned terrorist attack with liquids is a fake of the Bush-Blair-Mafia, is german only. http://www.infokrieg.tv/england_plot.htm
  18. Madman

    My pain is your pain

    Ah i see you there Gamecop. I know what you think. I have written quite a lot of text to these topics in the forums before.I think most emu sites are too tech related. I get many news about many emulators which i think noone is interested in. I dont mind about "HazeMD 0.02a released" - The mame i use plays it all.Lemme stress this again: The cause of emulation are the games. gameing is the essence of all the emustuff for the people coming here. Add something for them. Why not start a Kaillera server for the forum members to meet and play ?IMHO the problem in emulation now is a change of generation. The older generation are people around the 30s, who over time lost interest and/or spare time for playing. The consoles these people are interested are well emulated, yet oldThe new generation is into nextgen consoles. Much younger and their consoles are not being emulated well enough or need too much hardwarepower to run smoothly. So they rather buy the original thing. And wont need to visit any emu site.So prepare for some years of boredom till the PCs get powerfull enough to emulate a PS2 or XBOX.Then emulation will revive. For the oldskool emufreaks there is no market on the web. They are set.
  19. oh heck no. I didnt know that. *feels pretty dumb now* rofl But thats not exactly what i need(ed). Sure helps something, but i like to take away the PS2 and PSP forums, yet see the PS1 forum. for example.
  20. Hmm i wonder wether its possible, with some addon or something, to choose which forums one gets displayed. That way everyone could limit the forums displayed to those he/she is interested in while keeping the broad interest covered. For example i would remove the xbox, ps2 and DS and some other stuff from my personal frontpage.
  21. See the vids. Then decide. It sure is a kick in the balls. Then again its your decision what you believe. "I never had any sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky" Nuff said
  22. This is all fake like 9/11 was fake. Try terror storm and loose change on google video. Loose Change 2nd Edition Terror Storm Invest some time to get yourself informed !
  23. check name of the disks in Windows ? Disc 2 shouldnt be named "NEW" i bet Besides that try burning them with DiscJuggler 3.5
  24. Ya its the infernal machine in other countries. Didnt know that, sorry
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