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  1. Ah cmon GC. You dont wanna chit-chat. Refer to my blog. Or read some news. Like this or that. Wasting my time here anyways 'bout that.
  2. oh looks like i missed something here?!? This for real? Wee !!
  3. Well, from my experience, that project you plan is WAY to big for 2 people. Most enthusiastic programmers suffer on a simple 2D game. Even my old Sidtool took 3 months of coding, on an 8 hour per day basis. 7 days a week. But you might want to check out pygame.org. It may help you, as my moanin wont keep you from trying anyway
  4. Well, did Sire Gamecop say anything about this thread yet ?
  5. I would screw the entire attack system, its boring for the oldbies, no way for newbies to get started with it, and it blews the room needed for a friggin' one liner to fill my entire browserscreen on 1280x1024. Seriously, if noone had invented the scrollwheel by now... But i think i mentioned that 2 years ago Edit: Just had an idea, if you people love to fight, set up some kaillera server and have some league
  6. Damn fine post, chief. I'd still like to see a site with reviews of all (!) the games of an emulated system. But to achieve such thing you need a strong community. Depending on the webspace, people could upload vids of their game successes or something. The myspace thingy is nothing i would take into consideration, at least not let them 'try' to build a 'website' here. And yes, the site needs a redesign with something different than black. I use the default template all the time as the black one is hard to read. But thats just me
  7. Six i guess ? I dont know what pisses me off more, the fact that police discovered like 10 dead babies in flowers pottery the last months here in germany, or that even more kids die of starvation here each year or get hit to death or penetrated to death otherwise here ? To hell with "My belly is mine" mentality
  8. Oh wee i'm glad my suggestion found some positive feedback. But i sense some differences here: On the one hand, you want an active forum. On the other hand, you want to stand out from the rest. I think thats the main problem of the site: There are like thousands of sites like 1emu around: A Portal thingy, plugged ontop of a forum software. Dont get me wrong, my romuniverse wasnt much different, but it didnt work out in the long term. I learned something from my half a dozend websites i did over the years. The reason is simple: The web is a place of people taking stuff and not giving anything in return. I noted that on romuniverse and i especially see it daily since my sidtool is out. With almost 1000 unique visitors within 2 months and over 200 downloads of 1.0 RC1 alone within like one week, what ammount of feedback would you expect ? I can tell you, its nothing, nada, Z-I-P. When romuniverse was up, within its 2-3 years of existance it had like 30 people posting on the forums regulary. So get rid of the idea that people will participate on your site for the sites being. The web is full of leechers. Its that way, you cant do anything against it. Example: When i came to the forums a few mins ago, there were 9 members online, and 139 guests. Get the idea ? Now there is some more i want to bring in: You have a lot of consoles here that are covered in the forums. From oldschool (S)NES to PS3 and XBoX 360. Divide that up. To make it simple: You may have like 13 people here for each console supported. Thats not enough to get activity here, considered the leecher mentality on the web. If only 1/10th of people register here, cause they find the site interesting, you end up in 1/100th, cause the site covers too much. I dont know, how to explain this exactly. Look at some popular sites on the web. When you load them up in your browser, you dont get 20 news each day. Lets take the old lemon64.com for example. You load it up, and you get LOADs of content. And the forum isnt the thing that jumps at you. Yet its very active. Why ? Cause people get there, get hooked to the site and then sign up the forums. At least thats what i think. Also, 1emu is called an "Emulation" site. Then i ask myself, what got Xbox, PS2, PS3, Nintendo DS and all the other stuff to do here ? They are not being emulated any well since today. So what is the focus of 1emu ? Is it emulation ? Then focus on emulation and dont compete with all these rich game sites, cause you cant win. Is it nextgen consoles ? Then screw the oldskool crap, and get ready for teens flooding your site with ISO requests. And there is another thingi tell you: In the end you will be more successfull when focussing on oldskool stuff. The nextgen consoles have teens glued to them, while the oldskool stuff has mature people interested in them. Thats why 25 years after C64 was released there are still people holding demo compos in 2007 and code stuff like sidtool. On SNES there are many hacksites, people hack roms to translate Japanese games to English and german, people mod the roms. People code stuff like Jumpman under Construction or look at Arno who released its 20th Boulder Dash game in 2006. Or look at me. I come here since 4 years now. Anything like that for any PSX related site ? Any PSX hacks out there ? You cant have both. 1emu misses a focus, and only sites with a clear focus attract people. What the focus will be, is determined by the people that have supported 1emu over the years. Noone of that guys into oldskool ? Then compete with ngemu. OK, thats it for today. Beer is empty Forgive me if i pissed you off with anything, but its how i see things.
  9. sure thing, but not on the frontpage as its an unofficial thing http://sidtool.drool.de/?p=9
  10. my 2 cents: I rather have 99 articles worth reading than 99 articles worth reading plus 300 stupid posts get rid of the board as the main thing on the site. You should install a content management system and add articles in categories and not post them in some of the 33 forums here. That will change the sites image from a usual forum-portal site to a website. Clean the forum up a bit, like the Dreamcast/Saturn thingy: Unpin some topics and/or merge em with others. Merge the Sega forums to one, there is too few activity in there. Same goes for Playstation. Could alter posting form to add a little identifier to the new topcs like [PSP] etc. If you just add more and more areas to the site and press them all into the forums, people will get lost here
  11. I released an unofficial Amiga MOD port of Sidtool today
  12. Madman

    One Last Run

    The emuscene is constantly evolving to newer consoles.Also the scene members constantly change with that. You see this happening at your pretty self atm.The last thing that really "excited" me was the Saturn emulation.The excitement was the most you can get when actually owning a Saturn. And its only here to collect dust...These DS/PSP/PS2/PS3/XBoX/XBoX360 and stuff is not for me.So i lost track about a year or two ago.I mainly dont even know wtf you people talk about. (wtf is EvE ?)
  13. Hi! Sorry for the late reply, i have had a few busy days. I did not post on lemon64, i have no account there. If you have an account there, feel free to post it. I released 1.0 RC1 a few days ago btw, in case you missed it.
  14. Gens32 Surreal v1.76 has been released. http://gens32.emubase.de/
  15. i didnt look too much on those offers. In general: You need that TV card crap ? If not, dont pay for it. You have a Win license allready ? If so, dont pay for another one. You have a digi cam and other stuff ? If not, why you need to pay for a 9in1 cardreader that slows your system down with all these additional drivers you need to install ? Need more HDD space ? Then buy a 2nd HDD. Its cheap and should not be something to decide upon. If i had to chose between these 3, id go with CybertronPC - Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 / 1GB PC5400 (667MHz) DDR2 / 160GB SATA II / Dual Layer DVD±RW / Asus nVidia 7300GT 256MB Video Card / 10/100 LAN / NO OS / Black X-Plorer Gaming PC with Speakers
  16. Emu Loader is a Multi-Frontend for Windows. http://www.mameworld.net/emuloader/
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