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  1. Spudd Studios presents [iTrendy] Theme: iPod Commercial (Music Video) Creator: Spudd & Kobiko of Asura Artist: Daft Punk Song: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Runtime (4:07) File Size: 37.5Mb Download: http://files.filefront.com/iTrendyWMV/;5176483;;/fileinfo.html Warning: LOTS OF FLASHY COLORS AND SPLIT SECOND EDITING (if you're epileptic, don't watch. If you are and your brain explodes or your eyes turn inside out, I claim no responsibility) It had been almost months since my last FFXI music video, I just couldn't think of what to make next. Then the idea came to make a parody of those iPod commercials of yester-year. For the longest time I've wanted to make a FFXI video to this song, but could never figure out how it would be appropriate. Something as simple as that, with some major syncing with some pop techno song that I couldn't get out of my head, I just knew this would be a great hit. I'm very pleased with this video, I just wish the song were longer so that I could throw in a lot more flashy colors and maybe think up some new "dance" motions. I hope you don't mind the rapid flashy colors and split second scenes. My guess is a lot of people are either going to like the video, or wish they their 37.5Mb back. I can't give much more of a synopsis than that, it's pretty simple. Just think FFXI + iPod commercial. I have to admit my last video [Kick My Axe] was pretty much just phoned in. You should just ignore that one and give this one a try, it probably rates up there with my first public FFXI video [invincible]. Eh, and also when I was making the credits I forgot to add the word "Harder" in the song title. So yeah, I'm aware of that mt, I just upoaded it before I could make the change (my bad).
  2. After putting it in the CD drive the disc is called JET_SET_RADIO Unfortunatly it's also closed to any more editing, so it looks like I gotta trash this disc. So I used the program Selfboot and it came up with the file.nrg, an extension I've never heard of. I try burning it with Alcohol 120% and everything seemed fine until the end. Also the ip.bin I used was just downloaded, copied and pasted into the JETSET folder, and I'm not sure if there is any tweaking of that file needed as well. Edit: Just used Selfboot to create a cdi image (using the same copied and pasted ip.bin) and the burning process completed. Unfortunatly it just burned the.cdi and ip.bin onto the disc, w/o actually translating it over to the proper image. Now when I choose "play" on chakast.25 it just replays that little red swirly and starts over. Seems I have a lot to learn about burning DC images. Oh well, still have plenty of blanks to go through before I am forced to give up. Also wanted to ask, is it possible to just run the iso's or cdi's strait off my hard drive? That would be spectacular if I could do that instead of going through all these CDs. Edit #2: Just read in an earlier sticky that PC-CDROM can't read GD Roms at all, but I'm sure if people are able to get Chankast to work that I should just ignore that.
  3. I currently run on the Alcohol 120% (found this nifty tool turning Final Fantasy Tactics into an ISO) to burn the .cdi to CD. Problem is after finding the bios and flash file, I only get the emulation of the dreamcast and when I select "Play" it tells me to insert the game disc. I've tried putting the disc in both the DVD drive and the CD drive and changing the directories and such. On the newest Chankast of course. I have a feeling that I missed a step or two burning the actual CD. I've noticed a lot of people referring to Disc Juggler for cdi files, but before I go and waste all my blanks I thought I'd check here for some advice. The cdi was named: DC - Jet Set Radio(nonboot)(CDI).cdi I'm sure one of these steps includes making this file into bootable CD or maybe converting it to .iso, but I'm still a newbie when it comes to burning DC games.
  4. I've been to multiple sites and found that there has been a GBA Link Cable Emulator, which made me wonder if there is a USB Cable that could connect PC to GBA/SP. All the items I found took up the game slot however, and all used as flash cards. My question, is there a USB Link cable that will work with GBA/SP and function with that Link Cable Emulator to perform the same functions as if another GBA/SP was connected via Visual Boy Advance (without taking up the catridge slot)? Any information is appreciated. On another note: this is my first post and thrilled to find such a large emulation community. Edit: After browsing the forums I found that this topic should probably be in the Handheld section, which I must've skipped over because it wasn't under the Nintendo Forums, that was my bad, if it's moved to that forum so be it, although it can probably belong to either.
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