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  1. I think emsley is right. The emuscene kinda came to a stop. Even over at ngemu things have slowed a lot. And what is the sense to have 100 emulation related sites, that consist of emulator news and a forum? Every single site out there is built this way. Its f**** boring. So you suggest talking emsley. Well, what to talk about? In the buzz years, all kind of new emulators popped up as the hardware got faster. Nowadays, even actual consoles are emulated, like the Wii. You can download a 8 GB ISO faster now then you could download a 1.2 MB ROMfile back then. There are some guys who are into the e
  2. Well, some years ago, emulation was way more exciting. These days all the consoles are emulated from pretty decent to almost perfect. We got Saturn and DC and GC emulators in the past few years, and the scene hit a dead end for now. Its all about porting the emus to the phones and other consoles, but it aint anything new to play the same old games on yet another platform. I build myself a MAME cab 2-3 years ago, it was quite fun the first months, but now its just standing there, gathering dust. Maybe we all got tired of this? I think i do. I have been into the emu scene for like, i dunno, abo
  3. It still lacks something to stand out from the crowd. You can't count the emu sites posting news and provide a forum. Still, some years ago this thread would be on page 3 by now.
  4. I correct myself, looks like this site is pretty much dead? What happened?
  5. Oh well, personal stuff kept me busy. No idea why I remembered this website yesterday Looks like the site lost a lot of its activity uh? Is Gamecop still around? Regarding the collapse of the monetary system... We are in the middle of it since 2008. I was right It just takes much longer than expected
  6. Hi Guys, I havent visited "quite" a while. Glad you people are still alive and kickin'
  7. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...&refer=home Another must read Summer 2009: The US government defaults on its debt
  8. I was to post in my blog about this, then i discovered this thread, so i post this here. The end of the world as we know it, almost took place on Wednesday. The global credit system came close to total seizure yesterday as yields on US Treasury bills reach zero for the first time since the Great Depression If you check my last blog entry, which is from Aug 21, it will tell you the last days of Fannie and Freddie may be due and that you should keep a close eye on Lehman brothers, Wachovia and WaMu. By now, Fannie and Freddie and Lehman have gone bust, WaMu begs Citigroup to get bought.
  9. There ya go.http://www.reuters.com/article/newsOne/idUSN0527106320080907Now things will turn ugly.
  10. Should i? Shouldn't i? Ah, its MY blog. It looks like the last days,weeks or maybe months of F&F have arrived. This just for the logs. Keep an eye on Lehmann, Wachovia, WaMu.
  11. Sidtool (a C64 SID Emulator frontend) steps to Version 1.3: * Updated WinVice to V 2.0 * Added subsong support to WinVice! * Added options to disable auto play function when clicking any entry (User requested feature for easier playlist building) * Added thread priority selector (Feature request) http://sidtool.demodungeon.com/
  12. Another bugfix release of Sidtool has been released: Get it here
  13. Yeah well, a lot of things changed the last year. New job. Then: New home. Thats what took me so long. Im currently not online on MSN/ICQ/Whatever any more. Most of my older contacts vanished, so i didnt install any messenger the last time i reinstalled my comp. If you like me to, i still can install one tho. I remember good ol' Emsley.
  14. ok, i will post here. In fact i found a minor bug after releasing this (as usual, you know...) and i will fix it by the weekend i think. By the way, i checked my reg date and im astonished it has been 5.5 years since i registered here. Congrats GC. Your site still rules. EDIT: by the way: Update your database, HOXS64 site has moved. (Check link in postin #1)
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