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  1. Yeah wll, i know some Assembler, but that was like 15 years ago, on 6502. I remember very few commands like STX, STY, JSR and the like, but i think, to learn all this low level stuff, you must be either in business of game programming or be addicted. Im a big emu fan, but i dont have the time to learn that much about any console in detail. The reason why i considered doing an emu, is the lack of some project to work on. Im into VB.NET/C# and want to do something on it, but heck, i dunno what to code. I dont have the intense to code the millionth calculator, zipper or other crap. I need something i am hooked on and willing to work on. So far i did not find anything. Its annoying. I was thinking to bless the scene with a useable SID manager, but there is hardly any info on the sidplay lib.
  2. Glide ? Glide ? Hmm thats for 3DFX cards only, right ?
  3. If it has Metal Slug 6, some game geek will do an emu for it
  4. Ah someone like my own taste. All this rip offs wont do the game industry any good. If they continue this way i think, they will go down the drain soon. With my old comp, i wasnt able to play a bunch of games, so i put them in the closer till this new PC was mine. So then i played Doom3, HalfLIfe2, FarCry, Medal of Honor: PacificAssault, Breed, GTA:SA... And Boy, im through with shooters now. Im just sick of it. Same goes for the current console games. all rip offs. "Mario plugging holes in walls", "Mario driving nuts" and "Mario wanking 128" gee who can stand this ? I found out not too long ago, that GBA is nothing more than a portable SNES. I noticed with Breath of Fire 2, i was like "Hmm looks almost like on SNES" and i took 2 screenshots, and the graphics where the same PIXELWISE. Menus altered a bit and that was it. But i dislike its low framerate, makes action games a pain to play. Anyway, i think if the game industry wont show courage like Sega did all these years, there wont be much more than FIFA 2010, NHL 2010, NBL 2010 and Doom 45. In the mid-term, gamers will get sick of it. Then game industry may collapse for people entering the emuscene. On that point i think the Revolution is a big bang for Nintendo for selling old games. I may get a Revolution to play Gamecube and all the stuff of one console.
  5. Not yet. Seller confirmed payment on Friday, so i consider that lame bastard shipped it today, so it should arrive like Wednesday. Maybe im just too impatient. I got my MegaDrive, Saturn, Playstation and Dreamcast all off ebay, i seldom had bad luck there, like maybe 5 times with more than 400 transactions total. It was 15,50 Euro with BucknBumble plus 7 Euro shipping. Not that much, but i want it badly, bought 5 more games and a memory card in another auction too. Its the last console im interested in. I need it to have something to hunt down on fleamarkets for im like thru with PC games.
  6. Oh well, i found some GameBoy emu with source in VB. Its like VB6 and way outdated, but well, the sourcecode looks like its more like a pain to code an emu than fun. Looks like you simply (?) line up a ton of if-then-else querys. See attached file, especially 2nd half. Well, i think i forget about emu coding then. Grfx.txt
  7. yes. but that guy has like 370 positive comments, 30 within last month, maybe hes just a slow retard :-/
  8. Well, as of today, my N64 still did not arrive, i wonder if i was tricked ?!
  9. I think there is quite a discrepance between what the media tells us ("No big deal, no need to panic") and what really happens (entire areas get quarantined upon 1 infect)
  10. well, the KOF series is kinda freaky to me. If you have like KOF2002, i see no sense to get 2003 or 2004. Master the chars in 2002 first, then it makes sense to get some more. In general, besides collecting all these games, i think there are way too many fighting games. Pick some you like and train these, imho there is really no need to freak out about each KOF hack. Unless you have broadband and dont care...
  11. Give it a week and you will be used to it 2 more hints: Put Xbox into other systems till xbox360 emus are up can the official emu forums be folded ? They take up quite some space and are not much active. Maybe move them down a bit. Should have the more active forums at the top so one doesnt need to scroll that much
  12. I got my new comp 2-3 months ago, so im quite up to date on hardware at the moment. Hyperthreading adds some boost to applications and games, yet the most powerfull CPU to date is the Athlon64. AMD lowered prices today, you can get an Athlon 64 X2 3800+ for 328 bucks and have a _real_ DualCore CPU instead of emulated 2nd core as in Hyperthreading. In the long term, 2 real cores will be better than HT, when software starts using both. Quote from THG about X2: "The first surprise here is that unlike Intel, thermal issues did not force AMD to reduce average clock speeds to operate two processor cores on one physical chip. This means that AMD dual core processors should run exactly as fast as their single core versions running at the same clock speed. In contrast, the fastest Intel dual core will remain at 3.2 GHz, while the fastest single core clocks in at 3.8 GHz." You should read this article: http://www.tomshardware.com/cpu/20050509/index.html then decide. Read some more articles on different sites and learn about the current state of hardware technologie, then buy a comp. I got a A64 3200+ Singlecore, cause dualcore from AMD is also Socket 939, and with a decent Mobo, that has support for Dualcore, you trash the single core, plug in your new dualcore when you can afford it/need more CPU Power, and you are set. AFAIK Intel Dualcore has a different socket than singlecore CPUs, so you must decide prior buying.
  13. Earthquakes increased a lot too this year, as did vulcanic activities. I think it will get even worse next year. Maybe the beginning of the birth pains ?
  14. I was wondering, what would happen, if wilmas predicted course would slightly change a bit towards north. Then it will move all the way up the eastern coast of the US. Should be a storm only then, but what if not ? The entire eastcoast could be wrecked. Also i noted there is another storm nearby, heading north too. I took both 5-day-cones, sized them to the same ratio and put them on top of each other. It may happen, that Wilma sucks in the Storm Alpha. Anyone know what will happen then ?
  15. If so, Matthew 24 would be fulfilled completely
  16. can someone tell me the dimensions of the N64 pls ? I want to know wether it fits there where i plan to put it. My sideboard is pretty stuffed with things so if anyone could measure his that would be nice
  17. Wow, thats a very stylish computer place you have there, looks neat I was about to make some pics, but my wife took the camera Sadly, my N64 didnt arrive today either, so wait a day or two and ill make some pics, either with or without that N64
  18. Well, i visited a@h once a few years ago, and i didnt find hardly anything besides fake links, trick votes and popup crap, so i have never been back there. But i have heard a lot of ugly things about that guy running a@h, many other site owners had probs with him of what i hear, so maybe its better if hes gone for good now. He should go into porn business and not drain us emuholys into dirt
  19. so that more that one device can be connect to the internet at the same time + hardware-based firewall <{POST_SNAPBACK}> yeah, i can surf the net from all my comps at the same time. I have 2 networking cards in my main comp, 1 for DSL the other for LAN. I have internet connection sharing enabled, made this one and set the other 4 comps tcp/ip config to use as standard gateway. Works fine, my wife spends my money on ebay while i play Joint Operations online. I use desktop firewall. theres some firewall on my mainboard, but i dont use it. So why these expensice routers are needed, i dont understand
  20. say, why is everyone fooling around with routers ? I have a simple 8-Port-Switch here to have all my comps in the network use the internet connection of this one. I have 5 comps here and all works fine. Why does one need a router in a home-lan ?
  21. Do you use Windows Media Player to view this vids or Winamp ?
  22. i may post some once my N64 arrived, then im complete
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